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  1. Omgggggggg. "At 40, he will have aged gracefully." I am wheezing.
  2. So sad. http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/7710182/tommy-page-ill-be-your-everything-singer-and-former-billboard-publisher-dies-at-46
  3. Shaun

    George Michael thread

    Such a tragedy. Faith is one of the most flawless albums of the 80s. George was a pioneer and will be remembered as an icon. RIP!
  4. Shaun

    Michael Jackson Thread

    A true King. Amazing accomplishment.
  5. This album continues to slay my existence. I listen to it every day and LEGITIMATELY still obsess over each track. From the opening notes of Living For Love to the bittersweet closing of Graffiti Heart...it's a stunner.