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  1. http://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/259851-madon-na-na-na-tion-is-living/
  2. Another review http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-42924491
  3. Loving her video. I'm going to watch it again and every time she says 'literally' out of those puffy fish lips, I'm going to have a drink. I need one after 17 minutes of watching her being a victim begging for attention and crying about 'being bullied by the mean unhappy man' (who has just come back from Paris and I'm sure is not at all unhappy with his life). But what would I know since I am after all 'over 30' and therefore know nothing about her powerful job following her dream helping people cliche blah blah wah wah!
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I don't disagree with you about Trump but is there really any need to act so condescending like this? It's one of the reasons why Trump won, unfortunately.
  5. Hey, that's me Am I MadonnaNation famous now
  6. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I love the oompa loompa - he cannot understand that other people have different opinions than his. The comments by Nikki Haley (a diplomat I previously respected) that they were taking names was laughable. When you're in a room of 15, and the vote is 14 - 1 and you try and pretend you're right and everybody else is wrong then you lose all credibility. You then get to the General Assembly, and probably only 3 other countries out of 190 will support your position but you still believe you're right then you have to wonder if you actually understand you've assumed the right position. The Orange One treats diplomacy in the same that he treats woman, he just tries to bully / assault / overcome until he gets his way - THE USA used to be the leader of the free world, now they've become a laughing stock!!! Jerusalem: UN resolution rejects Trump's declaration http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-42446027
  7. I was in a club last night and the DJ played Rumors, before it started the dance floor was empty, when it started everyone moved to the dance floor to dance to this bop
  8. Roy Moore LOSES Alabama Senator race!

    Let's never forget After Roy Moore said gay people should be put in jail, After he said the last time America was great off under slavery, After he said Muslims have no place in public life, Even after he was outed as a serial pedophile, The GOP ENDORSED him and FUNDED his campaign. What does that say about the party as a whole?
  9. I've never seen this before, this was cute to see, wish we could see more backstage stuff like this. I wonder if any backstage stuff was done for Rebel Heart and previous tours
  10. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump has accidentally admitted to committing a crime which he can be impeached for. On Twitter. I always expected he wouldn't survive as President. Vindication of that position, held by many, marches inexorably closer MAGA should now mean Muller Ain't Going Away
  11. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    hahhahhahah Britain First deputy leader at centre of Trump 'racist' tweet row with Theresa May makes extraordinary video plea asking US president to intervene in her 'religious harassment' court cases http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5133115/Far-right-leader-calls-Trump-intervene-help-her.html It won't happen, the bish is going to jail where she belongs
  12. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    What other work does the POTUS do besides tweeting? Eating his own snot? Twiddling his thumbs? Playing golf? Watching TV? Oh, wait..
  13. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I hear Trump is denying the legitimacy of the Hollywood Access Tapes. Dude... you already called it locker room talk. You can’t go back and say now it’s rigged.. you don’t get a second bite of the apple. What a fool. No doubt his loyalists will believe him. Trump literally lives in his own reality. He just says shit because of how it will play at the moment. He doesn't actually have any code or standards, which is why you can pretty much find a tweet where he is accusing Obama of doing all the shit he is currently doing. I wonder if this is just a ploy to get all the attention on him and off his horrible tax hike on low and middle class families or off of the Roy Moore Pedophile stories and all the other crazy garbage that could possibly be flying under the radar due to him being a crazy news making old man. My other thought is there is actually something severely wrong with him. That he’s like crazy senile or has some sort of mental illness going on that makes him so ridiculously sad. In fact I'm sure there is something mentally wrong with him, in that he is not at all sharp for a 71-year old. I've met 100-year olds who were sharper than him
  14. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    https://www.facebook.com/VICE/videos/919998891493395/?hc_ref=ARSSHmQM5TxBPHSjg58kNgDR07uDekEbQ5-tRhb6vQw5VyxLr54qCCJEn0AS_ypCSzM 1. Trump just called Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" at an event honoring Native American code talkers. 2. He did it in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who kicked off the Trail of Tears with the Indian Removal Act.