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  1. Cardi B thread

    She's definitely from NYC! Glad she got to #1!
  2. Katy Perry thread

    Yep. She put her music back on Spotify right when Katy's album was released.
  3. I like what I've seen so far! She definitely looks great too!
  4. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    She can pull of any look she wants.
  5. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    I'm glad it's been getting great airplay. The song is definitely a standout.
  6. Kilo Mango

    Absolute epitome of Irrelevant. Always has been and forever will.
  7. Madonna on youtube

    Yes her MadonnaVevo channel on YouTube. Ugh that still sucks though.
  8. Madonna on youtube

    Glad they are actually putting these up on her official pages. Why are some of her videos on Vevo.com and not her own Vevo page though?
  9. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    It's true. She called him and conceded. He's President-Elect now
  10. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    Is she serious? Maybe this was posted earlier?
  11. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    That's what I'm saying. She and her campaign just played it off as if it was a joke and didn't seriously address it
  12. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    True. but if more people vote for someone they hate more then what does that say about the other person. Not to mention that People lie in some those polls and skew statistics.
  13. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    The disdain for Hillary was underrated. Idk if her campaign was aware of the degree of it