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  1. And in Portugal, as that's where the song is from (despite it being sang in Brazilian Portuguese) and where it first reached success before it became a hit in Brazil.
  2. November 2005 = Hung Up peak, MTV EMA, COADF release & promo shows, I'm Going To Tell You A Secret release.
  3. Madonna probably will post in on her Youtube channel on her bday.
  4. I can see Madonna not remembering that she did it this year and so accepting the 2020 Dutch invitation and singing Like a Prayer and Future again lol.
  5. The Batukadeiras are going with Madonna on tour, and so is Celeste Rodrigues' great-grandson who plays Portuguese guitar: https://blitz.pt/principal/update/2019-07-05-Gaspar-Varela-vai-acompanhar-Madonna-na-proxima-digressao
  6. Our food is delicious and everyone always want a second helping!
  7. If we join all the God Control music video Instagram trailers that Madonna did post so far, we get the whole thing. Just sayin'.
  8. Portuguese is my native language, but I can't understand what's she's saying on the second part lol. Cute, nonetheless.
  9. The refrain always makes me smile cuz she pronounces "selvagem" (wild) like "só vagem" (just stringbean).
  10. What hurts the most Is that I was not lost
  11. Is it me or so far no interviewer has asked Madonna about Eurovision? She has done some interviews since it happened but it's never one of the subjects.
  12. This dress would have been great for the Rebel Heart era.
  13. Madonna had the biggest European stage ever. There was no need to do "some performances somewhere" if she had done things right out there. But...
  14. Who's telling the truth? I want to sing the right lyrics lol
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