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  1. Madonna 101

    Got him a ball gag as part of his valentines day and he just sent me this hahaha im in love
  2. Madonna 101

    bahahahaha Hilarious, it might come to this hahaha Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I think you're right, start slow with things in the background and let it creep into his subconscious! I am so jealous of him that he can experience so much of her artistry for the first time! Nothing like the thrill of a new Madonna experience.
  3. Madonna 101

    Sp my new boyfriend is 21 lol and he doesn't know jack SHIT about Madonna. He's sweet and interested tho! I'm gonna give him an education of course, and here is my 20 video playlist I put together on Youtube to give him an overview of why I love her in one night. What do ya'll think? Suggestions? I want to highlight why I love her as an artist in particular.
  4. Ah love this, amazing story

    I think the video is really cute, made me like the song a lot more. It's grown on me. The use of autotune is not subtle at all and her voice is always sooo thin, that bothers me, but it's a cute track and a great theme, when I go out, I hope I'm dancing too. A cute light song about mortality. I'm sure I'll enjoy her album.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    omg hahaha love it, damn her breasts are enormous haha
  7. Someone a while back said the new album should be: Madonna Fortin and I just want to say thats freaking brilliant and someone needs to get that in her ear rn! Her 14th album and her Mom's maiden name! OK so......Madonna plz have been in the studio in London finishing mixing on your new album so you can drop it Friday k thnx
  8. UHM are we really speculating Pat Mirwais and Joe Henry?!?!?!?!? fffffff
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

  10. YASSSSSSS So happy right now!!!
  11. I bet she is already and has been working on it for some time.
  12. What is your favourite Madonna quality?

    Her resilience, perseverance, drive, and creativity. Her ability to keep going and always be inspired and follow her inspiration all the way through every time. Her strength gives me strength, I draw upon it all the time.
  13. Fuck yea, issa bop and I already associated it with M and now I know for sure!
  14. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Lots of references to Meisel and Klein lately, is SEX part two coming? lol Really tho I could see her doing it
  15. Madonna - Symphony (full album)

    This is awesome thank you! So stunning. I had forgotten about Be Careful, her voice is so heavenly