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  1. I like Chained To The Rhythm (and Dark Horse too, but not so much Roar). However, the music video is kinda boring, it have good ideas but as a whole is poorly executed.
  2. Wow, some of them look quite good! Next birthday I'm gonna ask for one just like the Superstar single cover; perhaps it ends better looking that the original! There's a restaurant in Glasgow that makes a Madonna theme pizza. The perfect dinner would be to start with the pizza, then these coffees and finally the cake. Madonna Queen of Food! lol
  3. Love it. Living For Love is the most Madonna-ish song since Like A Prayer, if it was released in the 80's or early 90's it would have been huge. The music video could have been better (that red layer was too much), but the promo performances are all fantastic (the Brits's one is pure Madonna, no need for words) and I hope Madonna adds this instant classic to every future tour setlist.
  4. The Girlie Show is art. It's my favorite Madonna tour. It's Madonna at her best, with no need for high tecnology and all that stuff that helps her nowadays, but kinda shades what a one man show she is. It's the culmination of all her previous tours work, just like a perfect climax. And she's at her most beautiful on it, truly gorgeous with the short hair and that amazing fantastic incredible body.
  5. According to Billboard magazine, November 6, 1982, it is a young New York duo:
  6. Madonna is the most interesting artist/singer ever!
  7. Lol at 11m45s: Other celebrities, they give you an autograph, the give you a picture and you go away. Tchau, bye bye, thank you, thank you for bying my album, tchau. Madonna on the other hand is like... ! F*ck you, f*ck off!
  8. If someone with three #1s can do the Super Bowl, then Jennifer with four #1s should have done it already! #1 If You Had My Love #1 I'm Real #1 Ain't It Funny #1 All I Have
  9. Kelly Clarkson seems to love Madonna
  10. I thought the same lol
  11. Blame the hamster wheel (conveyor belt). She stayed there for too long (and it was boring ).
  12. I thought the same! Very Wings Of Desire-ish! Madonna looks beautiful!
  13. That reminds of: Is it a clue? Will we finally have the RIT dvd?
  14. Anyway, I just took out the Music tracks and added 80's and 90's songs. The sections would be the same, except the Cowgirl one cuz that's related to the Music era. Instead, it would be something new that I can't imagine now. 01 Drowned World/Substitute For Love 02 Swim 03 Candy Perfume Girl 04 Beautiful Stranger 05 Ray Of Light 06 Sanctuary 07 Frozen 08 Open Your Heart Swell 09 You'll See 10 Mer Girl (Part I) Sky Fits Heaven Mer Girl (Part II) 11 Rescue Me 12 Power Of Good-Bye 13 Nothing Really Matters 14 Human Nature 15 Borderline 16 Secret 17 This Used To Be My Playground 18 Don't Cry For Me Argentina 19 Who's That Girl 20 La Isla Bonita 21 Holiday 22 I'll Remember 18 singles and only 5 album tracks! If only...
  15. Have you never seen the 5th Element? Diva Plavalaguna...