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  1. I'm not sure it's being delierately erased. My theory is that the lists are compiled of names who will bring heavy traffic to the websites, rather than being actual lists of the best performances. Who compiles the lists? Are the qualified to judge? What are they actually basing the rating system on? They are just BS articles to get clicks, aimed at fanbases who will share the article on their multiple social networking accounts dedicated to their favourite artist. In regards to Prince's Super Bowl performance being talked about before his death, I do remember it being mentioned in articles but I feel as though it gets a bit more praise from the general public now than it used to. I think maybe what others have said about M's Super Bowl performance not being a highlight in her career probably does go some way to explain why the general public don't hold it in high regard. She killed it. But is it in your list of her top ten performances? For me it's not. If I think about my list of top ten Prince performances, the half time show would be up there. I wonder if Madonna actually cares.
  2. The Youtube crusade thread

    Priority number 1.
  3. The Youtube crusade thread

    Does the merge require Guy O to do something? Does it have to be requested?
  4. 1. Red 2. Yellow 3. Green 4. Blue 5. Black
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Lol I was going to say the same thing.
  6. I remember reading about this at the time but I didn't have the internet so I didn't hear the song until the official release. I was there for the Music leak though a few years later.
  7. Cities where Madonna lived?

    To be precise. :) This is more accurate than what I said. I was just going for the nearest City since Wiltshire didn't count in my head.
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ^ I agree. Hair suits him & it does make him look more Ciccone.
  9. Cities where Madonna lived?

    Lol somehow I didn't see it in his list
  10. Cities where Madonna lived?

    Salisbury (UK) - With the chickens. Didn't she have a place in Miami sometime too?
  11. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    Why increase both? I do agree that to sell physical copies (whoever the artist is) they do need to give people some kind of incentive. But I also think that there are ways to promote streams & there are probably ways to give fans incentive to promote online, if there is nobody else to do it. But it would be GuyO's job to come up with that kind of plan. I won't be holding my breath.
  12. The promo campaign for Ms new album

    This post is very depressing but ultimately true. Although I wouldn't say that noting is going to change. Improvements could be made to at least try to outperform the promo for the last two albums. But it's not gonna come close to what would be possible with a company like Warner & a better deal.
  13. I have loved this song ever since I saw the video from the GS tour back in the day. I'm surprised it hasn't been incorporated into any of the Spanish sounding sections of her tours since. I just find the song really fun & I love the facial expressions she uses in the GS performance of it.