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  1. It probably have something to do with the facts that it was created in the Sean's era and the movie was a flop. Madonna even said some years ago that her acting in WTG is her worst or something like that, so career wise anything associated with it was just under rug swept.
  2. It seems that Jay Z and Beyoncé must listen to it a lot Now I want them to be performed in that order in the next tour encore lol
  3. YouTube reaction videos

    Why do you guys even give views to those people? If there's something that I don't use Youtube for is to know some nobody opinion about anything. Those people just want attention, which is so boringly easy to get in the social media era. Whithout an Internet connection, who would they be? Exactly the same that they are with it: nobodies.
  4. I like MATM. And I'm still waiting for Madonna to use it as an interlude in a tour.
  5. Madonna RARE

    There's something about the Betime Stories era pictures. I found them so mysterious as they rarely pop up.
  6. Nelly Furtado is half-portuguese so a cover of Força, her Euro 2004 theme, makes more sense! With some Give It 2 Me sample, of course! What a great tournament Euro 2004 was! Damn you, Greece!
  7. Why, out of nowhere, there was, for 85 shows, an Eurythmics song performed in a Madonna tour? It wasn't exactly a mash-up or a cover or like if Madonna decided to perform again her 1993 hit cuz 90% of it was the Eurythmics song with Lennox's voice. Did it have anything to do with the fact that Madonna sang a whole verse in Annie's 2007 Sing single, so by default M should give Annie/Eurythmics some space in her new tour? Lol
  8. Poor is the humorist whose jokes depends on the age of another.
  9. At least those two had been performed live on tour. The same can't be said about your signature's song.
  10. I was watching the game live (with some zapping in between lol) and, to my surprise, as soon as Portugal made the first goal the tv channel showed Madonna and David clapping and smiling in the stadium V.I.P. area. And I said to myself: "Oh, it seems that Madonna finally found a house in Portugal: the Estádio da Luz! Well done, girl!" Madonna's house in Portugal: Here you can see the clip with Madonna:
  11. And I find it curious that right now, for the first time, Portugal is having an Herb Ritts exhibition (in Cascais, Lisbon's area). Perhaps Madonna have anything to do with, since they were close friends. When they show the commercial for it on tv, among the pictures we can see are the True Blue cover and that b&w picture of her and Sean in the ground.
  12. That's at the The Cultural Centre of Belém. After a look at their agenda it seems that Madonna went to see João Paulo Esteves da Silva & Ricardo Toscano, the latter is the saxofonist that she saw live in Lisbon's night some days ago (she posted in Instagram). He's the one in the right:
  13. Once I read a comment where someone said that GVH2 should have been called The Maverick Collection. And I agree, it would be a smart wordplay name to The Immaculate Collection's sequel.
  14. Paint's version of 4 Minutes music video

    That's impressive. It must have taken a long time to do.