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  1. Omg it's like my personal anthem now, I used to say a whole prayer backstage before every performance and now I just repeat to myself over and over "my sugar is raw, my sugar is RAWWWW" like a mantra hahaha I love going up to people before shows and whispering it to them haha Rly tho truly a cult classic now every performance is iconic
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    OMG my heart! And damn M sounds great, come on new music! Adorable.
  3. My review for the contest: Madonna catapulted onto the scene as Reaganomics and a new wave of conservatism swept over the nation. AIDS had terrified people back into 50's so-called family values, right as pop's brand new IT girl writhed on stage in ecstasy wearing a wedding gown. For years the media dogged her as a one hit wonder, novelty act, only selling records as a result of the public's fascination with her overtly sexual persona. After years of her talent being downplayed in the media in favor of propping up this idea of her as a sex crazed marketing machine, Madonna released her most daring and most overtly sexual piece of work to date, the light years ahead of its time Erotica. From the vinyl scratches and sounds of clinking chains in the background, to the pulsing dark beats in the opening title track, it was clear this was the record everyone had been accusing her of making for years, only this time it was for real. To hear Erotica on the radio in 1992 was to hear something completely alien to anything else being played on mainstream radio. It was dark, challenging, and sex positive, not to mention an innovative soundscape that was brand new to early nineties ears. The incredible amount of media hysteria over Madonna and the triple whammy of Erotica, the Sex Book, and Body of Evidence, unfortunately at the time overshadowed thoughtful review of her latest masterpiece, which showcased her most skilled songwriting to date. Erotica explored sex from a variety of perspectives. The confident dominatrix of Dita Parlo in the title track, the slave to love in the disco flamenco inspired Deeper and Deeper, the regretful and sorrowful Bad Girl wishing there was something more than casual hook ups and nights of too many cigarettes smoked since the 6pm drink, to exploring the fatal consequences of sex in the age of AIDS in the heartbreaking ballad In This Life. A sparse jazz piano line dances through the album connecting all the pieces and assisting in making an album that touches disco, house, AC ballads, and more still somehow entirely cohesive. The world was not ready to accept a woman in total charge of her sexual powers, unafraid to lay bear not only her body but her soul, and the backlash was the most intense yet of her already controversial career. But for the lives saved through her message of sex positivity and love, it was all so worth it. Erotica was then and remains today far ahead of it's time. Women are still chastised for owning their sexuality, owning their own bodies. Homophobia and sexism are still rampant in society. But Erotica made a change, in music, in the lives of so many fans, and in society, and it's fabulous to see this incredible masterpiece of an album finally getting a little bit of the respect it deserves. 10/10
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    You're not the only one! There are others here who aren't into it. I love it tho hahaha I'm still living for the promo we got for it, and I wish I could afford the line so bad! I'm turning 33 this Saturday and this past year my skincare regime has officially gone from acne control to wrinkle control :-/
  5. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    La Dee da Dee da I'm just skipping through to this thread cause last time I was in here it was gorgeous pics of the amazing launch and what...happened....oh no... slowwly creeping back out of thread...
  6. M in Playboy

    Yea fuck HH he never even MET Marilyn that exploitative piece of subhuman shit. And what he Playboy and Penthouse did to Madonna was shameful too, fucking mysogenist. But it did give us the iconic "I'm not Ashamed" headline and artworks by Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Damn looking gorgeous wonder what she's up to now!
  8. I can't believe daily mail has been so gushingly positive lately it's weird. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4925864/Madonna-leaves-impromptu-stand-gig-mystery-pal.html
  9. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (1st thread)

    I am overwhelmed wow she is such a star What a wonderful promotion, I hope MDNA Skin is a massive success for her it's stunning and she is simply everything. What a joy
  10. Loved it, she looked gorgeous her personality was fun light and cool, their chemistry is super cute. Happy fan. Now if only I could afford the line!!! I'm asking my husband's parents for Christmas haha they always spoil me :-)
  11. I'm sure the hat and shades will come off once she sits down, Jimmy will get a mask done on him, and finger guns
  12. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    I think so too, I'm gonna get a RH tat. It's just come to mean so much to me personally as a philosophy and way of life!