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  1. What an uplifting news! This brought me a tear to my eye I don't have much to say: I'm just very happy for him and the kid Good luck to the wife And yes we are very lucky to not be in the same circumstance oh and that hideous 'journalist'? where is she now?
  2. Go Gwen!!!! Is there something that doesn't make them upset? They seem to be pretty devoid of humor or something similar whatsoever mphf! The mic drop started as a joke, however it created unnecessary accidents, that gif substitutes any message in the email from what I gathered, so instead of a serious message as a job application or a funeral arrengement you have that gif.
  3. The time is nigh, quick one last post! Thank You Immensely
  4. I concur and applaud! They don't get it that they cage other's people inspirations based on your birthplace?? They are the one labelling! IT'S BS 'Omg she's not spanish why she's with spanish clothes?' 'Omg she's not gay why she's vogueing?' 'Omg she's not indian why she's wearing henna tattoos?' THE POPCORN! I remember at high school there were a lot white potheads people wearing dreadlocks, the black people tho had no problems about it (maybe because there were like 5 in the entire institute, but anyway). Is it just me or is this sjw crap recent?
  5. Bitch please Stormtroopers have the WORST aim in any universe, or maybe that is the problem?
  6. No, actually I reported anyone I did a huge misunderstanding
  7. Heaven is smooth and angelic. However, I like so much storytelling songs, I can picture everything with much ease with Queen, police and MI6 going restless on the streets, rain pouring nostop, people mourning their loss... It's soo beutiful! 'The Queen has been slayed' True she just ascended to a goddess level
  8. I might sound biased since I'm european but also as an european citizen I can summerize the reason of our outrage: 1) Europe/western society represents everything these brainwashed people stand against (if they were really religious they woudn't do this!) 2) Belgium is easily the most representive when it come to european unity. So.. 3) Attacking such a country strikes us with fear. They focus so much on attacking europeans: the egyptian hotel is a good example I am not there but I heard that things got calmer now. I really hope! Of course any terrprist attempt is to be condemned but I can relate much more to these attacks for the points mentioned
  9. Laughing for not crying I guess; day of the women my ass: I'm so disappointed in russia I read stories that russia was one of the first countries acknowledging that women weren't the second rate gender yet it seems that they are going backwards No words for china, I read of an absurd tradition where little girls that wanted to become dancers were forced to keep their feet small in an inhuman way
  10. This song is the number 146521 proof that she is a musical enchantress. WOW
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