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  1. I'd hate to be as bitter as Chris Ciccone.
  2. That photo of Mercy is excellent!
  3. I do think, like someone mentioned before the stuff on the auction site is probably a mix of authetic items & fake. I have seen a lot about that website having fake stuff up for sale but some of it does look real. With the exception of this letter - although I am now questioning the Tupac letter too. It seems to me like it has been done at this time to hurt M's image & to distract people from news about what she is doing in Malawi. I think someone has an axe to grind & I hope Guy & M's lawers are on it. Also, welcome @kallidonna!
  4. It's actually not that bad....
  5. That's my favourite version.
  6. It's his face. I think he does that because he feels uncomfortable & wants to make it clear that he is being anything but serious.
  7. Exactly! It just doesn't read like M wrote it. The timing of this (& imo the Tupac letter) seem quite suspicious to me.
  8. I already thought this one was fake but now this one has made me question the Tupac one too.
  9. I was just thinking the same. Although there are examples of what his handwriting was like & he used to draw a lot of symbols when he wrote, which is something that is missing from the letter that is being auctioned off. But I only just realised this after the other letter surfaced. Edit: He also tended to use the number "2" instead of writing the word & used the letter "U" instead of writing "You".
  10. I completely agree with what @Kim said.
  11. THIS! I've only seen this spoken about in a negative light by people who are either too ignorant or too young to understand the history here. Some idiot has obviosly written this fake letter based around the rivalry between M & a few others that was mostly played up by the media at the time (as they do). Not only does the letter sound like it's based on a few comments M made in interviews, the writing doesn't look like hers in places, the wording doesn't sound like her..... Also... Almost every letter written by M that I've seen over the years has extra little bits written at the end or at the side of he page (often in tiny incomprehensible writing). @Nikki About the man selling stuff. Did you mean Chris Paciello?
  12. I think maybe they're congratulating her Kim for being there & maybe they consider her to be involved in some way. I don't think it's intentional disrespect to Madonna.
  13. I know he isn't but does anyone else think he looks kinda superimposed?
  14. Those videos of David & Mercy made me all emotional. I'm so proud of them all & it's wonderful to see the joy on M's face in all of these pics & videos. Since a few people have asked, Lola is not there.