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  1. She probably wanted to confirm that he is not attracted to women, only young boys.
  2. Shocking and awful ;-(
  3. It makes me sad how the theatre world I interact with has little regard for Madonna, who I consider one of if not the greatest live performers! I've always been frustrated how few fellow fans I have encountered in the theatre, and this kind of comment only deepens the idea that she is a bad acting bad singing cultural phenomenon. :/
  4. Oh I definitely think CTTR Bon Appetit and Swish Swish are better and more fun than anything on fartflop ( still a fun bad album) Bionic flopped and Tina is annoying af, the video was a nice Madonna tribute and fun throwaway song, I loved that rubber band song too. But I don't see the similarity to Witness at all.
  5. Love it! Man she is all over the place haha I keep hearing people call this her "artpop" era, and I kinda see it haha It just lacks any cohesive theme tying things together so far, but I am loving it. Great songs, great videos so far.
  6. Best. Era. EVER. It wasn't "old school" it was just MADONNA. One of her best albums, and my favorite era to live through, from performances, to videos, the tour, all of it. Life.
  7. The video has made me love the song, and the production is so good. She looks hot af too. Ahhhh loving this era so far!!!
  8. Shitty that they use her name the way they do.
  9. Absolutely. After years of constant bashing she was finally getting praise. It was a beautiful time.
  10. M's work will stand on its own. No one will really remember Patt. But M will be in art history text books for the next millennia. She's been trashed from day one, but of course she was right when she predicted "everyone will kiss my ass once I'm dead." Sad but true.
  11. Lovely! Great summer time song for kisses!
  12. Wow so unnecessary. Dead behind the eyes wow. Madonna was absolutely incredible in EVITA. IN fact, I think I better watch it tonight. The jealousy is so palpabe with these ladies. I mean, she had to mention "All Madonna has ever said to me was I"m taller than you." and do that mocking voice, that made the entire thing so obviously about what it was about: jealousy.
  13. Flawless battle ready queen!!!
  14. Lame lyrically.... has potential but...pretty bad IMO. I really like CTTR tho.
  15. YAS thank the GODDESSES they are doing it again to make up for that poor mess of an excuse my GOD that was a sad sad day for me, every time another fucking kimona came down that runway a part of me fucking died.