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  1. Considering the amount of government body's that can get unwarranted access to my emails I struggle to be sympathetic, I'd be more interested to see their internet history. According to reports they got passwords from things like myspace? Bunch of out of touch fucking idiots as expected.
  2. A year on. Still no plan for Leaving. What an achievement. I was watching something with my mum about how there is going to be a shortage of fruit & veg pockets after Brexit, and her response was: "Well, they shouldn't grow so much stuff then. They're just trying to be greedy and make loads of money". She is a classic Leave voter who is going around with her fingers in her ears going lalala can't hear you, Brexit is one of the worst things to happen to Britain, but also one of the best to have happened to British politics. UKIP died overnight, the Tories have been exposed as the cunts they are, and Labour showed itself to be a strong - and now even stronger - opposition, bringing back socialist politics. Britain is fucked, but now right-wing populism has gone down the drain in UK, at least for now.
  3. The amount of people who who are convinced that the Govt and press are covering up the true death toll of the fire, is bizarre. What the fuck do they think has happened? That Theresa May has gotten ALL media outlets, including those who actively campaign against her, all journalists, from across the political spectrum, all police involved, all fire service, all ambulance staff, all council workers, all funeral directors, all civil servants involved, all politicians and reps in the area, no matter which political party they are a member of - all of them, and all of those peoples' partners and close friends - all of them, have been persuaded by Theresa May to "keep it on the down-low for now, yeah mate?" Think of the sheer number of people who would need to be involved in this supposed conspiracy thousands? Tens of thousands? All types of people, from all walks of life - and you believe they're all covering for Theresa, yeah? Nobody in government thinks this is going to blow over. Nobody in government thinks that announcing the death total next week is any better than announcing today. Victims are announced with caution & respect, not like guessing how many sweets are in a jar. The families of the deceased have a right to know the correct information, throwing out non-specific or rounded numbers to people just because "it looks that way" is an inhuman idea. Can't we just let professionals do their job, and decide if criticism is due, WHEN it's done? Bloody conspiracy theory nutjobs - stop capitalising on death to feed your paranoia.
  4. It saddens me that I actually had the displeasure of encountering Douchebags that were celebrating what this POS did; Calling him a "Hero" and that he took the "right action on behalf of the silent Majority." Good Job in flaming the fans of hatred there Alt. Right Jackasses! The man was caught at the scene by Muslims themselves and the Imam went as far a PROTECTING the douchebag from the Public who wanted to attack him until the Police arrived on site to arrest the man.But hey... Muslims are violent people am I right?
  5. apologies if the link has been posted before The police are not supposed to act as the state's puppets or protection. Police officers are meant to serve the public interest. It is a very well known fact that the police act as a tool for implementing oppression & systematic state violence towards those who raise their voices in protest. The police are not our friends. As a society we really need to get beyond this nonsensical romanticism about the police which is usually spoon fed to us by right-wing and centrist establishment types and media. The police are not infallible. They do not automatically deserve our respect and admiration. When they do good they deserve praise. When they do bad they deserve scrutiny and anger.
  7. The DUP now have the power to bring down the UK government if and when it so choses and trigger a General Election if and when it so choses. This is a threat to the stability in Northern Ireland. So far Northern Ireland has had 4 public votes in the past year. It is currently without an executive since January, and another General Election is looming. People in Northern Ireland barely trust democracy as is. You can only ask people to go to the Ballot box so many times in one year.
  8. the Tories forming an alliance with the DUP can't happen because it impacts on the neutrality required by the Good Friday Agreement. It becomes a problem if Stormont is still in suspension and direct rule is enforced. Northern Ireland being directly ruled from Westminster with a Conservative/DUP coalition and zero nationalist representatives in the House of Commons contradicts the power-sharing peace process.
