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  1. Lolo

    Privacy Policy Changed

    Yes it’s so annoying. Starting from May 25th apparently something is about to change. I haven’t figured out what exactly.
  2. Lolo

    Beach House

    I must say tho that I haven’t payed much attention to them the last couple of years, so I have to catch up with a lot of stuff. This thread actually reminded me of the fact that i loved them many years ago, so thank you for refreshing my musical memory.
  3. Lolo

    Beach House

    I love them! Great band, I hope I can see them live one day.
  4. Lolo

    ABBA thread

    I love Summer Night City, I think it’s better than Gimme Gimme Gimme
  5. Lolo

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    this is why I love the curls so much. Though some would argue it’s a softer look than the ponytail, to me it rather enhances the androgynous appeal of the BA tour’s artistic direction. It makes her look so strong and untamable and frames her classic Greek/Roman statuesque type of beauty. While the ponytail does add a more outlandish yet feminine/petite kind of quality.
  6. All I see is the Sticky & Sweet homage backdrop. Whatever happened to him though? From a European perspective he was the biggest Popstar on earth in the early 00s. He had some decent bops and was all around very entertaining...
  7. Lolo

    Eurovision thread

    Ok, the best so far, Simple Minds on stage with Don’t You Forget About Me, during the German live broadcast. That’s the highlight already, I’m out... Have fun, whoever keeps watching.
  8. Lolo

    ABBA thread

    Me and my friends jokingly said we’d pay 1.000 Euro for a ticket to see ABBA live. We were joking around but NOT kidding. I would definitely be ready to pay exactly that but I’m not here for Holograms tbh. I might consider it, but not willing more than 50 euros max, because to me it seems like watching a blown up concert movie. I really don’t like the idea but I understand why they don’t want to go on tour anymore. Though all this ‚we never show up together‘ is a bit annoying.
  9. Lolo

    Time traveling on YouTube

    I had the same thoughts and always considered it to be very morbid and destructive thinking but look at the comments on YouTube, they all say the same. So apparently it’s a very common thing to notice when confronted with the ‘real past’ in this very special relatable way, which still is new to us!
  10. Lolo

    Time traveling on YouTube

    Haha, nightmarish indeed. Seems like zero persons had fun in this chilly, almost hostile atmosphere... And what about the foggy background? Smog? Smoke? Bad weather? It’s very strange...
  11. Lolo

    Eurovision thread

    You should bring a banner with a shoutout to MNation...
  12. Lolo

    Time traveling on YouTube

    👍🏻 Thanks, I will check it out. I just started watching those kind of videos, know they exist... oh my...
  13. Lolo

    ABBA thread

    I just heard it in the news! So exciting! And it’s also first time I hear of the Avatar Tour. Not sure what to make of it, but I’d love to go to an ABBA concert.
  14. This is so addictive! And being a Historian myself ( for real lol) I love all the amazing footage that can be found on YT. It’s like looking through a window into the past, watching everyday life. This is truly precious.
  15. Lolo

    Songs that you hate.

    Even worse. Plastic antiseptic robotic bitch.