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  1. BrendanT1993

    Strasbourg Christmas shooting

    My niece was there yesterday but fortunately, she left before this happened. This shit is so upsetting and disheartening. I have had enough of fascists. And I‘m saying this as someone with a progressive background, amongst other religions. This only fuels resentment and the far-right. Nazis of all kinds- fuck off.
  2. 2014 Scottish referendum 2015 GE 2016 EU referendum 2017 GE I was a bit worried that 2018 wouldn’t deliver us some form of political contest. My mind is at rest! Thresea is facing a leadership contest. How will this affect Brexit if she's forced out? If she is that means parliament will probably take control of Brexit which means it will be softer than under her watch. Ohhhh there's that taking back control brexiteers promised. A leadership contest would also mean whoever was next would have to extend article 50 because of delay but May herself has just caused delay by delaying the meaningful vote by weeks What is going on in this country? Is now the best time to have a leadership contest? they want to overturn the result of the last leadership election? When they elected May? The last time the Conservative Party triggered a no confidence ballot against a Prime Minister. Thatcher won but was so weakened that she quit a couple of days later. Will history repeat itself?
  3. EU Court of Justice rules that the UK may unilaterally stop Brexit https://www.theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2018/12/eu-court-of-justice-rules-that-the-uk-may-unilaterally-stop-brexit/ The ECJ ruling demolishes the last argument Brexiters clung to: that we wouldn’t be able to stay and certainly not on same terms. Both are untrue. This ruling takes control from both government and EU and gives it to Parliament. It is a victory for everyone Throughout the past two years I've never stopped thinking of that one guy I met in April 2017 who voted Leave because he'd grown up in Kenya and wanted passionately to see the UK crippled forever as a world power and how he was probably the only person I've ever met who got what he wanted out of this.
  4. He'll have a very depleted and poorer clergy. Christ taught us the lived experience of coming from the margins of his society and reaching out to them. At some stage in our lives, we are indeed from a margin and we should not forget it - young (me), disabled, in poor health, from an ethnic minority, a refugee, gay (that's me too), transgender, poor, homeless, mentally ill or with a personality disorder......... It's the margins, our understanding of them, and through our love for them, which ultimately make us people who in giving of ourselves in their support, feed our souls to make us useful and practical citizens. If you want to find Christ, go, seek him on the margins.
  5. im having waaay toooo much fun watching the DUP and the Tories implode
  6. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Sad to see whats happening to the migrants having tear gas fired at them at the border in Tijuana, Mexico Make no mistake. Trump is testing whether he can get away with firing tear gas at children. He is hoping these images will harden his supporters to even worse acts to come. And he is banking on racism to get his way. We must oppose this America has a history of doing this around the holiday season Ferguson in 2014 Water spraying the natives at Standing Rock in 2016 Now it's Latin Americans and children in 2018. Christians love their neighbor, except when: 1. They have brown skin. 2. They’re poor. 3. Their cult leader tells them to hate them.
  7. That kind of xenophobia is rampant in the UK and particularly Northern Ireland and is disgusting and is exactly why i'm moving to Canada next year to get away from it.
  8. Today's awesome NHS hospice colleagues that have been looking after my mum while she battles cancer have originated from: 💙 Spain 💜 Portugal ❤️ Italy 💛 Ireland 💚 UK 💙 Poland 💜 France ❤️ Germany Not one of them 'queue-jumpers'. Every one of them desperately needed. So stop spreading hate, Prime Minister. Another doctor in the same hospice happens to be French. He is now leaving after two decades in the NHS to work in another part of the EU. This is what Brexit does. It is what it is about. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-46274118
  9. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I’d like to know what kind of noise cancelling head phones Ivanka used during one of the 5 thousand times her father mentioned Hillary’s private email servers during his campaign. I’d like a pair for every time I hear him talk.
  10. Apparently the deal looks like the North of Ireland can operate in the British single market and the European single market, making it unique and in a brilliant position as it could trade with the EU and UK, it could potentially bring lots of jobs and money to the North and is a good compromise for everyone, no troops on the border. As this deal would please a lot of people the DUP are naturally against it, the DUP want to be treated the same as the UK so they are pissed, funnily enough the DUP don't want a legalization on equal marriage or on abortion laws like the EU but then again that's what happens when you're a pack of entitled rotten cunts who trade in misery. The deal is not popular at all, and I can definitely understand why, but personally it doesn’t seem to me like any of the alternatives proposed are actually realistically possible. Also, with the government loosing ministers left and right, will Theresa May even still be prime minister by the end of this year? This month? This week? Today? I am not exactly happy about Brexit, but things there sure are fun to watch.
  11. Brexiteers are claiming that the proposed deal will mean we will lose our sovereign control over making our laws.... remember that sovereignty they told us that we didn't have? Yes that's the one we actually DID have but that we lose by leaving the EU. Aint THAT ironic?
  12. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Seems Muroch could be about to jump ship and sever ties with trump? At last. Perhaps this is why they haven't tweeted in several days
  13. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump firing Sessions is far far more important than the Jim Acosta story. That's not to say the Jim Acosta story isn't more important. But it is a bit disheartening to see the media falling for the distraction stories again and again.
  14. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    ^ The unfortunate thing about this fake Acosta video is people actually believe he assaulted her. He barely grazed her with his left hand when he said “excuse me ma’am” when she tried to take the mic away. The only reason I heard about this is from my Republican friends sharing it on Facebook and claiming it’s the violent left at it again. It’s like we’re watching two different videos. It’s honestly pretty scary to have people close to me talking about how awful this is... when he didn’t do anything. Maybe he should’ve bodyslammed her... we know how much Trump likes that. You know what would have been cool? Acosta asks his question Trump says 'not you, someone else' Acosta gives up the mic another reporter gets it and says 'thank you, so here's what I'd like to ask' upon which they repeat Acosta's question word for word suck it, Orange Blob This is not North Korea. Tough questions are expected. That's what journalists do. SMH for all the talk about freedoms Americans supposedly have so much for a "free" press
  15. BrendanT1993

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Trump supporters are attacking Fox News, calling them liberal propaganda, for reporting the truth that Dems are taking control of the House. - No political party should have full power over the house and senate, thats way to dangerous...but at the same time it stops any real movement because the partys hardly will work together due to their huge difference in mindsets. Am seeing so many angry dems in my feed… did we watching the same election? We're taking control of the House. That's not even up for debate at this point. Also fire the entire Democratic Party leadership. They have no fucking clue what they're doing, and I say this as someone very happy with tonight's election results (no thanks to them) If Nancy Pelosi becomes the House speaker, you can guarantee a weakened 2020 turnout as a result. Give it to someone younger if you want to keep this youth vote. Get fresh meat into the party. Attack me all you want, it's the truth.