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  1. I enjoyed and still enjoying it In addition she was happy and cheerful and that mattered the most! One more time *Screams*
  2. Appreciate Keep it together live

    Excellent from start to finish! Never...doubt...yourself! I too want to hug her and fall in the stage pit!
  3. Bootlegs on eBay. OUT. OF. CONTROL.

    I love the fact that the cover is inspired by frozen and it doesn't even include frozen!
  4. O_O Yes it's 2 days not 10ish like the last time and in such short notice...I'm so happy!!!
  5. I can't meditate, it gets sleepy And why 7th dimension? Where/what are the other 6? Anyways as long as I usually appreciate and respect her sequencing I too make my own order with her songs in albums!
  6. Gang bang! Appreciation. I f*cking love it

    I love storylike songs:those that can make you imagine movies you see. Here we have a gruesome more than just angry women in her full rage, in her quest to fulfill her violent wish, and she succeeds! Really if you focus on every detail in this song you can picture a movie in action! The 'hissing' sound at the beginning is opening the scene... .. the base that reflects her heartbeating... ...the electronic beats are some kind of action kickass scene (like in the MDNA performance)... ...her voice so filled with inner rage that expands and explodes throughout the song... ...the engine roaring towards the end.... I adore this song so much!! ...If you're gonna act like a bitch... BANG! Then you're gonna die like a bitch!
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Madonuts You smell it guys? Is the B(arbecue)et!
  8. Gene Simmons blasts Madonna

    tho i love i was made 4 loving you, it's great on just dance <.<
  9. Holy cow the guy's name means 'I steal' in italian, that's not a coincidence
  10. That poor fallen cyclist, so the naked on the street was real? *whistles* and I am such a flop fan, I don't have a copy! And wow at the marketing and secrecy, I can picture the tapes sealed like a museum treasure *_* Wait some photos got stolen? Oh they recovered those, they even involved the FBI There MUST be a hollywood-budget-level movie, I mean it writes by itself!
  11. Beautiful, simply can't get enough, is almost addictive at some points, I'm listening to it at least every 3 hours Can't blame my feelings it's simply gorgeous How big is the thread count? 5?6? ps: Bb people are extraordinaly slow with the official video.-.
  12. This is how she should be interviewed!

    I... Never saw this....Thanks for sharing! Where did they do this? Are those art works hers? as bought I mean .-. Wait... she could have worked with kendrick lamar?!?!?! *Cries hard*
  13. Excellent reminder for everyone! May Godonna bless you!
  14. Time to reintroduce Madonna to the world.

    It started with a cohesive discussion on making recognize to anyone, especially younguns, her artistry in this digital/social media/I-twist-shit-when-I-please-cause-I-hate-things-that-I-don't-know era (where is THE YT channel? *sigh*), to the management issues and personal distaste of her latests works (I woudn't minded leaks IF they happened AFTER the official release but that's another story) that said: we need more M material *cries*