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  1. "on various couches" 😂😆😆 @Lolo
  2. It's so nice in Chicago today, I'm listening to True Blue on vinyl and enjoying my porch. That whole album oozes summer. Especially Jimmy Jimmy.
  3. This gif personifies how I feel about Camille. Bravo.
  4. She looked radiant and the interview was so good. Loved when she talked about the BRITs, Christopher, and her kids not going further back than Vogue. LOL!
  5. 300-level seats for MDNA? Blasphemy.
  6. Excellent response from Patrick! I love him even more now.
  7. So was I! I was thinking, in my best Truth Or Dare voice, "She's gettin' piiiiiiiiiissed."
  8. She slayed that choreography.
  9. At least we can agree on one thing: Madonna is alive and well and creating! Great to be able to dissect her work, whether or not we see eye to eye.
  10. Madonna has wanted pop hits her entire career. That has nothing to do with "chasing youth." Madonna has been a collaborative artist since before her debut album. Why should ANY artists work together? The overwhelming majority of her work is solo and the first two singles from Rebel Heart were solo.
  11. She already makes great (even amazing) music. And looking beautiful and working with younger artists is not "chasing youth." The majority of Madonna's contemporaries are either washed up, making covers albums, or dead.