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  1. I want the lady yelling "just sing!" dead. Musicians need to fucking hear themselves to "just sing."
  2. Then I only half-judge you. Lol, I'm just teasing. We all have these nuances that drive us crazy and these two have always been mine.
  3. Not sure. Either way, it's beautiful in the film!
  4. The cover is terrible, but I disagree with every other point you made.
  5. Are you being serious? She doesn't give a fuck about us? She edited a beautiful tour film for us to have forever after traveling the globe for six months and performing for us live. Jesus, what would've been the reaction in 1986 when she released the Virgin Tour with three full performances missing?
  6. Yes, this is an amazing moment. They captured it perfectly.
  7. The only thing I will judge a Madonna fan on is if he or she uses these atrocities: Instead of these masterpieces:
  8. That was incredibly cute. Great to hear young Hollywood talk about M in such an admiring way. He seemed thrilled about the experience.