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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    How does it sound?
  2. The track list for the CD is on Apple Music. Includes LAP, but not the interludes (22 tracks in total).
  3. The most fit body in the business!!

    Honestly, this probably won't be a popular opinion... but Fitdonna is my favorite Madonna. It just shows her total commitment and perfectionism.
  4. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    LOVE THE LOOK! HAIR AND MAKEUP PARTICULARLY! Is it just me or does the dress give the impression she has a belly. Madonna's fitter than that! ;)
  5. Two years ago....

    Loved that little choreo in the end so much. I was wishing at the time we'd get to see it replicated on tour. Oh well! Beautiful video and song!
  6. Living for love at the Brits 2015

    This performance encapsulates so many of the reasons why I'm a fan! I can't imagine her entire team freaking out backstage while it was happening. I'd love to hear what was being said in her IEM as it was all happening.
  7. Living for love at the Brits 2015

    Yes, and we also saw the many improvements between the Grammy performance and the Brit Awards, the second one being much better!
  8. Madonna invented halftime

    I actually wouldn't be surprised if the NFL had asked the mics to be off. Remember, this was the first time a female was headlining since Jancel's wardrobe malfunction and everyone was talking about what controversy Madonna might try and create. The NFL imposes many restrictions, maybe they didn't want anything appropriate to be said. The other guest artists aren't singers who usually lip sync either so it seems weird to me. Anyways, I wish she had sung a bit live... Or that she would have used a more realistic track. It would have added to the greatness. :)
  9. Did she really gain that much weight? I keep seeing discussions about her weight on here, but she still looks the same to me.
  10. The Face

    Where is it from? Beautiful!
  11. It's time we stop bashing S&S..

    Did it turn around too quickly that time? I need the video!
  12. It's time we stop bashing S&S..

    That's what I thought when I saw RHT actually. Maybe she'll prove us wrong for the next one! (not hating on RHT I loved it but she did slow down quite a bit)
  13. Whichever way they decide to edit it, I just can't wait to see it!