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  1. Wow ok I have a lot to sat but I won't say it all because basically it's a waste of time first of all so much bullshit in 30 minutes video its hurts I'm Israeli and I've also been in the army (not a warrior but more in the supportive part) And that "TRANSCRIPTION OF THE THREATS FROM ISRAELI SOLDIERS.." is the most ridicules thing I have ever seen. No Israeli soldier ever sends "massages" to people in Gaza and no Israeli soldier will ever call IDF "the occupational army". The daily routine of a soldier (involved with gaza) is being at the border at bases, in observations
  2. Well the reason there are many casualties over there now its because they are protesting in a very violent ways at the borders between Gaza and Israel. Now I'm not questioning their right to protest but this is going like this for few weeks by now… every week they are doing it but this week its bigger in its scale because of the Nakba Day. They know that its VERY risky going to the borders and throwing petrol bombs and trying destroy the fence and cross it. But the Hamas is pushing them to do it or at least not stopping them from doing it and of course also takes part of the protests. The idf
  3. well live here and than decide whether it's terrible or not all the information people around the world have about the middle east is only from the media. and media doesn't represent the reality here at all you can belive it or not, i know that my words wont change anybodys mind but it still doesn't change the fact that Jerusalem is a city in israel and it is the capital of this country and the whole trump thing right now is not a big news to anyone over here it's just that the muslims are pissed off by it because they want us to disappear from the map (of course im not talking about all
  4. Right ok I really not gonna get into it because i have better things to do... But lets say that this picture is accurate... So its been decided in 1948 to make israel for the jewish people and than what happened? War. Instead of what? Makeing themselves a better place, invest money for their own good but no Rockets and terror organizations Cause that is the way to make a peace right? Tell me waht was there in america before united states? Anyway any country deserves to decide on their own capital city...Thats the point right now By the way in the picture now
  5. ok do you know the history?do you know why wars started in israel? Do you know which side started a war? Do you think that there is one israeli person that wants to have any connection with palastine and im talking about the arab and muslim people in israel too btw...
  6. no it was always Jerusalem it's just now that a president of united state sort of "accept" it because palestinians think of it as their own anyway... basiclly the idea is that both sides need to "give up" on something in order have peace so everybody belives that this news is just a first step for a solution and later on israel will have to "give up" on something like part of Jerusalem or something like that
  7. ok i have to say something about everything becasue i don't think most of you understand the thing right now with israel and Jerusalem. first i will say this - i think trump is stupid and embarrassment to the u.s (same would've been with hilary btw but whatever) i think he is stupid and don't act like president BUT i just furious right now that people react to his statement about Jerusalem like "another stupid thing trump has done" or "another evil thing from that man". anyway, it's not. it's not another stupid thing trump did. Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel whether he "say" it or
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