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  1. What app is it? Snapchat?
  2. I hope you're right!!!!
  3. Madonna looks like an inflatable sex doll. 😕
  4. I don't find this movie to be so bad. It's just not very sure what it is. But I love the 2nd and darker 3rd act... in which I think she gives a really good performance.
  5. What's going on here??
  6. I love DAD. Not sure if it works as a Bond song, but it's an amazing song, ahead of its time and when it comes rob bond territory it's very subversive. Gotta love Madonna for that.
  7. Hahaha true! She's making up for lost time!!
  8. I agree with you. Love the old glamour Hollywood look. And a next album full of strings silky voice and some lush ballads. Not because I want her to act her age, just a change of pace.
  9. This must be a prank. Maybe her account has been hacked? I don't know. Nightmare inducing is the best thing I can say about this picture!
  10. Easy Ride is the winner. Gorgeous song, amazing lyrics, genuine sentiment.! Love the 1800º the song takes when the beats kick in mixing with the strings and all that comes along with it. FLAWLESS VICTORY!!
  11. The sound is something I hope they fix. Not the sound itself, more like the mix. There seems to be 3 vocal tracks at times.
  12. I gotta say I love this song. But the demo is infinitely better. Hate kanye's "one more time"..
  13. Everyone should watch ( and get devastated by ) the San Junipero episode from the last season of Black Mirror. The song Heaven is a Place on Earth is almost like a character and might get a whole new meaning after watching it!
  14. Let It Will Be CT is one of the most amazing performances ever!! Goosebumps all over!