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  1. Kids react to Madonna

    This was too funny! I'm glad that a few of them recognized her to some extent. Janelle was my favorite!
  2. Actually kinda jealous of Jimmy lol. It's not everyday a mega pop goddess gives a free grooming service She seems to like being on Fallon and he's good at keeping it light
  3. Cardi B thread

    She's definitely from NYC! Glad she got to #1!
  4. I always found this strange because most of her videos were on her own channel. I don't know why videos would be randomly blocked in other countries either. Fortunately she's been working on the situation.
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Yep. She put her music back on Spotify right when Katy's album was released.
  6. I like what I've seen so far! She definitely looks great too!
  7. I used to change the artwork for the pics all this time! I mostly did that for songs that were singles. For True Blue I just kept the original artwork though.
  8. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    She can pull of any look she wants.
  9. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    I'm glad it's been getting great airplay. The song is definitely a standout.
  10. Kilo Mango

    Absolute epitome of Irrelevant. Always has been and forever will.
  11. Madonna's PEAK year?

    1990. She had ALL bases covered. 1986 isn't too far though.
  12. Where's The Party would have been the most successful. MAYBE LMTWGR since it's a great album outro but not over WTP as a single