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  1. WHAT?! Girl watch it right now it's awesome and Madonna absolutely sparkles in it!!!!
  2. One of my all time favs, prefer it to LIB too but both are perfect pop songs! RHT version made me cry so hard!! Hope it sticks around in her tours. One of my favorites to sing too! Especially "...Light up my life! No one can help me nowwwww, who's that gur ur url, naaawh, who's that * ur url!"
  3. It was so sad haha I had been an M fan my whole life because my Mom and my older brother were fans and suddenly I wasn't allowed to have her album and I couldn't see the movie she was in and neither of them liked her anymore! :-( hehe of course being forbidden didn't stop me though! I got my older brothers gf to buy Erotica for me :-) (Once he came out as gay he suddenly loved her again btw, and Evita won my mom back over)
  4. Welcome Kallidonna!! So glad you joined!! Ya know, it IS frustrating the hate she gets, but as Madonna fans we are used to it, the haters have tried to undermine her since day one! It's shitty and unfair, but par for the course when you stan the greatest star of all time!
  5. Fake or not, the intentions behind it leaking today are crystal clear: undermine M's achievements in Malawi. Keep the media focused on bashing her. It sucks.
  6. LOVE WOMAN! This is gonna be a really great album I think! Slayed by the first two singles! First video was beautiful, video for WOMAN is a lot of fun. She has always had a hand in writing her songs, no? Even her old trash hits were cleverly written.
  7. God she is awkward to watch, all that shit she was doing with her hands on her face and in her mouth and I'm just thinking, girl you're gonna break out if you keep touching your face like that haha Gah, so bland, no charisma or star quality at all. So many wet rags are famous these days.
  8. Ah totally forgotten about this gem! So cute, love it. :-) Hard Candy era grows fonder to my heart as time goes on.
  9. Anyone who doesn't think this is gorgeous iconic and perfect is full of bullshit. hehe get it? BULL shit? Like, uh, you know, bulls? ;/ (ok I can imagine M making that joke in her stand up cause it's that bad haha)
  10. Poor Mariah, her outside now reflects the ugliness inside.
  11. OMG she postponed what a shocker hahaha Oh Jancel
  12. I really didn't know ya'll hated her so much, she's been slaying my life for two decades... I never said she was Madonna level, but she IS a queen and legend, with hits, iconic moments, visuals, performances, and longevity. Britney couldn't do it. Xtina couldn't do it. Pink couldn't do it. Literally NO girl since Madonna has done it besides B. (Rihanna's hits are forgettable and she is boring live) Plus Beyonce is always gracious and kind and respects our queen Madonna. Could someone explain the heated hate in this thread? I mean I totally get it with Gaga haha but why do ya'll hate B? It goes beyond not liking her music, ya'll HATE her lol Did I miss something?
  13. I love this though haha I don't think Gaga could keep up with even this simple side to side choreography haha plus PDP is a better song and more iconic than Gag's entire discography so, I don't think they should hope for this as its not realistic.
  14. Omgosh legit teared up at Mercy speaking!! To think what an amazing life she has already lived! What a beautiful family!
  15. Whoa what happened lol Anyways Beyonce is a queen and legend! Best powerhouse vocals in the industry! Lemonade and Beyonce albums are masterpieces! Jay Z's new album is amazing what I have heard so far Whats so wrong with TMing the kid's names? It makes sense to me?