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  1. Kids react to Madonna

    That was endearing. And I think it's cute they don't know her, or even haven't even heard of her, like two or three of them. It's normal. Most of them probably never heard of MJ or Prince or The Beatles either. This will change sooner or later anyway. They'll all be familiar with M and her music.
  2. Madonna RARE

    ^ lovely! Her hamster cheeks 🐹 It must have been hard for her sisters. She's always been so gorgeous.
  3. 'Bland trauma'?? Has she made an album about Gunt? Apparently she feels her so much...
  4. I admit I have no psychological knowledge but I don't see how people who do such horrendous things can EVER change and be decent human beings. I'm glad I'm not the one to pass a sentence, because seriously, I could not let them go on...
  5. The only thing I remember about these girls is how I always felt sorry for Nicole because they were trying to sell her as a twenty something and I fully bought it. I was like: this poor girl already looks like she's the mother of the group and she's only 25 ...
  6. Because of the song itself. It's just not a good song and certainly not a First Single...
  7. Wow that was awful. One of the most amateurish, unemotional, uninspired and bored performances ever. Her French is atrocious, her voice is robotic and nauseating. Shes no good in Drag Queen territory. Leave it to the real Queens please.
  8. Madonna's Hair 2017

    Well I definitely think these are more than just roots. But it really depends on angle or picture quality here. I guess we'll have to wait for at least another public appearance.
  9. Ok, so is he off to producing Ms new album under top secret complete offline all analog circumstances or what?
  10. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I second that. It's also a matter of whether grey looks good on you or not. It suits some people real fine, others it just make them look older than they are.
  11. Wow she's milking this mental diseases stuff like crazy. I guess it's all preparation for the release of ASIB, to make the critics go mild on her. She's scared as f... If this movie flops, there is literally no place to go for her.
  12. Why is she shading dogs and trying to steal their thunder?