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  1. In the UK we had Power if Goodbye and Little Star as double A-sides but LS didn’t get much promotion.
  2. Will you refer to the original ratings when the album first came out? Would be good to see how tastes have changed. I remember Funana being at the bottom, and LFM quite high up.
  3. Any one of those items on your list would have been a gift if we knew it was coming - how excited would we have been for even dark hair (I know it sounds trivial!) but best for me was 6 videos 6 VIDEOS!!
  4. Definitely. I was like the good old days when we knew nothing and each release and video was a treat. I wouldn’t mind a similar rollout next time around. I reckon I still listen to the album almost daily. Her albums haven’t had this much replay value for me since ROL/Music. I’m still hearing new elements each time and still haven’t mastered the various languages. But I will!
  5. Madame X Bracket Edition 1. Naked and Alive (Show Me)2. Shut My Mouth (Shut Your Mouth)3. It's a Hustle (It's a Con) 4. I See the Signs (Signs) 5. I Say "Oh Yeah" (I Say "Oh Yeah") 6.I Know What I Am (God Knows What I Am) 7. Rush Rush Rush (On You)8. Say Now If You Think I've Been Foolish (And You Keep On Tryna Do It Baby) 9. (All I Want Is) Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace Peace 10. Life Is a Circle (Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle Life Is a Circle) 11. Safado (Safado) 12.Mr Safe (Mrs Crazy)13. (Finally Enough Love) Yeah it's Coming (Inside Your Soul)14. Flawed Flawed By Design (Yeah) 15. I (I) Rise (Rise)
  6. You're more than welcome mate. Everyone is welcome.
  7. I’ve always wondered where the quote comes from at the beginning “This is your wake up call...I’m here to start your day”. I assume it’s not M. Anyone know?
  8. 1. Crave 2.God Control 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4.Extreme Occident 5.I Don't Search I Find 6.Faz Gostoso 7.Batuka 8.Dark Ballet 9.Come Alive 10.Medellin 11.I Rise 12.Ciao Bella 13.Looking for Mercy 14. Future 15.Crazy 16.Back That Up To The Beat 17. Bitch I'm Loca 18. Funana
  9. Still in the top 5 Madonna albums for me. Still listen to it every day. Still hearing new things. Think it rocks.
  10. 18 - Funana 17 - Back That Up To The Beat 16 - Bitch I'm Loca 15 - Crazy 14 - Future 13 - Ciao Bella 12 - Come Alive 11 - I Rise 10 - Looking For Mercy 9 - Extreme Occident 8 - Medellin 7 - Dark Ballet 6 - Killers Who Are Partying 5 - Batuka 4 - Faz Gostoso 3 - IDSIF 2 - Crave 1 - God Control
  11. after a while... Crave I Don't Search Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Extreme Occident
  12. Maybe it's because of the video release, but Batuka is now in my top 5. 1 God Control 2 Crave 3 I Don't Search I Find 4 Batuka 5 Crave It keeps changing so much! I don't have room for Faz Gostoso or Killers (two which, because of reviews, I never thought I would like - but I LOVE). Then there's Extreme Occident and of course Medellin. What an album.
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