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  1. I would like to go: "Oh my god, i didn't see that coming...how unexpected" but everybody with a brain saw that coming from miles away. At this point there isn't much left to cross out on the "What will Trump as president do" list. Most of it is done already, screwing with veterans, hurting kids, help discriminating against the lgbt community, raising the deficit, going golfing for most of his presidency and so on. Trying to start a war is one of the few things left on the list. It was always the option, i mean most expected it to happen once his approval numbers are way down...very few expected it to happen while impeachment is going on...but most people knew it would happen either way.
  2. I get people are angry, but I've realised that recently, the age of social media has flayed our minds. Now, you're either 100% with someone or something, or you're 100% the enemy. There is no in-between anymore. Many fully expected Corbyn to stroll into Number 10 and were suddenly shocked to discover that actually, the country at large is a very different place to the woke echo chamber portrayed on Twitter.
  3. Let me just point out that this holier than thou BS exists on all sides. The day before the 2016 election the republicans were talking about impeaching Hillary Clinton on equally nebulous grounds. Unless we can all agree that asking a foreign power to dig up dirt on a political opponent is fine. If so, then I suggest Biden, Bernie, and Warren all start asking China, North Korea, Russia, and everyone else Trump has ties to to get dirt on him. It’s only fair we all play by his crooked businessman rules.
  4. Boris sounds like a parrot with the 'get brexit done' shite. Of course there are obvious parallels with the annoying orange american with 'make america great again'. Neither of them seemed to achieve their goals despite having plenty of opportunities and time to do so. Both of them just appeared to divide each of the respective nations. It's hysterical.
  5. PM and his advisors are to be investigated by the CPS! Yet there is silence from the MSM https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/dark-money-investigations/johnson-and-cummings-under-fire-police-hand-criminal-evidence-vote-leave-prosecution-agency/
  6. Brexit is a cult. Members can no longer produce any benefits of leaving (there were never any to produce in the first place), just merely distraction from any questions or criticism. On the plus side I believe that the majority are due to either imminently explode or die in a ditch.
  7. This day 38 years ago - 22 October 1981 - the European Court of Human Rights decided that Northern Ireland's laws criminalising homosexuality violated Article 8 of the Convention, leading to decriminalisation a year later. 38 years later, we can finally have same sex marriages. Only 6 years behind the rest of the UK but better late than never I suppose. Its happened. We are now all real people.Our bodies are ours. Our love is legal.Our lives are better. Still a lot to do.But this should be be a bit of hope in a hopeless time.And a reminder that taking to the streets, challenging power, and talking to our families makes CHANGE, finally, the laws fall in line with a people that are progressive + passionate about a future for everyone. I'm proud to have spent 3 years fighting for this https://attitude.co.uk/article/history-made-as-marriage-equality-arrives-in-northern-ireland-1/22092/?fbclid=IwAR055AJWAT6Z1Za8yvsU4jo2OUKnrll_qew9txUz24dpXX0bIjVj-o6Lnns
  8. Whatever else happens, just remember that Boris Johnson staked his entire premiership on one sole, cast-iron, existential pledge: that we would leave the EU on 31st October. Tonight he all but conceded that he will break it.
  9. https://news.sky.com/story/sky-views-boris-johnson-is-not-churchill-and-brexit-is-not-the-second-world-war-11773843
  10. My favorite part about today is how Trump directly implicated his Vice President Pounce in the federal crimes to which he's already confessed.
  11. This is all conveniently timed, since the impeachment furor, if carried through, should hit its peak around next summer when it will do the most damage to Trump's re-election efforts. Maybe the democrats will produce the pee-sex tape too if it even exsists, at an opportune moment... I don't see the republicans throwing trump under the bus in the Senate, for the simple reason that there is no one else on their side to compete, and Trump HAS been doing some of what they want (corporate tax cuts, for example).
  12. In a surprise to absolutely nobody, the Supreme Court has ruled that the prorogation of Parliament was unlawful and is therefore void. Parliament resumes tomorrow. If only Brexit were led by a true Brexiteer it would all be fine, they said.
  13. UK cannot meet EU deadline for Brexit and needs another year. Sorry what did you just say? https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-deadline-irish-backstop-no-deal-stephen-barclay-october-a9111756.html?fbclid=IwAR2_lVtS89QqAaKL_y9QyCrbV16Ff7bGoz0L2ZvL-B-HSlORnf_hSWsmJnk
  14. This exchange was accompanied by the loud crash of many, many pennies dropping... Can any Prime Minister ever have been less informed, less equipped, less equal to the task he faces? Thread
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