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  1. Funana has been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. So much heart and melancholy in it. And although I love the vocoder I’d love to hear this song with clean vocals.
  2. I loved the holograms... to me it had the same impact when I first watched the bedtime stories video... it was amazing.
  3. Yes!!!!!!! My top 5: Ciao Bella God Control Extreme Occident Crave Funana
  4. The song that defines this whole era, the mysticism behind the album, Madonna’s “escaping” to Madame X... all the realizations she had when she moved to Lisbon is Extreme Occident. It’s extreme baffling why this is not on the regular edition. Medellin is a cute song but never the central piece or the representation of the monument that is Madame X, the album.
  5. Perfect. That girl is a representation of the general public.
  6. The point is... it doesn’t matter if it’s cohesive or not. Just enjoy the ride. No matter how “non linear” it is. Enjoy the places the music takes you. What I think is silly is some people saying they think cohesiveness sucks because Madonna’s last album is not cohesive. Or vice versa.
  7. Why the hate with cohesiveness? Ray of Light is a very cohesive album. So is True Blue. And Erotica. Why do you have to put down cohesiveness?
  8. Doesn’t Madame X have the same number of editions RH has?
  9. I’m tired of seeing Madonna being bashed everywhere. And honestly, sometimes I fear for her safety.
  10. That has got to be one of her most gorgeous pictures in a while.
  11. It’s MTV. Were you expecting anything different?
  12. There’s so much soul behind these songs, such a shame if you can’t hear it.
  13. Oh my god... who’s saying this video is nothing special? That has got to be madonna’s greatest video... the raw emotion, the organic dancing... these ladies giving themselves completely to Madonna and Madonna herself completely absorbed with the music and the love coming from them. It’s truly moving and touching and when they finally get to the recording studio... what a JAM... honestly, this is amazing. This video deserves awards. It’s beautifully shot and it shows us a Madonna in moments I’m sure she would’ve kept to herself. So generous of her. What a journey this Madame X era has been. Wow.
  14. Hahahaha! Your mom seemed to have a wicked sense of humor and refined sarcasm! Love it!!
  15. Future has amazing production. No doubt. But even as good as it is, it doesn’t have the feeling and - specially - the chemistry the Mirwais produced stuff has.
  16. The song is beyond amazing, but I agree that Mirwais would’ve taken it to the next level.
  17. I wish Madonna would stop begging for whatever for lesser acts. This brings me bad Kylie Minogue memories...
  18. Beyoncé is deserving of the migraine giver of the century award.
  19. It’s like she’s afraid of the stage.
  20. Maybe she feels insecure because of people like you that give her crap no matter what she does...
  21. So, maybe she should not do anything at all, right? Lord knows she could. Then, what would you be complaining about? Madonna is a privilege and not a right. We’re not entitled to her.
  22. Exactly. We should give her all our love. She still gives a fuck and she’s doing it for us. She has all the money in the world, she’s broken all the records. She could be home, with her kids, drinking some rose... but she’s out there, doing it for the fans.
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