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  1. Some of the US of A make me so angry. Especially since we (the western civilization) looked up to them for decades. It’s just all so frustrating. The amount of stupidity and entitlement…
  2. Sad but true. Nothing fundamental at least. A couple of names will be shamed, but that’s it.
  3. They just interviewed some Tories for a German news station this morning and apparently it’s all just some „bumpers on the road“. Don’t you worry. They have everything under control and this was to be expected. All is well.
  4. People are not that dumb when on their own. They can be surprisingly considerate. But in hives and hordes they are.
  5. Legit On another note I love when they get caught being cheeky. I wish the gay would come out. There must be so many. It’s one of the last closeted bastions of the so called Western civilization. I hope I live to see the day.
  6. This is weird and cute at the same time. it’s so funny that you had to pick a team. Don’t they always say „You don’t choose a Club, the club chooses you.” But I guess you could say that totally happened when you fell for that name.
  7. In the respective first (Premier) leagues, yes. It’s still fun and and fundamental on the lower levels and especially in the regions. There’s also a strong and beloved fan scene with lots of football folklore. The regional and local clubs are such a huge social melting pot, they are so important for the communities, for the children in particular.
  8. The Super League is imploding right as we speak
  9. I'm super pissed at this. Thank god none of the Bundesliga clubs agreed to this. Shameful, greedy and disgusting plan.
  10. If course it should be legalized. I’m not a fan personally, but overall I don’t see the harm. It’s certainly not worse than alcohol and has a lot of medical benefits. But I’m strictly against legalizing coke, heroin and Amphetamins, which is a point people want to make along the lines of the never ending debate about drugs in general. I really think you need to protect people from these kinds of drugs.
  11. Wow, seems like social media is having a field day with this news. I wonder if there’s also so much vitriol when the Queen passes away. From what I saw online in only the last 10 mins people couldn’t have been happier when word of Hitlers death spread in 1945...
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