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  1. I had a similar question, just the other way around. Why is it so hard to actually arrest and trial highly criminal and dangerous individuals? Look at all the organizations, clans, drug cartels... people who are known criminals, even kind of coquettish brag about it, can’t be put to jail. Why is that I ask? Because proving someone guilty by law is NOT THAT EASY. Same goes for Jackson.
  2. Interesting!! Seems like the media’s wording is very misleading indeed. All the pieces seem to fall into place now I’m afraid.
  3. Lolo

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    He definitely is a mongster. Always thought so.
  4. Lolo

    Eurovision thread

    Interesting, mainly for the folklore. The songs are rather meh though. But yes, I recognize that singing style from former soviet related cultures.
  5. Lolo

    Eurovision thread

    Don’t flatter yourself, it’s us the Germans who usually end up with zero points 🤪 But yeah, it has become sort of a masochist pleasure to us as well.
  6. Was this part of Berlinale festival? They always want to be so political...
  7. Lolo

    2019 Grammy Awards

    She can’t even score some major trophies at the tacky Awards anymore. The irony!
  8. Yes, it’s very different and not necessarily worse... but Back when I was a child my growing up und the experiences I made and phases I went trough were not much different to what my parents childhood looked like. So they could share a lot with me or be empathetic about whatever I had to go through. And now I have the feeling it’s going to be hard to connect with my kids due to lack of experience on my part. I have NO IDEA of what it’s like to grow up in the age of social media. It feels so strange...
  9. I’m so glad I had a serious amount of life time before the internet. I feel sorry for my kids though. Sometimes it feels like, compared to my experiences, they going live an Alien life of which I have no idea about.
  10. @Nonoka thank you for your input and patience. Though I don’t share your point of view for the large part, it’s still interesting to read the information you add.
  11. You would think, but look at so many other cases, like serious criminal clans or drug cartels and whatnot... why is it so hard to actually arrest and trial and put these people to jail! We have an infamous and extremely criminal Arabic clan scene here in Berlin and the heads of these clans are semi celebrities because of that, yet the ‘capo’ had to be released from custody just yesterday - AGAIN! It’s infuriating. I know this is not exactly the same, but you can’t always put people away so easily , even if everybody knows they are criminal offenders. Proving a case is extremely hard and with known and celebrity offenders it’s also rare. Just because you can’t prove it, doesn’t mean they’re not fishy.
  12. Lolo

    Maroon 5: most boring superbowl in history

    No, the reason is she is so full of herself and on the other hand could not risk to share the spotlight and be naturally upstaged by basically any other performer out there. Madonna doesn’t need to be afraid of sharing the stage, plus she knows how to make a show worthwhile by giving the audience the best of her own AND a little flavor of the moment. She understands what this Half Time entertainment is about.
  13. Lolo

    Young woman adopts elderly

    This made me cry like a baby, really beautiful story. I’m so happy the old woman finally got to have a family.