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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    We’re all excited for new music, but to insinuate that she’s no longer an artist is outrageous.
  2. Never Forget

    An amazing ROL track. Feels like she’s reminding me to keep my innocence.
  3. Rolling Stone | April 2, 1998 THE CHEMICAL MOTHER
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I forgot how stunning she looked the night she performed TOAC in Miami. That pic she posted with David...
  5. Reductive

    She’s been dreaming of a Vegas retirement since the tender age of 13. “We did it, monsters!”
  6. Hung Up isn’t my cup of tea, but the visuals and tour performance were ace.
  7. Living For Love. Madonna’s best lead since Music. Amazing song and video.
  8. She hasn’t disappointed me in 30 years. I’m not gonna start worrying now.
  9. YouTube reaction videos

    I really like him. Watching his reaction to GGW was especially satisfying. He almost jizzed.