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  1. Unfortunately it’s seems to be true. She is seriously deluded... The EGOT-winning singer says that she believes Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege in the documentary that they were abused by Jackson as children. “Oh absolutely,” she said in the interview. “That was too painful.” Streisand says that on the occasions she met Jackson, he was “very sweet, very childlike.” But despite the material being painful to watch, she seems to have some sympathy for the late pop star. “His sexual needs were his sexual needs, coming from whatever childhood he has or whatever DNA he has,” she told the Times. “You can say ‘molested,’ but those children, as you heard them say [the grown-up Robson and Safechuk], they were thrilled to be there. They both married and they both have children, so it didn’t kill them”. When asked if she’s angry with Jackson, she replies, “It’s a combination of feelings. I feel bad for the children. I feel bad for him. I blame, I guess, the parents, who would allow their children to sleep with him. Why would Michael need these little children dressed like him and in the shows and the dancing and the hats?” Streisand goes on to talk about the Me Too movement, calling it “very powerful.” But she says, “Unfortunately, it’s going to cause a lot of women not being hired because men are worried they’ll be attacked.” The interviewer explains that she seems to mean that the men will be worried about being accused of sexual impropriety. https://variety.com/2019/music/news/barbra-streisand-michael-jackson-accusers-thrilled-1203170747/
  2. This CAN’T be real. Disgraceful. If it’s real though, she is persona non grata for me.
  3. Yes, that makes sense. Though most of the people I know just think of him as a child abuser now - mainly. I think it depends on how much you actually cared for his music in the first place.
  4. I hope they reveal their time machine, so we can go back to their century and be offended by basically ALL the shit that was canon and holy in the ‘good ole days’ they crave so much.
  5. Oh my, it’s Harding/Carrigan all over again. Only this time with a new possible twist: racism.
  6. The American troops have been clever and made the German public go and visit the Concentration Camps right after they conquered the area. So no one could come up with lies and BS back then. They knew how people are, the delusion and denial and bitterness.
  7. Who cares about a couple of children when the reputation of the world’s most treasured St. Michael is in danger. That’s why they can never tell THEIR very own story because no one cares, as long as there isn’t ‘the other’ sacrosanct side represented in it . You all need to check your priorities.
  8. He ticks ALL the boxes, it’s hilarious actually. It’s like they wrote it with him in mind... Profile and Common Characteristics of a Pedophile Characteristics In most cases, the pedophile turns out to be someone known to the child through school or another activity, such as a neighbor, teacher, coach, member of the clergy, music instructor, or babysitter. Family members like mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepparents, and so on may also be sexual predators. Other characteristics include: Often the pedophile is male and over 30 years of age. Single or with few friends in his age group. Some have mental illness, such as a mood or personality disorder. If married, the relationship is more "companion" based with no sexual relations in the early stages. They are often vague about time gaps in employment which may indicate a loss in employment for questionable reasons or possible past incarceration. They often talk or treat children like adults. Interests and Hobbies They are often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities. They will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptive words like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated. They have hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models. Specific Age Targets Pedophiles often have a specific age of child they target. Some prefer younger children, some older. Often his environment or a special room will be decorated in child-like decor and will appeal to the age and sex of the child he is trying to entice. Many pedophiles often prefer children close to puberty who are sexually inexperienced, but curious about sex. https://www.thoughtco.com/profile-of-pedophile-and-common-characteristics-973203
  9. I follow many things there, starting from my Football Team, to Old postcards, to Soviet art, to fan fics, to Vintage Fashion and more... anything really. But I only really discovered it after porngate.
  10. Eww, didn’t think about that... it’s disgusting. Maybe I’m the only one but the documentary hasn’t changed my opinion about MJ in the slightest. I always thought he was creepy as f... And I always thought he was a real genius of an entertainer. It’s just that I wanted to believe I somehow was opinionated about the first fact and there should be a reason why so many people adore this freak and don’t find him repulsive at all. Turns out my instincts were right and the fans are just groomed freaks themselves. So nothing has changed much for me.
  11. Remember when James‘ mother said that every time they stayed at a hotel the rooms were more far away from Michael‘s... and she said ‚they said it wasn’t a nice suite available next to Michael‘... So I ask myself WHO is they? As it seems there were people around MJ who where accomplices and who must have known! Booking rooms for the parents extra far away, come on! Disgusting behavior.
  12. So I watched the whole documentary on YT, and I got the impression that it all started with James and continued from there... MJ basically bought Neverland for this kid, or for the relationship they had. The way their first day together was described, their first meetings, it all seemed like it all was ‚first time‘ doing the whole ‚programme’ of looking for closeness and grooming for MJ.
  13. ^ justiceforMJgofundme... Now look who desperately wants MONEY to secure the money-making machine that was MJs legacy... the irony!
  14. This is one of the worst fears I have come to life. The ‚revenge‘ and counter attacks of the nazi right wing fascists and fundamental Christians against the Muslim community. So awful on many levels. A spiral to nothing but hate and death and war...
  15. Yes, yes! THIS is the famous Leaving Neverland documentary the whole world talks about, which hasn’t even aired in many countries... Now on YouTube!
  16. As expected the German airing of the documentary will be accompanied by some dubious special, produced by ProSieben that’s going to air right before the doco, apparently to help ,classifying the documentary‘... This coming from a TV channel that’s usually celebrating everything MJ in weeklong specials, makes you wonder what they are trying to shove here. And why it’s taking them so long to prepare all of it. Highly suspicious...
  17. Wow. All the pieces fall right into place.
  18. Yes, the comparison is off and stupid. I was just trying to understand how an MJ fan MIGHT feel and the only comparison I have is my fandom of Madonna. My point is that I wouldn’t defend my idol against all common sense and facts coming together, just for the sake of justifying MY history of being a lifelong fan.
  19. I know people won’t believe me, but if this was about Madonna, I’d drop her like a steaming potato. I’d feel betrayed, I’d feel hurt and sad because it‘s like cutting off your arm and huge parts of your own history. I’d probably still listen to some of her music, but I’d definitely drop her.
  20. Someone here mentioned before that the Jackson doco is like watching Abducted in Plain Sight all over again. I also hope people will be more aware of these strategies and the grooming. But honestly, I doubt it. It’s just different when it’s in your real actual life and it’s a person you know, a real good friend or family member...
  21. That’s NOT what they do though. They just troll and be provocative for the sake of ‚MJinnocent‘. Most haven’t even seen the documentary, they just copy and paste offensively stupid arguments. And it’s NAUSEATING. I have yet to meet someone or read from someone who has ACTUALLY SEEN the WHOLE thing and still say there are reasonable doubts and the guys are suspicious. Haven’t heard about anyone. And I read a lot of stuff, listened to podcasts, saw what people posted here... The voices from those who watched the whole 4 hours are pretty much in unison.
  22. The stupidity and utter malignancy of the paedo-apologists is really offensive. Desperately throwing stones trying to bury the mountain of shit their God has dumped on them.
  23. Eww, apologists and enablers and victim shaming back in swing in this thread... Disgusting.