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    I think the video is really cute, made me like the song a lot more. It's grown on me. The use of autotune is not subtle at all and her voice is always sooo thin, that bothers me, but it's a cute track and a great theme, when I go out, I hope I'm dancing too. A cute light song about mortality. I'm sure I'll enjoy her album.
  2. Poppy

    OMG I love her! With only a little bit of guilt for it! Catchy fun songs and cute creative visuals. Just recently discovered her and hope she continues.
  3. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    She has to be one of the most insecure, insincere performers of all time. Her awkward anxiety is palpable in photos and anytime you see her, she makes me physically uncomfortable at times in the same way as being around someone who is clearly in the closet and overcompensating for the self perceived lack of masculinity.
  4. Good Lord this thread went to the shits haha Uhm.... Anyway Gaga is lame af
  5. Katy Perry thread

    Tour looks really cool from what we have been shown, I am hoping the blinds are wrong and she doesn't cancel the tour.
  6. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I am so freaking excited I keep checking the USPS tracking number every five minutes to see if it's been delivered yet haha
  7. I feel bad for her and for her fans. She seems like she really does struggle, spoiled awful personality or not. Even if her pain is entirely psychosomatic she's clearly in some kind of pain. I do hope she never truly self destructs, that's not funny. I like making fun of her antics and stuff but this makes me feel weird.
  8. Yeesh the whole thing makes me feel so uneasy :-/ on so many levels :-/ fame can be so disgusting
  9. thought that said MadonnaTITS which obviously she was not blessed with #flapjacks
  10. One of the actors in my recent musical RUN (debuted this July in Lawrence, KS!) has fibro, he's a few years younger than Gaga but he had to miss a lot of rehearsals, and had to mark things instead of going full out often, and needed time to rest and whatnot, it was a real struggle for him. He had no singing or dancing parts, only a handful of scenes he appeared in acting. He did amazing! But it took a toll on him. He also could not drive because of his condition so I picked him up every day before rehearsal and he would tell me of his pain almost nonchalant, he didn't ever want to draw attention to himself for it or be seen as "weak" it was just part of him. Obviously everyone is effected differently, but it's shocking she can dance and sing and be on tour considering how much a struggle it was for my friend to act in a handful of scenes.
  11. So....it makes you wonder if fibro is even mentioned ONCE in the documentary, right? Like, she's telling us after the fact, after an entire documentary chronicling her going to the doctor repeatedly but fails to mention that it's for fibro? So btw, thats why? Weird. Obviously the doc hasn't come out yet but if she said she had fibro in the doc you'd think that would already be being spoke of and covered in the media, but all they have mentioned is her chronic pain. I mean fibro IS a chronic pain disorder, so maybe they are just using chronic pain and fibromyalgia as interchangeable terms?
  12. I dunno, something about her comment about the superbowl and this documentary being a "hedge of protection of her legacy of the past ten years" makes me think she is maybe gonna really try to go full on actress and leave pop music behind for good. She sees it as "I conquered pop music for a decade and then moved on to my true love of acting" or something. I can see her thinking of herself like the Beatles or ABBA or similar huge acts that only stayed around a decade or so.