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  1. Sooner Or Later More What Can You Lose
  2. At DiCaprio's gala she did He's Got the Whole World in His Hands.
  3. Sade

    I always thought that Sade was just a solo singer!
  4. Before open the thread I didn't thought it would be about Dick Tracy, because it isn't underrated. This is: Well, at least Madonna's acting is, that's for sure.
  5. And where is the cassette release?
  6. Britney thinks that it is very iconic.
  7. Madonna is an angel. Dancers, musicians, producers, people in the business and outside of it, everyone who did met her personally always have kind words to say about her. The Mercy James Center project is just another big expression of her huge altruist side, just like the fact that she was the only one willing to help Tupac when he went to jail, and many other beautiful stories that we don't know about yet but will bubble up someday. I just hope that corruption never find its way to such a wonderful and inspiring place.
  8. Where exactly is that everywhere land? Back in the day I saw no one wearing them... Exactly. An iconic Madonna look? Yes. But did she set a fashion trend with it? No. In my opinion, that's a (local) urban myth.
  9. MADONNA REWIND: "Spotlight"

    But a major hit in my heart: I love Spotlight!
  10. Ring My Bell

    I like it. And I even think that I play it more than some COADF tracks.
  11. 1 - Take a Bow gets my vote. It was her biggest 90s hit so it should have been there without a doubt, in the Geisha section. 2 - Nothing Really Matters isn't in the list, but deserved to be included in the Geisha section as well. 3 - American Pie in the Cowgirl section. Its non-inclusion was a tremendous missed oportunity.