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  1. I’m shocked at the reaction to Biophilia! I would have it in my top 5 ... anyone else? ...anyone??? 🤔
  2. Fever

    Your Top 10 Debut Albums....

    1. Debut - Bjork 2. The Smiths - The Smiths 3. Baduizm - Erykah Badu 4. Kick Inside - Kate Bush 5. Madonna - Madonna 6. Blue Lines - Massive Attack 7. Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos 8. Dummy - Portishead 9. Lion and the Cobra - Sinead O'Connor 10. Maxinquaye - Tricky Also shout outs to Moon Safari, Dry, Fever to Tell, Introducing the Hardline, Homework...
  3. Fever

    Beach House

    Haha you’re welcome! They have a great song called Good Side In but there’re only live versions on YouTube. You can hear it on Spotify. I highly recommend!
  4. Fever

    Beach House

    I always get them mixed up with Japanese House...do you know them?
  5. Fever

    Guess The Music Video Game!

    6. Cardigans and tom jones. Burning down the house 8. Elton John Can you feel the love tonight/ circle of life 19.Radiohead Just ??