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  1. This show will just continue on its slow death spiral after last year’s all-time lowest ratings...
  2. I just listened to it and OMG this song is nuts and I totally love it! Great beats and fun lyrics. I’m enjoying everything so far this era and so much more to come...
  3. My 12yr old nephew usually rolls his eyes when I play M in the car but he thinks this song is cool
  4. Every time he speaks about M just makes me love him more
  5. Wasn’t sure at first but now totally loving it... the production, the beat, trumpet and the vocal effects. Excellent
  6. Yes I agree Love all 4 releases so far
  7. Not what I was expecting at first listen but after blasting it in the car on the way home, the song is LOVE it!
  8. Excellent. Took me a few listens but now find it smooth and gorgeous, especially the bridge
  9. Yes I just want it for the extra 3 songs too but also the cover is nice
  10. Anyone in Oz ordering the deluxe double CD from JB? $48 seems a bit steep...
  11. I thought someone mentioned she was being interviewed by Eurovision on the day of the second semis...
  12. So does anyone know if M’s interview is still happening for the 16th? Any Aussies getting up early on Sunday for the live telecast? I think I will only wake up for M’s bit.
  13. This looks like it’s going to be more epic than the Superbowl Vogue opening
  14. I think this is the clip here... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07975qv
  15. Me too. I get nervous for her before every live tv performance
  16. Channel 9 have the BMAs this year in Australia. Livestream on 9Now at 10am Thursday 2nd May and delayed telecast at midday.
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