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  1. I like it. its perfect for summer
  2. Has some decent songs. I read it sold extremely poor its first week.
  3. Wow 2 years already! my fav song from RH. Need some new M ballads ASAP
  4. The prices on ebay are crazy. Those are only 2 albums i don't have of course.
  5. one of my favs. So pretty
  6. Love the demo, sounded very ABBA
  7. So underrated. Easily one of her best in years
  8. I picked Over And Over because it screams single. I LOVE Pretender and Stay but don't think they are strong radio cuts. LDLHA would've been a shock, but I agree LTT was a better choice to showcase that side of her. I absolutly love the whole LAV record. Still sounds fresh today. Even better on vinyl (I have a mint original copy. Not sure how the remaster sounds)
  9. Any difference in the 2017 COADFL than the previous pink vinyl?
  10. I just picked a copy @ Barnes & Noble. It's very pretty. I forgot to ask about the cloth and calender
  11. I have been collecting her Vinyl for about a year now. I had most of the originals from the 80's but they were stolen from an ex. I have managed to replace every original maxi from Everybody thru Rescue Me. I also have Madonna thru Like A Prayer original vinyls. As for recent albums I have RH,BS,STR and ROL. I'm tempted to purchase an original still in shrink wrap TIC- but not sure if I should go with the rerelease instead. Any thoughts? I will say BS and STR do seem less "loud" compared to everything else. I also need to decide on which version of AL,Music,and COADF to purchase.
  12. She's so cute. Voice sounded great too.