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  1. Why did the pope meet him anyway? Is there an obligation?
  2. The speech was hilariously embarrassing. You could see how everyone had to pull it together. I loved how the commentator on ARD said he is considered a disgrace in Brussels, especially an intellectual disgrace...
  3. When she's in the US or London we usually get the negative headlines and European press is always jumping on the bandwagon. But as soon as she visits a certain country the tone changes instantly and the media (at least of that particular country but mostly other European press as well) is euphoric about her presence and her every move.
  4. No funeral, just throw her bones outside the city gates... It is full of self proclaimed diseases anyway, better keep distance from it.
  5. For f*cks sake wake up and smell the coffee everyone, this bitch is over, NO need to be diplomatic, no future coins to be made with this one.
  6. What also worries me is the effect this has on other potential terrorists, seeing how successful this strategy with targeting children is. The worldwide shock and reaction is so much more intense compared to other recent attacks. And that's what they're going for...
  7. All I can do is cry right now. This breaks my heart.
  8. Her back already looks saggy, like she had three pregnancies... How old is she supposed to be? I mean...
  9. Wow Katy is WOODEN! I've never seen her perform, this is real bad! Maybe it's because of live singing? I love the song though... I'm so spoiled with Madonna's performance quality...
  10. Yes sure, making gays a laughingstock on National TV is how you fight homophobia. What an complete asshole.
  11. Just when you think this creep couldn't be more pathetic... 🤡 I know he's been troubled but please... I hope she looked pure sex like this...
  12. Made me think of this...
  13. Her little girls are BEAUTIFUL! 😇
  14. Despite all his antics Ronaldo is an excellent and devoted footballer. You really have to give him that. He really carries the teams, Real and his National team, he is exceptional and often enough the one who makes and decides the game. And his little show maneuvers make always for some great entertainment. He's a diva, yes, but he delivers when due.