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  1. Pillowfort wants to be the Tumblr alternative, but it’s not ready yet There are concerns that it won’t match up Julia AlexanderDec 7, 2018, 9:20am EST Pillowfort Tumblr users are on the brink of an exodus. In the search for a new home, many are pointing toward a relatively new and unheard-of website to house its orphans: Pillowfort. https://www.theverge.com/2018/12/7/18127061/pillowfort-tumblr-exodus-dreamwidth-livejournal-adult-content-december-17
  2. Lolo

    How come there isn't a Grammy thread?

    ...in a nutshell
  3. Wait, isn’t like 98% of Tumblr porn?
  4. I always told people, he wouldn’t have been elected in the first place, if he really was that progressive. Just no way never...
  5. You can make them swelling with a shot glas? How? I need to know. Btw what culture would I be raping if doing so?
  6. Lolo

    Paris is burning

    They see it now, do they...
  7. Can’t someone just rewrite the song, so it’s fit for 2018? I really can’t stay ( but it’s really cold outside) I’ve got to go away ( ok, ok, fuck off then)
  8. I buy 1 CD every three or four years. You know who. I love streaming, never want to go back.
  9. Lolo

    Black Friday 2018 chaos

    Are these OLED TVs, or why do they seem so light? In other news:
  10. I never thought about what Dickens looked like but I always kind of imagined an old man Very childlike way of thinking. Anyway, it’s surprising to see him young and curious and from a female point of view.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Stereotypes... surely but if people want to be offended, seems like the misogyny here is the bigger issue to go after.
  12. Who orders a whole cake? I’m gonna say it anyway: FAKE
  13. Lolo

    Melbourne terrorist attack

    I think people in general are more prone to radicalizing these days because it’s basically a narcissist thing. And we live in a world that pushes narcissism and self importance to the extreme.
  14. It still looks a little dodgy now, but this is the future of mobile phones or devices in general.
  15. Poor dog. He was about to be abused and got put down because he reacted quite appropriate to his species. Shameful incident.
  16. Lolo

    Pipe bomb suspect arrested

    Haha, seems like the typical class A+ citizen who wants Trump to make America a safe place again and get rid of the trash... the irony. 😅
  17. That’s true. But the argument was that religion has a strong appeal and fundamental control over people because it’s been oppressed for a very long time and as far as I’m concerned that’s exactly the dynamic that applies. Not the only one, of course. And it’s not the question whether or not religion is the only source of homophobia, which it isn’t as you have already pointed out.
  18. That’s not the point. Sotos8 is right, all the oppressed religious sentiments would totally erupt and take over, especially when people are used to ‘guidance’ and ideologies.
  19. I really hate those anti vaxers. I can’t be anymore tolerant. What a bunch of ignorant self righteous freaks they are. Unfortunately whenever I have read or watched something about the discussion here in Germany the media tried very hard to be objective to both sides, as if you’d have to take those idiots seriously. I think we are being way to polite and submissive towards them. Another case of questionable political correctness when dealing with dangerous people.
  20. Lolo


    They have some pretty massive songs, yet they’re so obscure as a band. Don’t know anything about them. It’s really rather mysterious why they are so forgotten and unknown.
  21. Lolo

    80s New Wave

    Interesting. In my book Madonna never really had a new wave sound, except for Burning Up really. If they played her songs as part of that wave, my guess would be it was mostly because of her early image and look, which was indeed very new wavy, not so much her music. By the time of True Blue she wasn’t part of that style anymore and had moved on.