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  1. Oh no. What happened? Suicide? Devastated. Such a talented individual. zombie free to decide dreams dreaming my dreams salvation 21 animal instinct just my imagination promises so many wonderful songs...
  2. Hahahaha!!! That’s it!!! I love Carmela!!
  3. Her hair on the hbo show was very Carmela Soprano! Hahah LOVE IT!
  4. Thank you for such an awesome and informative topic!
  5. Isn’t LIb from Confessions live?
  6. FeTuoni


    What? People don’t like the... CONFESSIONS? Anyway, I love it! It’s a fantastic build up to Madonna’s confession. It really works beautifully.
  7. This guy is Madonna's hottest dancer ever!
  8. Nope, she's been in the office trying to milk broadcast deals.
  9. Is that for real?
  10. Why are Madonna releases so shitty? Poorly mixed and mastered tracks on the RH album, and now omitted songs from the DVD after two years AND we'll probably get the stereo tracks ripped from the DVD just like MDNA. I don't know, it feels like she knows she'll get next to zero money from these releases so she almost doesn't give a fuck. Why not release the show for free, or do it like Louie CK, releasing the show on her website charging X amount of dollars... I'm sure she'll get more money this way instead of releasing the show phisically. As a fan it's kinda sad this lack of commitment and consideration... and yes, we're lucky she's still releasing stuff but it's not like we're getting it for free. Step it up, Madonna, or there's no need to bother. She definitely needs a better team and a more focused management. Guy Oseary, one does not simply manage madonna and u2 at the same time.
  11. Has it been confirmed anywhere what we're getting is the showtime edit?!?
  12. FeTuoni

    Rebel Heart Tour broadcast downloads

    I'm a member of a private torrent tracker and the show is available there. I can send one invite ( only ) to the first person who sends me a pm. If you don't hear back back from me is because someone got it before you! just remember you also have to seed ( share ). It's a great tracker, I'm sure they'll have the billboard awards there as well.
  13. FeTuoni

    The Weeknd

    Love The Weeknd since the original mixtapes! While this is an excellent record I also prefer whe he goes dark and experimental. this is my breakdown: Starboy +++++ Party Monster ++++/1.2 False Alarm +++++ Reminder ++++ Rockin ++++ Secrets ++++ True Colors ++ StarGirl +++ Sidewalks ++++ Six Feet Under++ Love to Lay+++ A Lonely Night+++ Attention ++++ Ordinary Life ++ Nothing Without You++++ All I Know+++ Die For You+++ I Feel it Coming+++