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  1. I host a weekly Trivia Night every week @ a typical straight "dive" bar and have been including the album version of IDSIF in my playlist. Many come up and ask who's song it is etc. It's crazy how many people have no clue Madonna has new music. If radio would only give her some airplay...
  2. Come Alive should be edited - with a proper bridge added and become a single. I hope it gets a slot on the tour. I adore it.
  3. So Bummed this is the last day for it. Wish they'd extend it thru the tour at least.
  4. Come Alive is still one of my favs from X. Classic M. Not sure why it doesn't get much love.
  5. LFM is the standout "ballad" on X. I'm obsessed with it.
  6. God Control could be a sleeper hit. U plant the seed I'll watch it grow:) If you love the song, tell people and have them listen to it or watch the video
  7. Is there a download for this? Would be great for the gym.
  8. Bundle arrived yesterday. Not happy at all. The Vinyl has a crease on corner. Packed very poorly. The Sweatshirt is CHEAPLY done. Nothing on front. Lame iron-on Sticker on back. Could be done Anywhere for $10 or less- Hoping to return. Bracelet and eyepatch missing completely. No packing slip etc. SO Disappointing.
  9. July 11 Boxset finally will be delivered (ebay) $71 unopened - decent price (US) Bundle order (web exclusive clear vinyl, cd, White hoodie, eyepatch and bracelet)preordered when she announced the era, Finally arrived TODAY! So excited.
  10. Pride tee arrived today. SO wish could've made it to NY for Sunday
  11. Such a chill vibe. def a standout of the bonus tracks
  12. I have the box set preordered on Amazon. Release date is friday 6/21. Hopefully then I'll get to give the 3 bonus tracks a decent listening. they should be made to stream on spottily or Amazon. The whole album rollout is a mess.
  13. Fav moment of X. I'm hoping for an official extended 12" (Vinyl please) where that part is repeated after the 2nd "rap"
  14. Madame X is a much stronger album. It's more cohesive and refined. I do love many songs from RH but the whole project needed editing and less re-working/remixing after the leaks.
  15. She should do a solo performance of Crave. It's doing well on the AC charts. A simple performance (like Borderline she performed on Fallon in 2016) could really push Crave further. It's a great pop song. Then around NY pride perfomance, push God Control as next official single.
  16. It's a weird kind of energy, a bizarre thing that happens to be An abnormal fraternity, and i feel more than sympathy What a Bridge!
  17. God Control is the best Madonna song since Like A Prayer. Still digesting the album. Definitely her most complete album since COADF. It's a Journey. I'm So impressed.
  18. Ha! Years ago (1995/6 - STR era ) I was on a gay cruise and Tracy Young was the guest DJ. She was super rude when I requested Madonna. I remember she rudely saying "I'll play Madonna when she comes out with something decent."
  19. DB is Completely crazy but I LOVE it. Deep.
  20. If the edit helps the song grow on the charts, i'm ok with it. Crave deserves to be heard.
  21. Excellent. Easily her most commercial single since 4 Mins.
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