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  1. Germany ordered 100 Mill doses and is planning to start the vaccinations in December.
  2. It’s really so meta, you could discuss the implications for hours. also what I don’t get is how it seems like the hobby restaurateurs have never held a brush in their hands before. It’s just so overly bad, and I’m not kidding when I say that I could do it much much better. Why are they so bad at painting? They’re on toddler level.
  3. So many creeps coming out off the compost and showing their true colors ...
  4. Thanks @swimtoshore for enlightening me. Very interesting and complicated. I’m glad everyone sees through Trump‘s transparent shenanigans.
  5. Except for North Korea I guess it’s Christmas came early for the rest of the world. Oh, and Slovenia, that embarrassing and sad place.
  6. Fucking embarrassing, I want them OUT. Next time Sasha Baron Cohen wants to do a movie he should leave Kasachstan alone and drag Slovenia for filth.
  7. Indeed. I remember when everyone was trying to convince each other it’s not going to be so bad. And then it was a complete nightmare. He truly destroyed America’s already tarnished image and made it a laughing stock. I hope for the people’s sake that integrity and trust and community can be restored again.
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