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  1. *RUMORS: Madonna has been in #Portugal since Sunday and has shared several images of the capital with fans on social networks. She has already enrolled her daughters in a school and her son already trains in Seixal.But however, the connection to Lisbon may be related to #KevinSampaio, the portuguese model who became known after the release of the music video "Bitch I'm Madonna", according to "Flash! Magazine". The young man was the "beautiful boy of Madonna" and in 2015 the international press said that the two of them had a relationship, and in the video you can see the Queen of Pop kissing the model, and they were photographed in New York in a complicity atmosphere with the singer's children.#Madonna who had been several times in Portugal, had already confessed his passion for Lisbon. Speaking to FLASH !, in October 2015, Sampaio brother Jonathan say : "We had the opportunity to talk of Portugal, she says that it is a country she liked a lot and that she liked to visit more calmly. , We will be happy to show you the country and Lisbon, which is a magnificent city ".Now the decision seems to be made, and Madonna will have already met Kevin Sampaio in Lisbon, an old passion that now has everything to rekindle. She is looking for a house in the capital to live here in a more definitive way.● SOURCE:
  2. Are we assured that the funding provided by this secretive group is from ethical sources? Don't forget that there was a surplus after all expenses were paid after the Brexit media campaign; that surplus, legitimately on the face of it, went straight into DUP coffers. Lots of unanswered questions?
  3. the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson claims he did due dillegance on the £435,000 donation shuffled to him to campaign against Brexit. But he didn't know the man he got it from has close links to the Saudi intelligence service. bitchiness. DUP whoring themselves out to the highest bidder pretending to support Brexit when they knew it would be a disaster for "their wee country" not giving a shit about the consequences. Convincing their voters it was in their best interests to leave, when in fact they only supported Brexit for financial favours. They even paid thousands for pro-Brexit newspaper ads in London. what a mess
  4. can Madonna Nation have a cover contest, see who makes the best cover and everyone prints it off and use it instead of this garbage??
  5. I really don't think that those who advocated leaving the EU had a notion of the potential mayhem they were causing to those with aspirations to work abroad, and to those from outside the British Isles who have settled here with their families. Knowing many of these families I know how unsettling this is. One DUP politician said that he "just wanted to be out of the EU!" Selfish and shortsighted with the ring of jingoism about it. The regulatory frameworks will continue largely unaltered, but will will have lost the power to regulate. How clever is that?
  6. That is the tackiest and ugliest picture I've ever seen, praying it's not the actual cover.
  7. the cover should have been from the cabaret/20's section, that moschino dress is iconic
  8. jesus christ the cover could be a lot better, is that Aldo's work??
  9. guys when she said it would be released on her birthday, she didnt say it would be this year, she has her hands full with the twins and probably wants to focus on raising them so it will be released on her birthday in 2018
  10. she performed them at various points during the tour, nothing to worry about
  11. Toutes nos félicitations, Emmanuel Macron. Vive la France! 🇫🇷Great to see a centrist, progressive candidate triumph over far right populism. Politics needs more news like this.Vote for what unites us, not what divides us. Glad Trump -2.0 lost.
  12. Maybe the Christian Churches and other faith communities have issued a statement about this, but to date, I haven't seen one, not one single one! This is NOT an acceptable prejudice. Thanks to Corrymeela for making this statement. We can depend on Corrymeela to stand up and speak out. The German government has spoken to Putin, for what that is worth. The UK has followed suit. Has the EU said anything?
  13. She's got the seige mentality? Mind you, she has to deal with some very difficult men, yes, men, such as Jean Claude Juncker. Nothing against men, by the way, but Theresa might find Juncker's ladish supremacy a bit hard to handle.
  14. It's nice, but not great! Would have loved some nice 40's-50's style clothing, glamourous. She's wearing those bloody grillz again..... her makeup and hair is great!
  15. European leaders are preparing to recognise the potential for a united Ireland within the EU, confirming that Northern Ireland would seamlessly rejoin the bloc after Brexit in the event of a vote for Irish reunification. In a step that may stoke concerns in Britain that Brexit could hasten the fragmentation of the UK, diplomats are planning to ask leaders of the EU’s 27 post-Brexit member countries to endorse the idea in a summit on Saturday. there's a long way to go to convince people this will be good long term. For instance, the republic needs to sort its health system out, and stop acting so corrupt over things like water charges, or it's not going to appeal to a LOT of people. Half of our population needs to be gently educated about what Ireland really means, and why unification is even wanted, too. Don't get me wrong. It's pretty fecked here too. The UK/north's own health system is being dismantled and privatised so corporations can make money with the very same thing they claim is losing money. Here, the NHS it's much worse than in England (or Scotland) already. We have our corruption up here too -- RHI, golf courses sold to friends of MLAs, despite risking one of our best tourist attractions and a world heritage site, etc. Our economy is still fecked, and always will be, while we're an isolated part of a different country, instead of a united part of the island we're already on. We'd be MUCH better off united. We just have to make sure the whole becomes the best of both, and not the worst of both. And that means going slow, and making an OBVIOUSLY better case for unification, for EVERYONE. For now I'm just glad that everyone here will have the option to remain part of Europe, together, and that The North will be constitutionally protected from some of the bullshit that England will try to pull off post-brexit. The UK stripping people's existing EU citizenship away from them is bullshit. The country leaving Europe is one thing, but taking people's citizenship should NEVER happen.