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  1. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    I'm not entirely sure but the football season starts in September and this season is almost over. If he does go to play for them then he will probably start playing competitively in September. Yes i agree. The album would sell so well in Europe especially Portugal and Spain and that success could even go over to South America. I hope she does a few Spanish/Portuguese songs.
  2. Very bland banter but whatever floats your boat! Ridiculous is GROWN people dissing people, who haven't done anything to them or their idol, over their fashion sense. Dissing people's style isn't staying focused to the actual topic. I never said there was anything wrong with talking about Guy. Obviously he will come up here and there because she was married to him and has children with him. However, there is no need to cuss his wife and how she dresses. Like what has that got to do with Madonna? I came into this thread because I wanted to see what Guy had to say about Madonna. It seems like other people just came here to be negative for no reason. Btw what I did was not dragging. That word is used way too much. Seems like my comment was deleted lol
  3. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    I feel like if she does move to Portugal we will get a good album. It's a whole new place, new people and culture. Do you guys think she'll move before September because he will probably join their team around that time?
  4. How has dissing Jacque and Guy got anything to do with Madonna?
  5. Why is everyone so obsessed with Jacque and Guy? Maybe you guys should start a little fan forum for them! General MADONNA discussion
  6. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    It would be cool if she moved to Portugal. It would be a good change and also she's closer to Rocco.
  7. Madonna - love her in colour

    I suppose this counts...
  8. All of them tbh but I voted for Keep it Together. I would have loved to see what direction she would take.
  9. The Who's That Girl album

    I'll join you!!!
  10. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    I don't think they should sing on a track together but imagine Madonna and the magical KATE BUSH writing songs together. They would be so magical.
  11. Who Do You Wish M Had Worked With?

    Enigma for sure. It would be heaven.
  12. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    If this dress was worn on anyone else's I think I would have HATED it but Madonna has thing where she can make anything look good. Her hair is stunning she should definitely do it like that more. And of course the makeup is fabulous.
  13. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He is just the frontman but be blind I don't mind. Illuminati mentality? LOOL. No these are facts. Everyone knows that presidents are just puppets. And it's not that easy to just say I don't want to do it. Exactly they choose to be controlled they know what they are getting into before they win. Hilary knows that if she won she would have to listen to whatever her bosses tell her to say and do. Same for Bernie. Do some reading. It helps.