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  1. I'm scarred for life
  2. Swish Swish video coming soon. She teased it on her snapchat.
  3. What an asshole!!
  4. Is that George Hamilton?!lol
  5. Next time, someone remind me not to eat my breakfast while looking at this thread!
  6. I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and she actually has a great personality and smile. You would never guess from her pics lol .
  7. I love this record! Tsunami is my favorite track, but I also love Mind Maze, Swish, Deja Vu, Bigger Than Me and Pendulum. I hope she releases remixes of Swish.
  8. She's not my fave, but there are some good tracks on the album.
  9. This album is far from a flop imo. The whole album is soooo good!
  10. This song is amazing! I've been streaming the album Reality Fills Fantasy. Any info on this band?
  11. Those pics are actually from the BTW ball which looked absolutely atrocious. She wasn't as cracked out on this Monster Ball tour like she was for BTW.
  12. ICONIC