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  1. Yay Jazzy! That’s lovely. It still is my absolute favorite song of the album. I’m a bit shocked she cancels it on so many shows. I’d be seriously disappointed.
  2. Umm, seriously, this is your COMPLAINT? How can you NOT want this to go on forever? I love that chorus, I wish it would last for hours, it’s so celestial.
  3. The whole DJ thing is so laughable. And the remix has no soul whatsoever. Bland 2010s music. (But I’m not a remix person, so nevermind)
  4. Umm, this remix does nothing for me. But probably because I love the original song to death, my absolute favorite track of MX and easily in my top 10 of all time.
  5. I only know secret garden. Are there instrumentals for the whole album?
  6. I’m wondering if people know Madonna’s voice at all. I heard critics say there’s auto tune and effects in every song and that’s why they don’t like the album. But I don’t hear it in many of them. Could it be they just don’t know about her voice? Or don’t I? It’s confusing.
  7. I’m so proud of her! And I’m so happy and proud for us all to support and be fans of this admirable woman.
  8. She seems to be a legit Stan ! I didn’t know she is the wife of Harry Hamlin. I loved him in Mad Men. His part was hilarious, he totally made the ‘office leg’ of the show’s last seasons.
  9. I agree. I don’t see how Mirwais‘ production style could have fitted or elevated those songs, maybe for the exception of I Rise. The others are perfect the way they are. And as much as I like the Mirwais songs, I’m glad MX isn’t another 100% Mirwais album.
  10. Ugh...this whole issue is so wtf to me. It’s a duet and it’s LOVELY! Best song on the album and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swae Lee’s part. It makes the whole song tbh.
  11. It’s amazing. And much much better than the weird big mouth deluxe. She doesn’t even look like herself on the deluxe.
  12. ANNOUNCEMENT! I finally arrived at Extreme Occident. It happened. Today. And it is marvelous to Our ears.
  13. Well done! Im still waiting for my sons to come thru. But the force of their metalhead father is strong...
  14. Yeah, very annoying, to say the least.
  15. It’s in my top three Madame X songs from day one. Angelic celestial song. Much needed positivity and empowerment.
  16. I think their way of categorizing the albums makes sense. Thanks for sharing!
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