  9. I don't know what to think now. Brexit was always a clusterfuck, but with Theresa you had a bit of a stability with her having the majority. Now she's gone and shot herself in the foot by calling this election and now no one's running the show. Brexit negotiations start in ten days. god love us all i hope the UK falls to bits
  10. For those who don't know the DUP let me sum them up. The idea that they are near power in Westminster should worry us all. Here are some things you need to know. The first of these is that they have strong historical links with Loyalist paramilitary groups. Specifically, the terrorist group Ulster Resistance was founded by a collection of people who went on to be prominent DUP politicians. Peter Robinson, for example, who was DUP leader and Northern Ireland’s first minister until last year, was an active member of Ulster Resistance. The group’s activities included collaborating with other terrorist groups including the Ulster Volunteer Force, to smuggle arms into the UK, such as RPG rocket launchers. The DUP also fight hard against women’s right to choose to have an abortion, making them the biggest pro-forced pregnancy party in the UK. The results in Northern Ireland are utterly grim for the many women each year who are in need of an abortion. Despite being climate change deniers, they used their role in government in Northern Ireland to set up a subsidy scheme for biofuels, which gave those who bought into it more money than they had to pay out. The DUP have also fought to stop equal marriage, making Northern Ireland the only part of this island without equal relationship rights. Last year, DUP MP Sammy Wilson was caught up in a scandal when a member of the public said that Northern Ireland ought to “get the ethnics out”, and he appeared to reply “you are absolutely right”. I don’t know what the DUP will demand from the Tories in exchange for supporting them – perhaps just more cash for Northern Ireland, which would be no bad thing. But the idea of a government involving the DUP should worry us all, and the failure to ask any questions about their involvement during the BBC’s coverage last night was fairly astonishing.
  11. it seems almost certain that the Tories and DUP will combine for enough seats for a majority. If they go into coalition, they'll obviously have to work out which cabinet positions the DUP get. Obviously the Tories don't want to give up major positions, but the DUP will want a chance to do something that matters to them. The Northern Ireland office is traditionally a position no-one wants, it only matters when things are going badly here. Of course, there's been the whole assembly collapse so it's pretty important now. Could the DUP take the NI office, institute Direct Rule, make no attempts to return the Assembly to working order and essentially rule NI singlehandedly, with the closest thing to a check on them being the (disinterested in NI issues) Tories, effectively meaning they can push through any policy they want? Or is that insane conspiracy theorizing?
  12. Dear billionaire owners of the shitty UK media, Corbyn is not Satan or Hitler's love child. Just someone who might make you PAY SOME TAX
  13. No matter what happens in Northern Ireland we will never vote for our own government. We will always be represented by either a Tory government who do stand here and receive as little amount of votes as a party can get, or by a Labour government who although are far better in my opinion, will be unelected by us.The fact that the only way we can have a democratic referendum on the unification of Ireland is through one man, unelected by anyone whatsoever in Ireland (SoS) is a disgrace. I understand why however, because at the time of the GFA we needed a way for Unionists, Nationalists and the British and Irish governments to agree, and a way to a united ireland for nationalists but ambiguous enough for unionists to agree sounded necessary then, but is outdated now as there is a clear rise in support for a united ireland and Irish unity parties.And even if the person I vote for gets in to Westminster will they have any actual say on how **** is run? Even in the debates every country was represented except NI.Furthermore, take into consideration the fact that a functioning democracy requires a politically literate electorate and a fair and free press.Western Democracy is the biggest cons in the history of civilisation. I feel like it's just a huge stupid popularity contest - no different from the hype of X Factor, or Eurovision, or even Dancing with the Stars..... Brainwashed from birth a lot of the time to believe my team not yours...... just like supporting the local football team. And you could say, oh well, people should educate themselves more and no the facts and make informed decisions but the system is set up in such a way that the more informed you are, the more powerless you realise you are - there are only 2 choices really in terms of practical control of the country; your MP isn't representing you, they're representing their party ideology that has nothing to do with you. 2 flavours of political ideology....... is nothing, no choice at all.I think voting on issues no longer has to be through a middle-man MP. In today's world of electronic systems, more issues should not be handled as MP votes in parliaments, but as direct votes by the people themselves. MP are meant to be representing the views of the individuals in their constituencies but often they don't, they are instead told what to vote by the party itself........ We don't need that because today, we can all have our say directly using technology. We don't need to have our individual views filtered through or overridden by pre-determined party ideologies.For the big issues anyway. This way people do feel more impactful on policies, will probably take more time to understand fully the issues and it would mean that the country would be better served to educate people properly and no just pandering PR talk to "trick" people into thinking this serves them better than that.
