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  1. I understand and I initially thought the same. The public doesn't seem interested in 'exploring' Madonna as an artist, that ship has sailed by the end of 2002. But if you serve them all the juicy slept-her-way-to-the-top stuff and confirm all the prejudices and cliches that are floating around, you'll probably make some bucks. That's why I'm so suspicious about the project.
  2. In all honesty. She would kill to get the Madonna part in that bash fest of a movie. And judging from what I've seen of the script she'd be perfect for it. It's the missing tip of the iceberg and ultimate curtain call for her soon to be over career as Madonna impersonater.
  3. You might as well check Paul's post again.
  4. Well, if in the script it was only the same interview situation, then you can hardly call them lyiers. Seems like it was just her Bandstand performance, happening in the script. And M couldn't remember she actually said those things as a joke.
  5. Evita suddenly a biopic I can't.... I should start script writing asap, if that atrocity BA script is considered the best out there, then I have my Oscar already in the bag tbh. Can I just say I'm loving the drama right now? I'm at home with two children and a bit bored...
  6. M needs to co-write a script with someone she trusts and get Sofia Coppola to direct it. She would be perfect, very music oriented especially 80s stuff.
  7. I'm only interested in a well researched documentary with lots of money spend to get original footage and material and interview partners. Other than that I'd take a high profile TV or Netflix show with 10 episodes at least. Involving ALL the protagonists and not some weird mash up. Could be as well about NY music scene with Madonna's story embedded in centre. Concerning the movie all I'd like to add is: Hands off, Baz Luhrmann!!
  8. The only good thing that COULD come with this is releasing BA DVD and use the buzz plus overshadow that already doomed movie and give the public some receipts of the talent behind all the man eater nonsense.
  9. Today. First time I ever truly enjoyed Rescue Me. What a bop, could have been huge with a more evolved chorus. The spoken parts are majestic!
  10. I said it before and I say it again: An Early Years movie only works if it is about M and NY art and club scene at the time. She is not the type of star you want to see as lover or in some kind of romantic drama. Focus on dance, music and NY and you have a winner.
  11. Yes, plus he's such an egomaniac that at age 70 he might as well think 'what the hell'... apres nous le deluge.
  12. Absolutely. It will be all about how many guys she screwed over on various couches. If this is the script of which we had some excerpts some months ago then Good Night everyone. It was plain bad and amateurish.