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  1. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    I caved and bought a ticket for her show in Toronto next week just so I can boo and throw popcorn at her, side note any other M fans in Toronto and want to meet up?
  2. I was sitting behind a religious woman on the bus this morning talking about "those sinful gays" then she started to talk about her third DIVORCE. Pot meet kettle religion is the cause of so many problems in the world and it would be so much better if it was removed from politics
  3. The Japanese DVD includes Take a Bow as an extra, everywhere else gets Like a Prayer as a extra
  4. I wanted a video similar to Holiday from DWT gutted Holiday live from Glasgow won't be on the DVD as it was a special moment
  5. LMAO at the Japanese release calling the album Level Heart
  6. #JusticeForRebelHeartTour, RIP LDLHA Won't someone think of the children
  7. is the iTunes trailer different from the Showtime one?? people are saying there are new angles
  8. where is the link to pre order from her store
  9. Her CT dancers were awesome. Especially Cloud. I want cloud's babies
  10. Favorite CD arts from Madonna's studio albums?

  11. ^ Haven't most of those broadcasts already happened though?
  12. Vogue Sticky and Sweet Tour reaction video

    This one is good, we should get him to do more
  13. Supposed Singles ?

    I remember a strong rumor that Gang Bang was considered to be a single for MDNA and she wanted Quentin Tarantino to direct the video, he turned it down because he only does movies and refuses commercials and videos, if the single went ahead they should have just released the live performance as a video as that's exactly what I have in mind for it
  14. The true implications of Brexit will become even clearer as negotiations with the EU go on. Anyone with any sense knows that it won't end well but once these issues are fully spelled out, I think the public have a right to another referendum before Brexit actually happens to confirm whether we want to go down this route or not. When the referendum happened, the public were totally ill-informed and even those who were relatively informed still had no idea of the full repercussions of leaving the EU. It seems only fair to ask the question again once the terms of the agreement are spelled out.
  15. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the delusions in here are unreal
  16. I hope they come to a decision soon regarding the highlights cd, I want to know if I will be angry or not
  17. Ring My Bell

    bop, does anyone have any good remixes, making a maxi single for this and need a good b-side or remixes
  18. there will be a seperate cd with the full show, the highlight one will be included with the dvd/blu ray
  19. Perfection. this should have replaced revolver in the main show tbh
  20. she worked on MDNA tour for 6 months and look at that mess
  21. IMO this is her most iconic look hands down
  22. M and Multimedia Videoscreens on tour

    Didn't M use projections during Papa Don't Preach at Who's That Girl Tour though?
  23. Madonna Instagram Thread

    it could be the dress, dolce and gabanna dresses always make people look chubbier than they are,