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  1. Really enjoy both new songs, LOVE and Lust for Life. Can't wait for the album!
  2. Watched like four seconds before I had to turn it off, didn't hear anything beyond "Madonna is a travesty to her former self from the 80's and 90's".
  3. What an album and it has aged awesome! Candy Shop the song of LIFE bringing incredible memorable moments to every tour since it's release, 4 Minutes making the law of attraction sexy, Give it 2 me, another song of LIFE and she looks so hot in the lame-ish video that it makes it, Heartbeat is skippable but cute, and I loved the choreography on tour, Miles Away and She's Not Me are two of my FAVORITES still. Incredible is a frustrating and fun album track that at times gives me life, at other times I have to skip it, Dance 2night I can do without, sorry, hated Spanish Lesson the first time I heart it, but the tour version made me absolutely LOVE it, also it is the only Madonna song that my dog likes. I'm not kidding. As soon as the guitar plays at the beginning, she starts running around crazy jumping around wanting to play, and she acts like that the entire time the track plays! She reacts to the live version in the same way. It's so bizarre. Devil and Voices are an incredible one to punch finale to the record, both are heartbreaking, honest, and cool af. Hard Candy was my break up album from my first boyfriend! Listened to She's Not Me on repeat for months thinking about how nasty that twink he cheated on me with was and how I wished them both anal warts. Sticky and Sweet was also the first tour where every night there were new videos on youtube the next day and you could really follow along night after night, so that started that fun M tour tradition.
  4. I watched it all. The first 45 minutes was the best, and the first song didn't do it for me, and I agree with you, not great breath control, a little sloppy. But yea, I was into it. haha Who cares about gagadaily they hate her almost as much as we do here. And I do hate her as a human haha. But I'm into it.
  5. Hope her album is full of great tracks and stronger than Prism. Love love love CTTR, and am surprised it isn't a bigger hit?
  6. Bathing in fresh basil sounds amazing I am so doing that now. I have only recently gotten into the whole "bath bombs" trend, and I kind of love it? But omg fresh basil? And some bath milk? OMG I'm gonna be so fucking fresh my man is gonna feast on my ass for days!
  7. Her comments are so bizarre to me and so hypocritical. I wonder what their relationship was like? What they would talk about? Sheryl always seemed a little elitist to me, but Annie Lenox is more shocking to me in her shit talking of M.
  8. hahaha right? She will never be Madonna. Like the Titanic will never be the USS Enterprise. But for a pop girl, as annoying as she is, I hope she keeps going. I strongly like a few of the Joan tracks, had a blast with the superbowl, and I really enjoyed her at Coachella and new song.
  9. I like the new song, and I thought she was pretty great at Coachella. Still hate her unsufferable personality, but I think she mostly slayed Coachella. Some weird song choices, the first song Shiebe was not good, and her costume looked really cheap, the "light" came on at a random time and didn't add anything to the performance. I don't understand the whole never changing the choreography thing, but I guess Britney Bey and of course Janet all continue to recycle their choreo too. New song is obviously a desperate attempt at getting a hit, but it's breezy and cute with a great hook imo. She adopted a new stage attitude at Coachella I havent seen her use before, a little drunk, a little irreverent and "over it", but the closest thing to sexually confident she's ever had imo.
  10. Ru is an icon, and I bet they have some amazing stories they could tell of their days in NYC. I would love it if she came on the show, they would need to make the entire episode M related of course! Love Ru. Also since apparently it is relevant, I'm 32, out and proud since 1997. Paris is Burning and Truth or Dare helped me accept myself and come out of the closet. :-)
  11. That is no star. She will NEVER be a star. Just a rich theatre kid.
  12. Anybody else in love with Mama Ru's latest album? Her last couple albums were cheap flops, but I am LIVING for this album! American, Kitty Girl, and Big Big Bass ripoff Call Me Mother are my favorites. I feel lyrically and production wise this album is a huge step up from the past several years of releases for Ru and I am cha cha-ing all over my house with the reckless abandon of a ru girl! Nobody makes gayer bops of life than Rupaul herself! A living icon! A legend!
  13. Best: Erotica, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light Worst: IMO Hard Candy I guess? Though Miles Away, Voices, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You are really great lyrically. I agree that some albums contain her best and worst lyrics, like AL. Title track, great theme, poorly executed lyrically imo (for M.) But Intervention, X-static, Easy Ride, are SO quality.
  14. Has become one of my all time faves and an anthem and mantra for my LIFE, MAMA! Classic Madonna, I was sure it would be absolutely huge when I heard it, and it has only grown on me. The live performances are some of my favorite performances of her career. Adored her on Ellen and Jonathan Ross, the Brits awards were epic and iconic, and RHT was breathtaking and perfect. What a song! I agree about vocal mixing on the verses...
  15. Its awesome. I want to watch it a few more times and think about it. The two blonde boys dancing, what was that all about? They looked just alike, it made me think of like, loving or fighting one self, and also made me think homogeneity, and also just how boys always fight. When the woman sang at the car, and then was learning the sexy boxing dances and stuff, I felt like she was at Madonna's school for girls. Like, I'm gonna teach you to be tough but feminine and loving too. Then Madonna with the wings and all that seemed like confronting mortality? I don't know haha I can't remember what else. The dogs with her at the beginning was so badass.