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  1. WarmSmile

    The Next Tour?

    Wait.... I can 'Live' (not just watching!) shows while staying at home with the Oculus Rift set?!?!?! *GASP* Well I already planned to buy one, some games look much better with those than on screen.. Oh god
  2. What an uplifting news! This brought me a tear to my eye I don't have much to say: I'm just very happy for him and the kid Good luck to the wife And yes we are very lucky to not be in the same circumstance oh and that hideous 'journalist'? where is she now?
  3. WarmSmile

    Tours costumes & Madonna's arms

  4. WarmSmile

    New Radiohead at last!!

    Well I've read that they were trying to erase their very website, which sounded like they wanted to create momentum, thankfully this seems like the case. Striking video (I'm liking the song), I can only imagine the hard work and patience required for the stop motion technique (it looks like it). The colors make it look like a simple kids show, instead we have a poor judge engulfed in flames!
  5. He wishes! Oh shit I thought the same!
  6. WarmSmile

    Prince Dead at 57

    Rest in peace What an awful year for musicians
  7. WarmSmile

    Florence & The Machine

    Great I can appreciate her much more now
  8. WarmSmile

    Florence & The Machine

    Oh I like her! Her take care>>>>drake's I leave this here if you put aside the length and 2 words forgotten
  9. WarmSmile

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    Life is so crazy you know...? You've been through a lot! I'll tell your story sometimes you know.... Awful truthful reality .-.
  10. WarmSmile

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    That's a good question, I don't know... It could have fitted as an interlude .-.
  11. Put your hands up & music Into the groove & Toot toot
  12. Go Gwen!!!! Is there something that doesn't make them upset? They seem to be pretty devoid of humor or something similar whatsoever mphf! The mic drop started as a joke, however it created unnecessary accidents, that gif substitutes any message in the email from what I gathered, so instead of a serious message as a job application or a funeral arrengement you have that gif.
  13. The time is nigh, quick one last post! Thank You Immensely