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  1. So going through more of the report, what i basically get out of this is that specificly in terms of hacking and what most would consider colluding with an outside source, mueller couldn't really say it one way or another because of obstruction of justice that they werent able to nail as such...and that a collusion existed but failed and somehow isn't collusion because it didn't succeeded the way the trump administration targeted it. But i still need to go through a lot and re-read stuff because i still don't get some of it. Either way i'm still missing the whole "NO COLLUSION" 100% innocent kind of angle Trump goes with. So far the closest thing is that there is just too much meddling to say for sure.
  2. Seeing a lot of talk about money being raised for the Notre Dame disaster. I get the history behind the Cathedral. BUT. Why can we not raise that sort of money for under privileged, poor, starving, homeless kids and people at home and around the world? How can a building be more important than those in need?
  3. So does anyone think the Muller report tomorrow will actually include any damaging info on Trump? Or is it more likely Barr will have redacted the most harmful information to keep the president safe?
  4. I agree. I’m not atheist however I just believe in the possibility of other options besides what we were told. I think once upon a time religion used to be a good thing that enriched the soul but money, power and greed poisoned that long ago
  5. It's a crying shame that this happened to such a glorious and valuable piece of history. It must be restored, and the cost will be unbelievable. In view of this France will need friendship and support I'm not religious at all, but have seen those scoffing at this tragedy on social media. One word comes to mind for those people. Disgusting, they should think about how long ago the cathedral was built and consider what an achievement it was. No cranes, power tools, modern scaffolding or even decent roads to transport all the materials. All done by physically very hard dangerous work, and highly skilled tradesmen. Atheists, trolls and agnostics should consider what went into actually building this place before sneering at its destruction.
  6. We may not like Assange, but he has done us all a favour. Silence may be golden at times, perhaps when the children are misbehaving, but silence must not be maintained when adults, particularly those in authority, suppress the truth or engineer lies to look like truth. I have in mind the whole Brexit affair from its very beginning to its present phase, and the facts, figures and analysis by government which was withheld from the public with likely intent to deceive. We may not like Assange, he may be a deeply flawed person (but then we may all be), he may well be a narassist (the magistrate should never have called him that), but he informed us about the mischief governments and others intentionally get up to in order to deceive the public. Democracy only works through fair disclosure. Of course, while I acknowledge the contribution Assange has made to uncovering many of the things governments want to hide from us, I did not comment on the legality or the ethics of accessing such information. This is itself a long debate. It is about ethics and expediency. When is it in the public interest for hidden information to be revealed via illegal acts such as hacking? I suspect that there would be a variety of answers depending on whether you are a Home Secretary or a citizen whose safety or human rights might be impacted by non disclosure or secrecy.
  7. Good. I hope the screams of the children stolen from their parents haunt her dreams. The Trump family is a crime family. They always have been.
  8. This is a fascinating thing about Trump. We know he was dishonest and deceitful through his entire campaign, kept dodging questions, refused to provide normal information and so on. This was well documented basically right from the start of his campaign. And yet his followers kept this idea that he was more honest until the end and to some extent even now. It looks like he knew how to engineer himself for this perfectly. He is impolite, which too many people assume is the same as being straightforward. He describes problems and solutions in the most simplistic terms, and manages to sell that as if his oversimplification were the truth and the people who pointed out the complexities of the real world were deluded or lying. Oh, and he wasn’t afraid to be openly bigoted; and while that doesn’t mean all his voters were bigots themselves, it certainly allowed bigots to believe that „someone is finally saying it like it is“. The way he managed to portray himself as honest while being a compulsive liar is frankly just amazing to watch. Anyway, since most of his followers don’t care about him being honest, just appearing honest (meaning openly showing the same prejudices as them), proof of his dishonesty is unlikely to affect him in any way.
  9. The country is ruled by an absolute monarchy (akin to Saudi Arabia) where they have an unhealthy interest in tacky shit (even to the point of bankruptcy) and not giving a damn about the liberty of the people. They did the same thing in Chechnya which is a federal republic in Russia and has it's own regional government. Another ultra-conservative vile regime.
  10. Absolutely disgraceful, for the first time in decades we have had a sitting MP murdered and this only helps to promote the beliefs of those right wing extremists. This makes a difference from shooting Irish women and children I suppose https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/investigation-launched-after-soldiers-filmed-firing-rounds-at-photo-of-jeremy-corbyn-a4107921.html
  11. I mean...what is there to say that isn't already felt and expressed? It's disgusting, something out of the dark ages. Something like this shouldn't exist in the world anymore but it does, and it's going to be a long time before that isn't the case anymore. I am not surprised in the least bit. Ever since Hassanal Bolkiah came into power, his rule has been rifed with controversy. And given how much power he amassed during his rule, you can sure bet that the people of his country were getting a bit agitated with the dude. So what does he do to keep the population at large under control? Why take a page out of the modus oprendai of the Saudi Monarch of course! You bring in Sharia Law to appease the ultra conservative masses within the nation and get the support of the so called "spiritual leaders" as a result. You also let the world know that the laws are limited to the Muslim citizens of Brunei only and as such, it shouldn't effect any forigen investors in anyway. Truly deplorable.
  12. What’s more likely? Two blokes not remembering the exact details of abuse from 30 years ago or that someone who spent two decades sleeping with little boys, even when he had kids of his own, is not an absolute nonce? It's hard to believe that a glow-in-the dark skeleton that dressed like Napoleon and lived in an abandoned amusement park with other people’s children and a monkey called bubbles could have a dark side.
  13. Right now, the UK has only three options as the EU currently sees it - no deal, no Brexit or Theresa May's deal - and anything else is a matter for future talks once the UK has actually left. I hope there is no deal tbh, Parliament doesn't know what it wants after nearly 3 years and this is such a clusterfuck that no one is ever gonna agree on anything. I believe the Queen also has the right to step in and take control. I want to get off this roller coaster ride
  14. Cant wait to have someone half way decent in the White House other than this orange global embarrassment.
  15. The DUP will not be supporting the alternative Brexit model Common Market 2.0, the party's Sammy Wilson has said. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-47767643
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