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  1. my @ is Brendanlovesu1 if anyone wants to follow me
  2. Soldiers could be placed on UK borders in ‘last resort' if there's no deal, Home Office official admits http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-latest-no-deal-soldiers-uk-borders-eu-home-office-a8005571.html A pointless solution. One that will create more problems than it solves. In short, a perfectly British solution.
  3. My suspicion is that the Tories want to pursue a hard-as-possible Brexit, blaming it all throughout negotiations on what they'll call the EU's intransigence, before the Maybot (as the self-inflicted sacrificial lamb) finally flushes herself away before the actual withdrawal. The subsequent snap election will see Labour squeak in (the Tories will hope), saddled with this hard Brexit. Then they can have a term blaming Labour for the mess of the fallout of "no deal" (and I can't see Labour doing much to mitigate it; Corbyn has his own agenda). Of course, this might be crediting them with an ability to think ahead which they don't possess. It seems quite obvious to me that if the Tories get their crash-out, they'll want the other lot in to carry the can, and allow the rewriting of history to begin.
  4. An amusing read... https://qz.com/931520/make-great-bri...t-imperialism/
  5. Theresa May has refused to say how she would vote if there was another EU referendum. The prime minister, who backed Remain in last year's vote, was repeatedly asked if she would now vote for Brexit. She told LBC radio: "I don't answer hypothetical questions." The PM, who said during the general election campaign that the UK had a "brighter future" after Brexit, added: "I voted Remain for good reasons at the time but circumstances move on." Downing Street sources suggested it would be ridiculous to say the prime minister's comments raise doubts about whether she will deliver Brexit, as some such as ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage have said. Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin, who was a leading campaigner for Brexit, said: "She is entirely right to avoid being divisive. "She is seeking to unite the country, not to perpetuate referendum divisions." Presenter Iain Dale told Mrs May that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had switched from Remain to Leave because former Chancellor George Osborne's gloomy economic predictions about the latter had failed to come true. He asked Mrs May why she could not say she had changed her mind, given that she was leading the country into Brexit. "Yes and I'm prime minister ensuring I'm going to deliver Brexit for the British people," she replied. Pressed again, Mrs May said: "I could say I would still vote Remain or I would vote Leave just to give you an answer to that question. "I am being open and honest with you. What I did last time round was I looked at everything and I came to a judgement and I would do exactly the same this time round. "But we are not having another referendum and that's absolutely crucial." Mrs May's second in command, First Secretary of State Damian Green, also refused to say whether he would back Brexit if there was a referendum now. Mr Green, who was a board member of the campaign to keep Britain in the EU, told Channel 4 News: "I don't resile from anything I said during the election campaign." But he added that it was a "meaningless" question and "purely hypothetical". Liberal Democrat deputy leader Jo Swinson said: "It is staggering that even the prime minister isn't convinced by the government's approach to Brexit. "If Theresa May doesn't have any faith in her own government's policies, why is she still driving this country towards the cliff edge? "Theresa May says she would weigh up the evidence again, she shouldn't deny that right to the British people. "The public must have the chance to change their mind if they want to, once the government comes back with a deal." Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tweeted: "How can Theresa May negotiate Brexit without believing in it?" In the same LBC interview, Mrs May said she could not guarantee the status of the estimated 1.2 million UK nationals living in other EU countries if Britain leaves the bloc without a deal. And she warned that rights held by more than three million EU nationals in the UK could "fall away" in a "no deal" scenario, something the government is actively preparing for if talks in Brussels fail. "By definition, if there isn't a deal we won't have been able to agree with the EU what happens to UK citizens currently living in countries like Spain and Italy and other members of the EU," said the prime minister. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: "Unacceptable. The Tories' chaotic handling of Brexit means no deal is a real risk. Theresa May must guarantee EU migrants' rights now." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41576098
  6. Is it not stating the obvious to say that no deal is not as a bad as a bad deal? These are negotiating positions? I think for now the EU is probably more concerned (or should be) about the Catalan situation, which is toxic and could easily be a catalyst - at least one other part of Spain, two in France (their part of the Basque Country and Corsica) and the North/South split in Italy immediately spring to mind. I am beginning to think there might be another UK-wide referendum, it's just a feeling. the only parameter I would set is a minimum turnout of registered voters: two-thirds would seem a sensible figure. I'm just getting bored with the messiness of the whole thing
  7. His reaction to seeing the pancake tits at 3:45
  8. I feel like there is more to the story than what has already been reported, very suspicious and shocking behaviour from Dubai, won't be going there on my next holiday and I was considering it
  9. Do you think that what is currently being done for the 25th anniversary is a hope that Madonna finally has an interest about her legacy? I mean it's not that big but it is way more "important" that was done for the True Blue anniversary...
