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  1. I'm with @Flip The Switch and @Starman. GGW on MDNA was electrifying yet terrifying. One misstep in heels on those huge moving cubes could've spelled disaster. Bitch killed it 80+ times though.
  2. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I'm so so grateful that this amazing tour is forever cemented in HD.
  3. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    Thank you! LAP is my favorite album, so the crown was my first M tattoo. I have this on the opposite forearm as a tribute to my favorite tour:
  4. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    He really liked the marriage of Keith + M and seemed very proud of his work after he was done! It took about an hour and a half. Painful...but totally worth it. I got the feeling that he had a lot of respect for Madonna as a legend and innovator, but he seemed a bit more "hardcore" than your average pop music lover...so I doubt he spins Cry Baby. 😂😂
  5. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    Thanks! I tagged you because I know you love yours (and so do I).
  6. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    Thanks guys! This era was MAGIC.
  7. Just finished! I am in love. @Pedro
  8. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    If you love the little "moments" in LAV, you may really enjoy the pro shot performance. Especially when she finishes the "see my booty get down like" section and leaps back up on the "HEY!!!!" They edit the screens bursting back to purple from orange BEAUTIFULLY. It was the LAV moment I was most concerned about preserving...and they did.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    It looks fucking great.
  10. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    This release "isn't good enough"?!?!? Also, there are tons of gorgeous close-ups. Did this reviewer watch the same concert I did?
  11. New Live Nation charges?

    I called 1-800-767-7160 and spoke to Patrick. He say they accidentally captured the shirt payment AGAIN when they shipped. My money will be refunded within 5 business days. Everyone needs to check their bank accounts carefully. Many were charged IN FULL in August and again for the shirt this past week (or whenever your shirt shipped/will ship). I repeat...you should NOT have an additional charge for your Blu-ray/DVD combos. They charged when you ordered. If you see a new charge, they owe you a refund. Fucking Live Nation!
  12. Did anyone see a new charge from Live Nation this morning (not calendar related)? I was charged in full for my DVD/tee combo on 8/21, which was $59.42 I woke up today and see a random $30.41 charge. Anyone else?
  13. Madonna 2018 Calendar pre-order

    There's no more mention of the poster. It's sold out.