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  1. It's true. She called him and conceded. He's President-Elect now
  2. Is she serious? Maybe this was posted earlier?
  3. That's what I'm saying. She and her campaign just played it off as if it was a joke and didn't seriously address it
  4. True. but if more people vote for someone they hate more then what does that say about the other person. Not to mention that People lie in some those polls and skew statistics.
  5. The disdain for Hillary was underrated. Idk if her campaign was aware of the degree of it
  6. They probably stayed home or voted for Trump. Especially the Bernie supporters
  7. Hillary needed working class votes. Trump was/is getting them instead. She'll stall at 245-260 give or take at this rate
  8. She's severely underperforming in key states. I knew there was a hidden Trump vote but this is too much. She needs Michigan, Wisconsin and probably NH now or she's done. Hoping most of the votes still being counted are for her.
  9. The closet Trump supporters are showing themselves.... Not good
  10. It's a bit tight in FL so far but he's still winning so far there. They're always being difficult lol
  11. She deserved that. . His entire team needs to shut their Twitter accounts down tbh
  12. Yeah exactly. It's a moot point and even if it gets that much coverage. It's practically Election Day now and the last thing most people will remember is the Dems trying to do damage control and scrambling for a week or so. Yeah I'm not sure what will go down with the Senates either
  13. Not too surprised but glad to hear it actually confirmed (AGAIN). Question is if it will reverse the damage done to her though.
  14. Ana Navarro has been killing that party lately. Scottie Hughes walked right into that.
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