  10. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    One thought that keeps going through my head about this shooting...why did he pick this concert? Many mass shootings are some form of retaliation for some injustice perceived by the shooter, but I can't see how that would be the case here given the circumstances. No single person was a specific target, so it has to be something else. This attack was carefully planned in advance, and was apparently designed to do one thing...create fear. I have already read about quite a few theories as to his motive, ranging from "country music made him go crazy", to "he was an al-qaeda convert". Personally, I think it is better to wait for the facts to come out before drawing any conclusions.
  11. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    IMO you don't need to be an expert on independence or issues of sovereignty or constitutional change to know that beating the stuffing out of peaceful protesters is not ok. The 'legality' or otherwise of the referendum is irrelevant to that extent - the power of the State (whether it be Catalonia or Madrid) doesn't extend to oppressing citizens and battering old ladies with their hands up around the head. So this whole pussyfooting about over Spanish sovereignty is a pain in the arse - it doesn't matter if those people were trying to vote in a referendum or protesting the lack of snacks in their local shop, shouldn't the Spanish government be called out by everyone for terrorising people?
  12. Beyoncé Thread

    Is there any updates on the documentary and formation tour DVD, haven't heard anything since July http://gossiponthis.com/2017/07/31/beyonce-formation-world-tour-concert-special-documentary-behind-scenes-lemonade-hbo-netflix/
  13. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    I’ve been to Las Vegas and I loved it. I’m sure many others from America and across the world love to visit as well. This is so sad . 50 dead and 200 wounded I’m seeing in my newsfeed. A lot of comments are talking about active shooters across multiple hotel/casinos along the strip. I dunno how truthful that is as these are just comments and not sourced on the news articles themselves. If true this was definitely a coordinated effort to kill as many people as possible which is 100% terrorism regardless of how the media will spin it in this country. I don’t know the gun laws in Nevada so I don’t know how easy it is for anyone with bad intentions and a poor moral conscience to get hold of some weapons.
  14. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    If the Spanish goverment are refusing to accept the referendum result, Why did they feel they see the need to violently baton innocent people? There actions have turned world opinion against them And the Catalan people will never forget,Push even more for there independence.
  15. "Erotica" video running 4 times. Issued for UK video programmers with hand-written instruction when to play it.
  16. We must look forward to what we should become, not back, with misty-eyed longing for an expired past. The "British Empire" served a purpose once, but no more. Greater international integration, on a European scale, even a global one, is essential. After all, we need global solutions.
  17. The Confessions Tour performance truly displays the more mellow and romantic side of Erotica (thank you Stuart Price!). So glad this song is getting so much exposure on Madonna's official Facebook right now. Give us a digital release of the several demo incarnations produced and recorded for it and the 25 anniversary celebration will reach the top. 💥
  18. Cool. I didn't see that so thanks for sharing. I've went through the albums on the account and it looks like there's photos from someones collection. as well as random photos of soundchecks and "souvenirs" How random
  19. Are we sure it's her official flickr account?
  20. From one of my friends on Facebook, who has since been blocked and deleted - I actually despise these monsters more than gargoyle - are they actually thick as shit and believe every word gargoyle tells them it's like the fucking gospel? I like Madonna, Have no problem with her or her music. However she was in the wrong when she called Gaga "Reductive" on live television for no apparent reason.I Mean Gaga never said anything out of the way about Madonna and Madonna just blatantly disrespected Gaga and her career. To me that says a lot about Madonnas character.
  21. Which 1D has staying power in bed

    Harry or Louis, they should hurry up and make a sex tape as well
  22. http://variety.com/video/gaga-five-foot-two-director-on-how-they-handled-madonna-drama-in-netflix-documentary/ - this so called director is full of shit tbh “Gaga: Five Foot Two” director Chris Moukarbel was given exclusive access to Lady Gaga for the Netflix documentary, and stopped by the Variety Studio Presented by AT&T at the Toronto Film Festival to talk about the movie. After the film debuted at the fest, it made headlines for a scene where Gaga addressed the “feud” between herself and fellow megastar Madonna. “It feels a little bit salacious or whatever, but it’s all really honest,” said Moukarbel. “She talks about how much she admires Madonna and always had. She just kind of pops one off about how things could have gone a little bit differently between the two of them, and I love that scene because you really understand her values.”
  23. why is everybody saying she's better than that? Everyone says it but no one has actually explained how pr why she's better than it. Explain it if you can