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  1. When was this? Never seen this look before.
  2. She should have her moronsters design it for her as part of some Body Revol competition, cause they're all about art and creativity and getting fugly.
  3. Sixty nine cents
  4. Agree. Don't like this look, it's tacky and lame. But then again it's just a party outfit and who knows... there might be some theme that's fitting. I don't know. Waking up to this after all the teasing with the glamorous make up is a huge disappointment, I must say.
  5. Must go to bed now... Earth should be a plate really...
  6. Stop messing with this thread!
  7. I never seen pics from this before! Not her best look I must say. This pic in particular is ghastly. I had to google the event for more pics, seriously the first time ever I saw these.
  8. She is the perfect example of fabricated. She IS an international star, only because she's constantly referred to as such. People know her music in the US, I'm sure. But here in Europe I doubt they could name more than one song.
  9. You really expect a red carpet appearance?? Isn't she just hosting her after party again?
  10. I agree. It sounds silly but liberal media needs to understand they're already in war with this scum and his supporters. Who gets behind is left behind, there are no more arguments or facts to convince these people, instead stay focused on the ones who want to get informed or involved.
  11. Lets not forget it was a huge! worldwide hit back in the days. And the more tasteful lists do have her among the better ones of the Bond theme songs. It's still very exciting to hear the track together with the opening visuals, it's a very engaging song. I still regret I've never seen it on a big screen, cause I didn't care much for Bond movies when this one came out.
  12. But we might be safe for a year or two cause they probably ask Beyawnce first...
  13. Oh God, I just realized it's the next thing Gaga will do. The Bond theme song... ewww
  14. I had this photo sticked to cardboard and placed it on my desk at school every day at every class. I also insisted on putting a couple of M posters on our classroom wall, when we decorated it. People were used to my M obsession so no questions were asked.
  15. It's crazy! I remember when I read my first unauthorized biography of her it said on the cover "she's not beautiful but sexy" and I kept thinking wtf??? If SHE is not beautiful then wtf am I? I was in my very insecure early teens and reading this just freaked me out because to me she was always the epitome of beauty.