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  1. I’m in a very melodramatic mood these days and rediscovered the beauty of original movie soundtracks. Many of them are considered modern classics and I’d like to know if others here love them as well. This is only about original composed soundtrack music, no random songs used in a movie, and only (or mainly) instrumentals. I only listen to them very seldom and it’s always a little surprise to me how good they are. John Williams is one of my fave composers and I kind of made up my mind that the Jurassic Park theme is the best Blockbuster OST theme ever! I’m not particularly into the JP movies, but that theme delivers in so many ways, it’s the definition of MAJESTIC. Why was this beauty written for such ugly beasts, lol. I also rediscovered one of my long forgotten favorite laments, again from another blockbuster movie some may remember and though I’ve never been crazy about the movie itself and even dislike most of the cheesy sounding score, this track really makes me emotional, it’s so good... and I usually hate bag pipes! What a perfect piece of movie music (maybe minus the choir bits but still). Ugh... my heart...
  2. Do you guys know the Vangelis music for The Bounty (1984)? Great movie by the way with an amazing Anthony Hopkins. The opening scene with the ship sailing in the South Pacific and the Vangelis music underlining the absolute tension, temptation and somewhat hostile atmosphere in what looks like paradise is just perfection!
  3. Disgusting and appalling. Seems like the world is spiraling backwards into a lawless violent shithole. The fact that there even is a discussion about this and people defending the shop owner and the other mobsters... says it all really.
  4. Blade Runner was my favorite movie during my late teens, early twenties. The music was so essential to its futuristic atmosphere and appeal.
  5. Just lovely. Very Mad Men, I’m feeling glamorous already...
  6. Yes yes yes, I’ve been listening to that for years!!!! So many memories.
  7. Lolo

    Christine & The Queens

    French star Hélöise Letissier, aka Christine, has adopted a new persona for brilliant new album Chris. The star, who jumped on stage with Madonna during her Rebel Heart tour, cut her hair just like her heroine. She said: “I wanted an album more sexual and about desire. “Madonna’s presence in the 90s was quite macho but still feminine, she superimposed contradictory things – that was very inspiring. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/goss/730660/wired-madonna-inspires-christine-and-the-queens-new-album-music
  8. I’ve never seen the movie since I’m really NOT into anything Horror, but the music is so iconic. Says a lot if people know the music but even though they don’t know the film, lol... What do you guys think about Thomas Newman’s music for DSS? I always loved it to death, and still do. 💕 This is the whole OST of the movie
  9. Yes, that movie was so good! And I spent some time listening to the OST, reminded me very much of the The Piano Soundtrack which I loved for so many years. John Williams is a genius. And who thinks he’s cheesy? Some stupid Millennials who think Hans Zimmer invented music? I’m so glad no one hasn’t mentioned him yet, he’s so overrated.
  10. This is so addictive! And being a Historian myself ( for real lol) I love all the amazing footage that can be found on YT. It’s like looking through a window into the past, watching everyday life. This is truly precious.
  11. Lolo

    Time traveling on YouTube

    New York City in the 80s is my ultimate dream place to be. I could watch those videos all day long.
  12. Lolo

    80s New Wave

    Haha, do it!!! 80s were fun and people were unapologetic about it. Across the street is an ice cream parlor run by two young Italian guys in their mid twenties and they are huge Depeche Mode and Blixa Bargeld fans, with clothes, hairstyles and Make Up, it’s such FUN. Eating gorgeous Italian ice cream while listening to 80s music and looking at these guys. This place makes me so happy cause my childhood lives on...
  13. Lolo

    80s New Wave

    The bass lines in the intro and later in the breakdown are everything!
  14. Lolo

    Eurovision thread

    Yet the majority of the Turkish seem to adore him. Even the ones who live in Germany for many generations now. They think he’s a savior... it’s pretty bad.
  15. Lolo

    New Album Means New Tour

    True. DWT was like chasing some Tropical Fruits in 1988 East Berlin. Ever since then it was only ADD TO BASKET for me.
  16. Can a girl dream too? That sounds to good to be true.
  17. Lolo

    80s New Wave

    the Original! And the only legit version of that song. I hated that sappy whiny cover from that douche. Annoyed the crap out of me.
  18. Lolo

    80s New Wave

    LOVE 80s New Wave. I would so have been a new wave shoegazer, there’s no doubt about it. One of my all time faves The breakdown that starts from 3:10 is orgasmic really. Oh and this never gets old too, because it’s amazingly old, lol
  19. Wait a second... is it me or does the arrangement for EY sound very different from what I remember from BA recordings? And there’s a comment on YT saying there’s a video recording of this too.
  20. But why? Nostalgia? Because it’s to easy? I mean it as an honest question.
  21. Lolo

    Michael Jackson

    Last night they aired an 4 hour TV special about MJ, celebrating his 60th birthday ( ... little side note: Madonna got nothing but a couple of mentions in the usual celebrity news outlets on her Bday) and I only caught like half an hour of it, but dear Lord was this a pity fest full of sad piano music and melodrama all around. Talk about victimization. Just eww. This is his legacy in the GPs perception? Just tragic on every level. I think we all can call ourselves lucky they won’t be able to do the same to Madonna. Which is the reason why there will probably never be an 4 hour special about her.
  22. have official #team curls #team pony tail t-shirts yet? Why is her team so dull and uninspired?
  23. Lolo

    Why don’t we already

    Absolutely. And sure enough I’d buy a lot of it. It’s what makes being a fan worthwhile and keeps us entertained when there is no actual new stuff to promote. And it’s PROMOTION after all.
  24. The sixth mass extinction is real. https://www.livescience.com/51280-the-new-dying-how-human-caused-extinction-affects-the-planet-infographic.html
  25. I'm at that point in my life, where I wanna go on a rampage with a large pair scissors when I read one of these reports....