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  1. Since I'm not a big fan of the song I must say I liked the live performance at Live Earth best. Second is WTG performance, because everything at WTG tour was awesome. And omg I looove the Miami hair! This was the right time in her life for short hair like that, later at the GS it looked a bit to butch for my taste.
  2. Hope it will be added to Netflix Germany too.
  3. That's what I was thinking too. I remember only one person saying it was a downer, everyone else gave raving reviews... I guess it's just the way it is today. One day it's great, couple of seconds later overrated and boring.
  4. I just watched parts of the Girlie Show and now I'm watching the WTG show and I can't believe they're only 6 years apart! It's incredible how busy those years were and how much she changed and evolved during that period. Wish I could have seen both shows live. And BA of course.
  5. No one knows it even existed...
  6. I thought it was MAD vs DONNA if you know what I mean. It would be 'mad' for me... But to answer your question: first half for me.
  7. Like A Prayer Erotica Rebel Heart True Blue Confessions On A Dancefloor Madonna American Life Bedtime Story MDNA Ray Of Light Like A Virgin Hard Candy
  8. Yes! I wanted to write BAN... but seriously wtf??? This is not legitimate.
  9. They are both such a disgrace. And that song was a complete bland meaningless mess. Soooo designed for one purpose only... Sick bitches, why was no one onto them???
  10. Count me out, I wouldn't go as far as to call it disaster piece but it's an absolute bore to me. The Elton incident was priceless tho!
  11. I remember You'll See being really big in Europe. But it's not in your list? I don't know but it seemed quite big at the time.
  12. I need Some Girls intravenous. It's everythang....
  13. This album. What to say? It contains a couple of my most beloved M tracks as well as some I like least. I'm actually intrigued by the fact that I can't make my mind up about MDNA as a whole. I listen to it more often than i was aware of.