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  1. In my experience, being younger than Madonna doesn't always mean you are as physically capable as she is.
  2. @Jazzy Jan is correct about the dancers, I have personally heard some of M's former dancers say they that they think they're too old for the kind of tours she does. It could be the same for some of the musicians I suppose, even though they're not jumping around on stage they would need to be reasonably fit & healthy to be a part of M's show just because it is so strenuous. Not eveybody is superhuman like our fave. :)
  3. I always thought they suited M best out of all the backing singers, however I don't think them going on a tour after all these hears would work. But it would be nice to see them sing with M again. I think maybe if she ever does any one off intimate gigs they would work as backing for something like that.
  4. White Heat

    M's live vocals.

    Age has to be a factor, I'm sure everyones voice changes slightly over time. I also think maybe the reason she doesn't belt some of the songs out the way she used to (pre-Evita) could be because she now realises how much damage that can cause. Even if she hasn't had a lesson in years (I personally don't think she has), she would likely remember a lot of the techniques she learned. The notes she is hitting in the songs that were previously belted out from the throat would also sound different when sung "properly".
  5. White Heat

    Which tours have you seen live?

    The most recent 3.
  6. White Heat

    Prince Dead at 57

    Sinead O'Connnor is claiming that Arsenio Hall was Prince's drug dealer https://www.facebook.com/sineadoconnor/posts/1096186403753680
  7. White Heat

    Prince Dead at 57

    They say what they're paid to say, but they are often the first to report things.
  8. White Heat

    Prince Dead at 57

    I saw that report, I find it hard to believe!
  9. White Heat

    Prince Dead at 57

    Apparently Prince's paperwork with Warner was only complete 3 days ago.