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  1. Another brutal round for me. '90s Madonna is just...top notch. And the B-sides here are incredible too.
  2. This! And I am here for Naturedonna with a folksy twist and melodic harmonies. New M music is a must soon.
  3. Exactly. One of my biggest pet peeves. That and BlondE Ambition. Get it right or shut the fuck up.
  4. Revolver was fucking epic. The earth-shattering first second. The rifles and handguns pointed directly at the audience. The choreography. The backdrop. The........LIGHTING. JESUS! The leopard handkerchiefs that offset Madonna's leopard bra. The gun lick. The gorgeous water splash onscreen immediately follwing Wayne's rap. Paradise Motel slowly creeping in during the final chorus. One of her finest touring moments. A true spectacle. Not for Immaculate Collection fans or pussies.
  5. One of the Confessions highlights!
  6. God I know. The video is incredibly heartearming and endearing. I love Motherdonna.
  7. My spirit animal.
  8. Right. I'm excited to buy the Blu-ray.
  9. Your track record of being accurate tells me otherwise.
  10. Same. I'm fucking excited. I love the show and the cover! Can't wait to have it in better quality.
  11. Right. Since some people are questioning when a Blu-ray will come out, she's obviously done being an artist. FFS.
  12. Now this is the damn truth.