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  1. MichaelDieker

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I am so freaking excited I keep checking the USPS tracking number every five minutes to see if it's been delivered yet haha
  2. MichaelDieker

    Tori Amos - Native Invader

    Haven't been this obsessed with a Tori record since American Doll Posse and NI is even better, I agree it's her best since SW and I think I will prefer it to SW. Currently I think the Climb, Bats, Wildwood, and Bang are my favs but start to finish this album is amazing!!!
  3. MichaelDieker

    Tori Amos - Native Invader

    OMG dying hahahaha OK so I have listened to the album in it's entirety a handful of times now and I'm still processing BUT..... it's breath takingly gorgeous! The production is exquisite, I can't believe just Tori and Mark did pretty much EVERYTHING!!! I really enjoyed Unapologetic Bitchy Geraldines, but few of the songs stayed with me. This is a much more cohesive and impactful collection of songs, the melodies are stunning. It's everything girls, it is!
  4. MichaelDieker

    Tori Amos - Native Invader

    The three songs so far are great, the impact of Reindeer King tho omg Can't wait for the album, it's always so much to sink into with a new Tori release!
  5. Hard to choose between this and Pele as my all time favorite Tori album, but wow this is a masterpiece! What a time to be alive. Spark, Jackie's Strength, Playboy Mommy, Northern Lad, wow. It's time for another "tori" to come onto the music scene.
  6. MichaelDieker

    Kate Bush

    <------- ignorant American who has no clue who Theresa Cunt is or Corbinfishernista and just loves Kate Bush the artist with all his homo heart I would probably literally die. I would definitely cry. I would be so confused. For sure. Madonna has always been political, and she has always been liberal. Kate Bush, has she been political, historically over the course of her career? Like, do we think of her as a political thinker? I think of her as being way to involved in her own feelings and imagination to think too much about modern politics. So I excuse some ignorance on her part cause she is just so fluffy.
  7. MichaelDieker

    New Tori Amos thread

    I love her latest album Unrepentant Geraldine's, I really do, great songs, a return to form. I couldn't get into Abnormally, despite a few random good tracks. I loved American Doll Posse! Beekeeper, I kinda like a few tunes. Scarlett was too long, and I only like a few songs. Venus I only like a few songs, Pele is my favorite of her albums. The first two albums are amazing as well. Choirgirl is an incredible album.
  8. MichaelDieker

    Kate Bush

    She's incredible. I wish she were more prolific, but Hounds of Love is one of the absolute greatest albums of all time, a true masterpiece.
  9. MichaelDieker

    Justin Timberlake thread

    oh man he is so bland and boring. He's so white bread. That was really the whole video? NOW, lets hear more about Suede being double fucked haha I've never had two dicks in my ass, but I've been the chicken in the rotisserie a few times! You know, one in your ass, one in your mouth, and you spin all the way around. Oh and the guy standing over to the side jerking off? We call him the 'baster."
  10. MichaelDieker

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    Not as gorgeous as you girl! I wish we had a simple answer to all the hate and violence in our world. For me I'm pissed that some are trying to downplay the homophobia and make this about other agendas.
  11. MichaelDieker

    Mass shooting at Florida gay nightclub

    Sang a song for Orlando last night if you care to check it out
  12. MichaelDieker

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    I love that this has become a Superstar appreciation thread lol I love it too! A buzzy chirping sweet summer song perfect for a day outside with the one you love! Lola sounds AMAZING on the track, like True Blue era Madonna for sure! I'll give you the password to my phone----- now that is trust!
  13. MichaelDieker

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    Where was Spanish Lesson acoustic sad clown version?!
  14. MichaelDieker

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    ^ yup me too I was pretty sure VV would get a backdrop treatment! Maybe some day she will pull this one out for a performance, it's so cool referencing her entire career, I could see her using it some day, another tour or a one off gig celebrating her 40th in the biz? Inside Out not being in the setlist tho!