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  1. Sorry for the delay, I've submitted the scores for the last three albums!
  2. Madonna Megarate: Round 1 (First Album Era)

    Great idea! I love seeing what other people think of albums!
  3. One of my faves of the non-singles!
  4. The Favourites Thread

    Album: Ray of Light Single: Like a Prayer Album track: Till Death Do Us Part Remix: Angel (Extended Dance Remix) Producer: William Orbit Album cover: True Blue Single cover: Vogue Music video: Oh Father Tour: Confessions Tour Tour section: Equestrian, Confessions Tour Tour costume: Samurai Warrior, Rebel Heart Tour Tour choreography: Music Infero, Confessions Tour Award show live performance: Nothing Really Matters, Grammy Awards, 1999 Film: Evita Era: Ray of Light Look: Hung Up video Interview: Late Show with David Letterman, 1994
  5. Your Holy Trinity from each album...

    MADONNA Borderline Burning Up Everybody LIKE A VIRGIN Dress You Up Angel Pretender TRUE BLUE Live to Tell La Isla Bonita Papa Don't Preach LIKE A PRAYER Like a Prayer Till Death Do Us Part Promise to Try EROTICA Erotica Deeper and Deeper Thief of Hearts BEDTIME STORIES Bedtime Story Human Nature Sanctuary RAY OF LIGHT Frozen Ray of Light The Power of Good-Bye MUSIC Impressive Instant What It Feels Like for a Girl Don't Tell Me AMERICAN LIFE Mother and Father Hollywood Nothing Fails CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR Hung Up Future Lovers Sorry HARD CANDY Miles Away Candy Shop Give it 2 Me MDNA Gang Bang Girl Gone Wild Masterpiece REBEL HEART Joan of Arc Body Shop Living for Love
  6. Britain votes in favor for Brexit

    The UK will never be part of the United States of Europe! Nor will Scandinavia and i doubt the Netherlands will want that either. I could see it happening with France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Italy; maybe. However, Eurosceptism is growing a lot in France as well.
  7. Britain votes in favor for Brexit

    Could you imagine the riots though if 'Leave' won and then Cameron turns around saying it won't happen? It would be chaos.
  8. Borderline Dress You Up Live to Tell Like a Prayer Deeper and Deeper Bedtime Story Frozen Impressive Instant Mother and Father Hung Up Miles Away Gang Bang Joan of Arc
  9. I love country! I would like it a lot!
  10. 2 me this was the peak of her beauty

    I always thought she looked her best in the "Hung Up" video, I think she had recently gone under the knife though.
  11. Let's imagine that...

    I like yours, deeper cuts! Well apart from Vogue and Causing a Commotion and Secret.
  12. Let's imagine that...

    1. Pretender 2. Into the Groove 3. Live to Tell 4. Papa Don't Preach 5. La Isla Bonita 6. Like a Prayer 7. Till Death Do Us Part 8. Promise to Try 9. Oh Father 10. Vogue 11. Deeper and Deeper 12. Secret 13. Bedtime Story 14. You'll See 15. Frozen 16. The Power of Good-Bye 17. Don't Tell Me 18. Nobody Knows Me 19. Hung Up 20. Let It Will Be 21. Masterpiece 22. Living for Love 23. Joan of Arc
  13. I would have to agree with you on that one, yes!
  14. One producer, 45minute track length, no featuring artists and yes don't even think about commercial success... That's the way I hope she goes. I like Rebel Heart but it was too long and I didn't like the featuring artists, but I guess that is personal taste. Also feels slightly disjointed. I mean you go from HeartBreak City to Body Shop and then to Holy Water, I don't like the flow I guess. She doesn't need to think about commercial success because people will go on the tour anyway, and the fans will buy the album.
  15. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    No one but fans would buy her entire body of work (and they probably already have it), it's too daunting to listen to 13 whole studio albums... I find in any case. We need a "Greatest Hits" album, the problem is that they are a bit old fashioned, but maybe with a couple of new tracks it could work.
  16. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    Would prefer more Gang Bang and Beautiful Killer tbh. You know an angry and bitter album, post-divorce!
  17. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    YES! Totally agree with you! Poor Orbit... MDNA just feels like a hash job, with a few good songs but a lot of filler.
  18. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    It was due to lack of time I think, she was busy with her film. This is what William Orbit said in an interview: "But you won’t see me exactly jumping up and down with delight over the way that things have panned out. We were very pushed for time, due to a rather interesting and shall we just say, ‘traditional’ method of recording that the esteemed engineer Demo was partial to, and various pressing commitments that took up the artists limited time, such as perfume ranges and teen fashion contests and other such endeavours which are beyond my own limited understanding of pop star agendas."
  19. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    We need a Bedtime Stories vinyl reissue first!
  20. Rocco flies to see Madonna?

    I am no Wintour, but his sense of style leaves a lot to be desired... Looks better in a shirt and with longer hair.
  21. God I hope not! I think she will produce more and hopefully better music.
  22. Can't stop listening to MDNA

    Thank you !
  23. Can't stop listening to MDNA

    Where can I get hold of "Love Spent" the acoustic version?
  24. Is this Madonna's most iconic candid?

    I agree with you! She does look amazing though in the "Hung Up" video! Her 'cheekbones' are too big now I find!