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  1. Rock

    ABBA thread

    Australian version (until 2008).
  2. Rock

    ABBA thread

    The groom's expression lol . I've seen that movie some years ago, but it seems that "I Do" didn't make any impact on me lol. The other ABBA songs on it (and ABBA Gold) I know since forever. Some by radio playlists, others by family sing-along, others from tv shows, like TUFTM (even though translated) that every week was the ending song of an Endemol talent-show that we had in the 90s. Take a look (and yes, that's one of the hosts from Eurovision 2018 lol):
  3. Rock

    ABBA thread

    I just listened to their (original) ABBA Gold a few days ago and the only songs that I never heard of before were: Lay All Your Love On Me Does Your Mother Know I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Rock Me
  4. Oh, I loved it! Never heard it before, but I adore 80's mellow romantic love songs (and I say it as a compliment)! I'm gonna add it to my personal playlist right away. Thanks!
  5. What are your favorite James Bond theme songs?
  6. Great news! And it was really touching how the whole world worked together to help in the rescue! This was humanity at its best!
  7. Rock

    North Macedonia

    Still, bala isn't candy here lol . And yes, we understand you perfectly. It's just a Portuguese thing to be open to other languages (even if in this case it's the same one) and cultures.
  8. Rock

    North Macedonia

    https://www.priberam.pt/dlpo/macedónia Despite speaking the same language, Portugal and Brazil have some words with different meanings. Celular, for example; out there is a mobile phone, while here the word is just related to cells (science). Bala is candy there, while here is a projectile. And the list goes on and on.
  9. Rock

    North Macedonia

    Nope, not here. What we stude about Greece (or at least how it was studied back in the day) is just the Mythology (and the Olympic Games), Philosophers, Art and Democracy. Basically, just the big picture of Ancient Greece. Subjects like Macedonia and Magno are too particular and specific and so are not explored (if anything, he may be mentioned in a page or two of the History book, but not a chapter; while the region/country itself only appears briefly in the 20th century theme). If one goes to college and choose a course that deals with History, Policy, Geography, etc, Macedonia and Magno will get a deeper attention, for sure; but in the school years before that they aren't front line topics at all.
  10. Rock

    North Macedonia

    I saw on the news that they will change Macedonia's name, but I'm not that informed about the drama that is going on with Greece and neither did I know that it has been happening for 3 decades. To now start calling the country by North Macedonia is strange, specially cuz (for the international general public) there isn't a South one to even justify that distinction, but everybody will get used to it as time goes by. The Greeks should relax, they won't lose a place in History because of their neighbor nation's name; in fact, whenever I studied Greece at school Macedonia was never part of the theme, the first time I heard about it was in the 20th century subject and always as a "background character". But anyway, I prefer Macedonia (without the North) as the country's name (in Portuguese, macedonia means fruit salad lol).
  11. Rock

    Eurovision thread

    No, it's not. I joked, but I kinda like it. It reminds me of Annie Lennox's discography. Meanwhile, in an inverse universe, Portugal was the winner last night and fans congratulate the singer:
  12. Rock

    Eurovision thread

    For attention. He said " We demand freedom. War is not peace". Surie attitude is the best. It's all "That's it, my song is bad and someone just stole the mic from me while I was singing. I'm done. Bye. (*start clapping*)!"
  13. Rock

    Eurovision thread

    Cyprus is my moral winner!