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  1. http://www.radiocampanario.com/ultimas/regional/madonna-regressara-a-monsaraz-c-som In this site, there's a small interview with the administration behind Madonna's trip to Monsaraz town. They say that she told them that she loved it and that she would comeback. They also say that the horse that Madonna did ride is called Sultão (Sultan) and not Califa, as Madonna said. From Madonna Instragram video you can't see that much of Monsaraz, but it is gorgeous. A music video like Take A Bow would be lovely there.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Madonna seems to be in someone's house. It looks like a Portuguese kitnet from the late 70's, it does not look like an hotel or restaurant kitchen. Maybe she went to lunch at ones's of her new Portuguese buddies and do some music jams.
  3. The Youtube crusade thread

    If that decision was really thanks to your crusade, congratulations!
  4. The Youtube crusade thread

    Is she even aware of Youtube's existence? Madonna probably is still thinking that MTV is a 24h music channel!
  5. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Madonna just gave an interviwe to Popsugar: https://www.popsugar.com/beauty/Madonna-MDNA-Finishing-Cream-44331975 Madonna Talks Feminism, Skin Care, and Faking a Good Night's Sleep December 5, 2017 by Alaina Demopoulos 3 Shares Image Source: Getty / Ben Stansall As I'm running on a solid five hours of sleep, Madonna calls to talk about her new MDNA Finishing Cream ($250), a thermal-water-infused moisturizer that's supposed to fake a full night of peaceful slumber. So, how many hours does Madonna usually take to rest up? "Six," the icon said. "If I'm lucky, and it's a Sunday sleep-in day, eight. And that's just a marvelous privilege." It's hard to imagine Madonna sleeps at all, considering how hard the woman works. Between being, you know, Madonna and all, earlier this Fall she also launched MDNA, her passion-project skincare line. The Finishing Cream is her latest drop, and given its major hype, it just might become her most popular. What's so special about this cream? For one, it contains M.T.PARCA Thermal Water extracted from Montecatini, Italy. This province in Tuscany has won fame for the healing properties of its water. "People go to these spas to heal everything from arthritis to skin ailments," Madonna said. "The water rises to the surface of the volcanic eruption, and then that's skimmed off of the top. That's purified, and those waters have a specific molecular structure that not only heals the skin but also purifies, tightens, hydrates, and illuminates." According to Madonna, eczema, acne, scars, and rosacea can all be healed or reversed with M.T.PARCA Thermal Water. I ask her if it can go on other parts of your body, like how she previously told us that her Magnetic Clay Mask should be applied to your butt because "it has an audience." "Well, that was a joke," she said, laughing. "But, absolutely. It has a microcurrent quality, so it's stimulating your muscles. You can use it anywhere." Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur Related Madonna Teams Up With The Fat Jewish to Tease Her $600 Chrome Face Mask I ask her about my problem area — dark under-eyes — and it turns out that Madonna and I have exactly one thing in common (and thus, my life is complete). "I tend to wake up with really puffy eyes, so if it's early in the morning, the first thing I have to do is put ice on my eyes and do things to make the swelling go down," she said. For that same reason, she always pops her Eye Mask ($50) in the fridge before using. Then the Material Girl herself tells me that, in fact, there are some skincare results money can't buy. "The thing that makes you feel the most beautiful is when you're happy with yourself, and you're confident, and you've done something good," she said. She referenced when she gave an emotional speech on being a woman in the music industry at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, or the time she built a pediatric care wing at a hospital in Malawi. "Those are empowering moments that make me feel beautiful inside and out." And as we endure a watershed moment in the women's rights movement, the lifelong feminist is hopeful. "We need to get people to look deeper into the double standards and hypocrisy that have existed for so long," she said. But Madonna is not just talking about fulfilling the cookie-cutter definition of feminism. "It's not just equal rights for women, it's equal rights for women of all ages. Ageism is something that runs very, very deep in our DNA as humans. I think women and men are guilty of it. So, I hope that that is the result of what's happening right now."
  6. Madonna RARE

    So many people in the OYH set lol. I always wondered if that Tamara de Lempicka club (first picture) really existed or if it was build up for the video.
  7. The Good 4 Minutes - Great video. The 7 sins theme could have been included Give It 2 Me - Very simple, but efective. It's my favorite from this bunch Ghosttown - Big production. Madonna's acting could have been better and the grillz shouldn't be there lol Bitch I'm Madonna - Colourful, but its fun factor gets old very fast. Some scenes shouldn't had been filmed in one shoot The Bad Celebration - I prefer it to BIM, but those scenes with Jesus and some dance moves are cringeworthy lol Give Me All Your Luvin' - It's nice, but rush. All the scenes feels like they were filmed once and done Girl Gone Wild - Madonna looks beautiful in it, but the video/story goes nowhere lol Living For Love - Good storyline. However, that red layer all through the video is annoying. And more matrix scenes would be welcome The Ugly Miles Away - It have a video, but is so forgotten lol. She and her time should have known that live music videos don't have longevity Turn Up The Radio - The video don't fit the song. I don't love it, but I don't hate it neither. It's just... there lol. The one shoot scenes are its main problem
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Banda means band in Portuguese. Nice word play, M!
  9. Great song and a fantastic live performance! That arms dance is eveything!
  10. Britney Spears thread

    Wasn't this the performance of her M's Burning Up cover?
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She's so close to become an Avon representative
  12. Would you rather....?

    Would the classic hits be the usual suspects (LAP, LAV, Music, Hung Up, Vogue, Isla...)? If so, no thanks; they are always in her setlists anyway lol. I would like a "throw out the rule book" tour where she performed (classic) ignored hits like Angel, Keept It Together, I'll Remember, Love Profusion, etc.