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  1. Lolo

    2018 MTV VMAs

    It’s like the new ‘best black video’
  2. What a relief and accomplishment! Such good news, this truly is amazing! I’m so glad for the boys and their families.
  3. Lolo

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    Both tours lack something and are not for me tbh, but I prefer the RHT and I really enjoy seeing her like this
  4. I can’t believe they are doing this. That’s so scary. Please please let it all go smoothly without further complications! I pray they all get out alive and safe.
  5. Honestly, I’m so mad at them! That coach! What was he thinking? I know it doesn’t help and I’m glad as everyone they’ve been found alive, but still ... that’s a lesson no one needed to learn.
  6. Can someone fill me in on the Handsome Shark origins? Please (with shark teeth grin)...
  7. Lolo

    Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

    Kudos to Harley for reminding everyone to not shit all over the message of the song because of ‘omg plagiarism’...
  8. Haha, not how I envision it. As if Janet of all people knows about stuff like that.
  9. Such a marvelous creature. And not one of a kind, that’s what we have to learn. All life is precious and has its form of intelligence and social competence.
  10. I would love some baroque opera style (not to be confused with VMAs Vogue, that’s rococo and very different), with much artificial and stylized choreography and lavish colorful settings. And M as the part of ‘la musica’, exploring her realms. With nymphs and amors and fruits and mystical animals or the like.
  11. Lolo

    New Album Means New Tour

    The fact that Revolver got a live treatment, of all songs And yes, I’d pay double or triple of what I used to for proper live arrangements of the original recordings.
  12. I was thinking about a GH Show segmented into Rogers/Leonard/Orbit/Mirwais/Price parts where each producer could be asked to take on a segment of one of the others and give it a new turn. To weird? Maybe a bit to ambitious and costly, but I guess it could be fun.
  13. Lolo

    New Album Means New Tour

    I get your point but that’s basically what she always did anyway. Her catalogue songs have always been reinvented later on. It actually would be more surprising and ‚refreshing‘ in a way to hear them in their original glory one last time. At least give us OYH baseline epicness!
  14. My little son got a kiddie radio/tape deck/CD thingy last Christmas and a couple of days ago I had to rewind a complete tape side and it was pure time wasting nightmare. I had forgotten how much I hated that shit and so we bought him a proper Tonie Box yesterday like any normal parent if 2018 would do. So no, never in my life will I return to physicals again, other than sentimental collectors stuff maybe.