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  1. We already have the Lebenspartnerschaft with almost all benefits you get from being married. But one big difference is you're not allowed to adopt children. I don't know if this changes wgen we get the same sex marriage.
  2. ^She doesn't rehearse. She allows herself to fail. Expect her next album to be named The Failure and her making up some horseshit concept out of how embarrassing her career has become. But nope, that's to genuine and no one has done it before so she can't copy paste it.
  3. How can this have fans???? If only it was intended as a joke...
  4. Eww, Michael is that you...???
  5. ^ yes, thank you @BrendanT1993 I don't understand the outrage for a three figured death toll at the moment. What happened is horrible and we know by how the building burned there must be many many dead. I'm much more confused about the fact that a kitchen fire couldn't be controlled and extinguished. I read it started on the third floor. When did the firefighters arrive? Where they so late? I just don't get why they couldn't controll it? Third floor is not so far up...
  6. It's not only the future of Tory Britain, it's the future of all capitalist societies.
  7. I read so much stuff about it, what a nightmare! I still can't believe this really happened and innocent people's lives ended that way. In this day and age. The only thing I can take from this is to always leave the building if there's a way, no matter how far or 'under control' a fire is. If you can get out, get out. To think they told people to stay in their flats...
  8. Whats the point of this thread? I don't side with Nazis, Madonna fan or not.
  9. Spineless useless twats...
  10. They should have cloned her for some door to door selling. They were so lazy with the Joan promo.
  11. ...for it is the drum of drums, it is the song of songs... gives me chills of life!
  12. It's Sonj - lets keep it real please.
  13. Imagine this would have come out with the Twilight hysteria. Would have topped the charts for years. I'm glad tho it didn't.
  14. It's literally the ONLY song I love by her. What a great sad, romantic, passionate and haunting song, lyrics and music! Thanks for bringing it back to my mind. 💋