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  1. Sorry if this is off topic but I feel it's relevant, am curious to know what everyone thinks about a United Ireland? Living in Northern Ireland has become stale and I would argue that it should be reunited with the republic. Northern Ireland staying part of the UK is like staying with your partner who no longer loves you and no longer wants to have sex with you. But you hang around anyway because you're too afraid of what life will be like without them. The reason why Northern Ireland is financially non viable is precisely because we are part of the UK. It will never be prosperous or successful until it's rejoined with the Republic.
  2. Thresea's like your drunk aunt Margaret let lose after a Xmas dinner!! Bonkers!
  3. Let's hope this election brings out all those who didn't turn out at the EU referendum. With the Labour Party in a mess and the local council elections in the rest of the UK in May it's clear that the Torys have jumped on this opportunity with Labour weakened and will use local council elections as their early exit polls to see what areas they need to hit hard. In NI it's unsure how things will pan out, without a unionist pact the DUP will have to actually do some work in North and East Belfast to retain their seats and the UUP will need to work twice as hard in Fermanagh & South Tyrone to have a chance of retaining. South Belfast will be wide open for the SDLP, Alliance, DUP and SF.
  4. My main concern with Northern Ireland's future within the UK lies with the British Government and whether or not they want to fight the corner for us. If they're just going throw us aside and pretend that we don't exist without caring about the repercussions for that.. Then, i'm afraid for me personally, I have no interest in staying in the United Kingdom. But I will wait and see. Theresa keeps talking about her precious "United Kingdom" that she believes in.. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and see what she does in these negotiations. I suspect United Kingdom for her means England, Scotland, Wales, without Northern Ireland One of my friends in Dublin is a very senior Irish civil servant. He's been doing Anglo-Irish stuff on and off since the period just after the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. He's at the level where he'd be in meeting James Brokenshire. He was saying to me a couple of nights ago that the only ones who care about the North is the government in Dublin. In his experience London is indifferent, they don't want the hassle of looking after us. But Dublin cares because if there's trouble in the North, the Republic's international reputation will drop like a stone and that's the end of foreign direct investment. Maybe not the best of reasons but it's the best reason I can think of for a United Ireland.
  5. British government realises Brexit is a mistake, official says Sure, didn't we know, at least some of us did. "An act of great self-harm!" What do you think? We'll end up with free movement, but no representation at Brussels. Why free movement? It's the way the world is moving, and we need the labour, otherwise our industries and services will die. Travel up to Derry or Belfast from Dublin, be treated in a hospital or a nursing home, be served up food or drink in a hotel and restaurant, and you'll see what I mean. And those British living and working abroad will not thank us for imperiling their futures outside the UK. Nor will Gibralter. Those who wanted to take "our country back" will very soon find that it was a vanity project, founded in false sentiment without intelligence and evidence. Add to that the virtual disinterest in the North about Brexit, and also for the UK, the amount of time and energy being expended on this project.
  6. I think she watched it at MoMA a few months ago but as soon as it was over she didn't stick around
  7. M posted then deleted Lola's pic from Instagram.Lola probably said...."Mum!!! Stop that!!!"
  8. the covers better be exceptional or else the bitching would never end
  9. Don't want to detract from brexit as a whole but potential direct rule for Northern Ireland has been a major topic of discussion from the point the assembly collapsed, it was discussed in the recent talks after the election and has been discussed in the new round of talks. A government still hasn't been formed. Section 32 of the Northern Ireland act (which implements the Good Friday/St Andrews agreements) says the Secretary of State has to propose a date for a new election if first and deputy first ministers aren't appointed within the timeframe set out in section 16A. That's 7 days after the first scheduled meeting of the assembly, which is in turn to be no more than 8 days after the election results are certified. Obviously, we're well past this now. Brokenshire is taking advantage of the fact that the legislation doesn't tell him when he has to propose the election, so he's trying to hold off to see if they can eke out an agreement with the Assembly in limbo, and then pretend a new election wasn't called for.
  10. Take a Bow was released by Maverick, Sire and Warner, Although I think Maverick is a subsidiary of Warner Bros
  11. Enough of Pharrell, please. He has some good sounds but it's really repetitive and gets stale after a while. Daft Punk is still waiting for that call though, imagine how epic it would be to have a all Daft Punk-produced Madonna album. It would be a Confessions 2.0 no doubt
  12. ICON is the official Madonna forum, you can access it from her website on
  13. Bitchy
  14. Thoughts and solidarity with the people killed in a Terror attack on the Metro Train in St Petersburg Russia ..I wish the injured a very speedy recovery.. Russian Lives matter ..I hope Belfast Council open a book of condolence in Solidarity with the people of Russia ...The Western world must stand with the Russia people in this time of terror and not engage in hypocrisy.. My Best wishes to the citizens of St Petersburg..