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  1. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    The Twenty Rays Tour (20 years, 20 shows, 20 songs) Setlist 00 - Bittersweet (Intro) 01 - Nothing Really Matters 02 - Swim 03 - Be careful With My Heart 04 - To Have and Not To Hold 05 - Gone Gone Gone 06 - Revenge 07 - Shanti/Ashtangi 08 - The Power of Goodbye 09 - Frozen 10 - Mer Girl 11 - Like a Flower 12 - Skin 13 - Little Star 14 - Sky Fits Heaven 15 - Ray Of Light 16 - Candy Perfume Girl 17 - Arioso 18 - Has To Be 19 - Like an Angel Passing Through My Room 20 - Drowned World / Substitute for Love Shows 5 - USA 5 - Argentina 5 - UK 5 - Japan
  2. Camera Angles

    In the old tours (VT, WTGT, BAT and TGST) there wasn't much going on on stage other than what we saw in its official recordings. To fix the problem in most recent tours, just make the shots longer and every detail will catch the eye.
  3. Social media is one of the worst things ever!
  4. Justin Timberlake thread

    Why there's no melody in that new song? That's how things work nowadays?

    Madonna should have never left Warner. Period.
  6. Justin Timberlake thread

    "Don't you mind if I do exactly what you like times two..." God, I miss the 90's. I can't with how empty and stuck in one subject FM songs are nowadays. 95% of them are boring lyrically and musically. And to think that I paused Madonna's Hey You to listen to this...
  7. Katy Perry thread

    Some of her last videos come and go without an impact. They all have a big production, but they try to hard to be funny and end up looking more like an weekly SNL sketch than a music video to watch and rewatch in the future.
  8. Madonna on youtube

    IMO, from those 4 songs, La Isla Bonita is the second most well-known: 1. Like a Virgin 2. La Isla Bonita 3. Like a Prayer 4. Vogue
  9. Britney Spears thread

    Wasn't this the performance of her M's Burning Up cover?
  10. Would you rather....?

    Would the classic hits be the usual suspects (LAP, LAV, Music, Hung Up, Vogue, Isla...)? If so, no thanks; they are always in her setlists anyway lol. I would like a "throw out the rule book" tour where she performed (classic) ignored hits like Angel, Keept It Together, I'll Remember, Love Profusion, etc.
  11. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    BAT RIT MDNA RHT - I don't even remember it S&S - music is not fireworks music is feeling
  12. Love it! Now that's how the DVD should have been edited lol! Jk