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  1. Who ARE these nobodies without faces? Wintour completely lost it... dragging every clocked Instagram celebrity of the moment on the cover of fuckin VOGUE? That's the definition of being out of touch tbh.
  2. I bought two of his books, the first one when I was still at school. I didn't know I had a soft spot for 'nerd' topics back then, that wasn't established as a 'category' yet. So I felt a little awkward and my friends were like 'what are you on about with black holes and white dwarfs???' Anyway, I think I owe him a lot when it comes to appreciate physics and the sciences in general. Because I hated all of it in school but loved it in any other context. He is a truly inspirational man. Rest In Peace đŸŒč
  3. The reductive Trump of Pop

    This is the top news about her ( in Germany at least) A cow named Lady Gaga apparently loves the spotlight... http://www.general-anzeiger-bonn.de/news/panorama/Kuh-Lady-Gaga-liebt-das-Rampenlicht-article3800960.html The relevance!
  4. Madonna on Spotify

    I don't know why the industry still seems so clueless about Streaming and acts like it appeared three years ago out of nowhere. Even MY Spotify premium account is 6 or 7 years old and I'm old as the earth and not even that much into music in general. Even I (!) only buy M records to do her a favor basically and then return to streaming. It's unclear to me why there are no concepts or strategies at hand to approach/manipulate the medium.
  5. It's scary and true. People know about the bigger picture but decide to ignore it completely. I am disgusted at all the Primark shoppers in my greater neighborhood at Alexanderplatz, the place itself has become a display of ugly and stupid since the store has opened a couple of years ago. And people are not even ashamed anymore of buying cheap ass clothes, i remember times when you would not want to be seen with a bag of a discount store. Today it's totally accepted to be cheap and greedy and ignorant and to make a bargain any chance you get. We had very damaging campaigns in the early 00s here in Germany (google 'Geiz ist geil') that left such a big mark on all our society, it's hilarious actually. Germanys economy has suffered a lot because of that, there are numerous studies about it. And I still wait for some professional government-funded campaigns to open people's eyes and help turn the tide. Germans are usually very receptive to campaigns, see all the Bio-movement and trash recycling and green thinking, that's mostly based on politics and campaigns.
  6. The reductive Trump of Pop

    They should secure the material for next season of American Crime Story.
  7. This was my first thought too tbh. Hope he gets something to think about for the rest of his evil spirited life.
  8. Yes, it's very unnerving to see young girls being so ignorant without even realizing how privileged they are to even have a voice and a choice! What's even worse are those middle aged women who want women to return into the kitchen and being mothers and quit having careers, because they should know better. It's ok if they think it's right for them, but it's disgusting to run around and demand it from all womanhood and shame others as unfeminine or sluts or careerists or the downfall of occidental society. Sometimes I wish I could just send them back a 150 years for a couple of months to shut them up.
  9. Meh, she was not good looking enough for my taste. As a Madonna fan in the late 80s I could not see anything in this shortlegged bouncy ball.
  10. Madonna on Spotify

    Not unless he's been told about Spotify in our open letter, so he can google it.
  11. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Don't get me started... I felt actually already to old to stan so hard for it, but it initiated a (probably) lifelong obsession for the Ancien Regime and 18th century fashion. Gorgeous movie all around.
  12. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Whaaa?? How could I miss this? I love Sofia Coppola movies no matter how bad they are, and with Kirsten again? Dying
  13. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    What is this???
  14. And most of all he was not marketed as 'hot' or a 'sex symbol' when he clearly wasn't. That's what disgusts me the most about Ed Shitstain. And I like a couple of Phil Collins songs, also some of his music with Genesis, although I can't really tell which is which... And this man had so many hits, it's astonishing!