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  1. I'm glad it's been getting great airplay. The song is definitely a standout.
  2. Absolute epitome of Irrelevant. Always has been and forever will.
  3. 1990. She had ALL bases covered. 1986 isn't too far though.
  4. Where's The Party would have been the most successful. MAYBE LMTWGR since it's a great album outro but not over WTP as a single
  5. Diana gets plenty of love from the R&B/Soul crowd. She got the Medal of freedom 2016 and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and is frequently cited as an influence. Same for Donna although I think she gets less than she deserves. She didn't even get to see herself in the RRHOF which was an absolute shame. Mainstream crowd needs to jump on this. How they all rank against each other probably depends on who you ask. For their contributions to the progression of music and impact on music I'd say Diana Ross / Supremes > Donna Summers > Barbara.
  6. This. I've never seen so many people breaking their necks to defend that
  7. From 1989 to 1997/98 Janet was more popular. Velvet Rope was somewhat of a risk especially for singles. Ray of Light helped Madonna get back on track everywhere including the US. Arguably, ever since. Madonna's Euro-centric sound would always go better in Europe than Janet's R&B leaning style in general though but Janet still managed to have success there.
  8. I always thought it was a shame that the song gets overlooked. Pretty much most of her 80s pop songs from then really. This album does tend to get overlooked as well ESP considering it is her best selling studio album.
  9. It's true. She called him and conceded. He's President-Elect now
  10. Is she serious? Maybe this was posted earlier?
  11. That's what I'm saying. She and her campaign just played it off as if it was a joke and didn't seriously address it
  12. True. but if more people vote for someone they hate more then what does that say about the other person. Not to mention that People lie in some those polls and skew statistics.
  13. The disdain for Hillary was underrated. Idk if her campaign was aware of the degree of it
  14. They probably stayed home or voted for Trump. Especially the Bernie supporters