  14. Thoughts on a Westminster Election. Westminster all seems a bit distant from us. How many Unionists feel like that now, what with Brexit, cold Secretaries of State and a Prime Minister who doesn't appear to take much interest in the place. Coming across yet another Royal yesterday in the person of Princess Anne prompted the remark that with so many recent Royals visiting, were they filling the vacuum created by a disinterested Prime Minister? By the way, I'm not a monarchist. It'll be interesting to see the turnout percentages this time. A low turnout might indicate apathy to Westminster and its 'distance' from us here.
  15. Guys someone explain to me how betting works. I don't understand it. I'm a homosexual I don't set foot in such places. But I want to place bets on the election tomorrow. What do you do when you walk in?
  16. The Scots love Theresa
  17. It says a lot about how our politics in Northern Ireland has been sidelined in terms of the wider debate but the fact that half our MPs don't turn up and the ones that do seem only to bicker with each other and not engage the wider debate, it isn't that surprising.
  18. So, Theresa May wouldn't go to the BBC Leaders' Debate tonight because it would be a distraction from preparing for Brexit negotiations. This, from the woman who called the election!! Surely that was the real distraction, not a couple of hours of debate. Better still, David Davis, her Brexit secretary, is at the debate observing and commenting. Surely he should be concentrating on Brexit Corbyn would probably be great for Northen Ireland too. I feel bad I don't know enough about him though
  19. Just finished listening to the Andrew Neil interview with Paul Nutall, UKIP leader tonight My goodness, Paul Nutall is such a fool. I wouldn't want to live in any country governed by him. About migration, he has a 'turnstile' policy of 'if one leaves, you can let one other in.' It's naive in the extreme. It seems he really doesn't live in a global world at all. Then there was his attitude towards crime and punishment. I'll end there, just in case I lose my sanity and sense of reasonableness.
  20. Are we assured that the funding provided by this secretive group is from ethical sources? Don't forget that there was a surplus after all expenses were paid after the Brexit media campaign; that surplus, legitimately on the face of it, went straight into DUP coffers. Lots of unanswered questions?
  21. the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson claims he did due dillegance on the £435,000 donation shuffled to him to campaign against Brexit. But he didn't know the man he got it from has close links to the Saudi intelligence service. bitchiness. DUP whoring themselves out to the highest bidder pretending to support Brexit when they knew it would be a disaster for "their wee country" not giving a shit about the consequences. Convincing their voters it was in their best interests to leave, when in fact they only supported Brexit for financial favours. They even paid thousands for pro-Brexit newspaper ads in London. what a mess
  22. I really don't think that those who advocated leaving the EU had a notion of the potential mayhem they were causing to those with aspirations to work abroad, and to those from outside the British Isles who have settled here with their families. Knowing many of these families I know how unsettling this is. One DUP politician said that he "just wanted to be out of the EU!" Selfish and shortsighted with the ring of jingoism about it. The regulatory frameworks will continue largely unaltered, but will will have lost the power to regulate. How clever is that?
  23. Toutes nos félicitations, Emmanuel Macron. Vive la France! 🇫🇷Great to see a centrist, progressive candidate triumph over far right populism. Politics needs more news like this.Vote for what unites us, not what divides us. Glad Trump -2.0 lost.
  24. Maybe the Christian Churches and other faith communities have issued a statement about this, but to date, I haven't seen one, not one single one! This is NOT an acceptable prejudice. Thanks to Corrymeela for making this statement. We can depend on Corrymeela to stand up and speak out. The German government has spoken to Putin, for what that is worth. The UK has followed suit. Has the EU said anything?
  25. She's got the seige mentality? Mind you, she has to deal with some very difficult men, yes, men, such as Jean Claude Juncker. Nothing against men, by the way, but Theresa might find Juncker's ladish supremacy a bit hard to handle.