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  1. Why am I always under the impression she never showers?!?
  2. Like A Virgin from the tours ranked

    Well, for me it has to be: WTG: love the medley, love the performance and concept behind it, love her voice, she looks beautiful and it captures an interesting moment in her career. MDNA: this is epic in so many different ways. The way she subverts the song and people’s expectations of it. The meaning behind the theatrics. It’s something Madonna could have only done at that point in her life and her career... the baggage that she brings. And because of that very reason it is the anthitesis of WTG. Amazing. Blond Ambition: what can I say about that? CT: Love the arrangement, love the meaning of that performance... the x rays and the horse thing, love the metaphor she’s using here. GS: cool and sleek. How can you not love the entire Dietrich homage. Pure Madonna. And that ending.... oh my. RHT: pure fun. Cool remix! VT: Such a cool and raw performance. “are you feeling alright?” . Billie Jean.
  3. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

    BAT - pure madonna. One of the best performances by anyone ever. RIT - I like the simplicity and feeling of it. SS - Love the energy and the arrangement. Goosebumps. MDNA - it’s ok. Rocco and the dancer as the choir feels a little contrived. Highpoint is Madonna spinning at the end of the catwalk. Like a Prayer is a song she can’t go wrong with. Musically it is perfection and such a versatile song to be reinvented and always delivers fantastic performances.
  4. Hahahaha!!! That’s it!!! I love Carmela!!
  5. Her hair on the hbo show was very Carmela Soprano! Hahah LOVE IT!
  6. Thank you for such an awesome and informative topic!
  7. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    I love the editing. I think it brings a lot of excitement and action to the show. Plus, I find it fascinating cause that is probably the way Madonna conceptualized the show in her head. I think it’s a beautiful film.
  8. Rebel Heart ♥ Tour DVD / Blu-ray

    I would’ve loved a tears of clown live cd. That’d be madonna’s ultimate live Cd!
  9. Fergie thread

    Can’t stand this Fergie person.
  10. She's just canceled her rock in rio show...yeah, it was going to be tomorrow! Hahaha

    What? People don’t like the... CONFESSIONS? Anyway, I love it! It’s a fantastic build up to Madonna’s confession. It really works beautifully.
  12. This guy is Madonna's hottest dancer ever!
  13. Fantastic number and best madonna tour. Love the way she starts dancing as soon as she gets up from the floor. This tour is flawless. And Madonna at her most absolute beauty peak.