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  1. Honestly she should charge 100k for her backstage scam and those idiots SHOULD PAY it! Milk your little mongsters till they bleed dry mommy Kindness.
  2. Exactly. And the live performance during Confessions Tour was phenomenal too. I honestly don't know how Issac can be put in the same category as the other two. It's a fully developed song, not some weird experimental filler.
  3. I remember thinking at least Madonna wouldn't wear that tacky thing, it's full of hydrangeas...
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Those are from the German Vogue foto shoot. Harpers Bazaar was very different from this.
  5. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    That's a great album title for her!
  6. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    Some Girls >>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GGW
  7. also... Do you all remember when she said she's the Foie Gras of pop ??? It was hilarious. Aside from the delusion it was so typical the stupid moron who always wants to be super p.c. and Mother Teresa 2.0 links herself to this disgusting culinary tradition of animal abuse and plain spoiled snob-ism. She's clueless about almost everything, no substance, no real virtues or agendas.
  8. Pretending not to be turned on like crazy... pfff we know you got your bigger production right after this, Mr No Theatrics.
  9. I'm getting all sentimental reading this, it's so long ago but still feels fresh and engaging. Great article!
  10. Nose piercing have never looked good on anyone, I hate those stupid things. Lola is a gorgeous young woman. She is a welcome distraction from the ugly clothes...
  11. Yessss! Bad Girl should have the top spot. Nothing Fails tho... I don't get the praise for that song. It's rather incredibly overrated imo. Where are Oh Father or Rain?