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  1. Fergie thread

  2. Justin Timberlake thread

    After almost a full week of listening to the album, I'm really shocked by the hatred towards MOTW and Justin himself. The album is imo the most Pop record he's put out. The melodies are strong. There are some fine bridges as well. Love the retro sound in some of the tracks. It's a strong album. He's a fantastic performer. People need to relax. If someone's music or performance doesn't do it for you,fine. Why the the need to destroy them? So much negativity in the world and on this forum. The Woods actually seem life a safer place.
  3. Justin Timberlake thread

    I've finally listened to most of it. There are some really strong tracks. I noticed some key changes in some which make the album change with each listen. Higher and Higher, Montana and Midnight Summer jam(perfect summer 2018 single material) stand out the most. Supplies is really good @ the 2:30 mark. The title track probably should have been the first single. Video is the best of the 4 he's put out so far. Sauce is just a cool song. def future single. I'll be giving the album many spins this weekend. Its a grower.
  4. Justin Timberlake thread

    When is the next promo track due? Supplies is a dud.
  5. Justin Timberlake thread

    It Does sound really good Loud. Its growing on me.
  6. Justin Timberlake thread

    Totally not what i was expecting. Hopefully its just a promo single. Seems like a leftover from his last album. Not terrible but nothing special.
  7. Lady Copyga Fraudga Flopga Fadga

    I honestly can't wait to see her in Chicago. hate all u want. She puts on a good show. why all the hate. there is so much crap in this world. Trump. etc. leave her alone. She has good songs. she's good live. move on.
  8. Justin Bieber - The King Of Po(o)p

    His body is Hot. But those tats are Not.
  9. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    I read recently that she sang Gone most of time to protect her voice. You'll See is def a harder vocal. I was at the Chicago show, was disappointed she did Gone.
  10. Trapezes and dull songs. P!nk

    I'm looking forward to her new album. Wasn't a fan of her last 2 singles. But usually her albums are decent. Seen her live on her last tour. She's the real deal.
  11. Katy Perry thread

    I'm shocked she hasn't moved on to "Roulette" or "Bigger Than Me" as the next single. Terrible album rollout this time. It's a shame, the album is really strong.
  12. Lady Gaga: does anyone even care anymore?

    i don't see all the hate. I'm seeing her this summer in Chicago. Seen her 3x she doesn't disappoint
  13. Katy Perry thread

    Save As Draft is logical as the next single. CTTR,BA,SS well all uptempo. SAD is a decent song. Very pretty. Maybe she wants a softer song for summer. I'm hoping Bigger Than Me is next. Then Roulette.
  14. Katy Perry thread

    Hard to call the album a flop. It was just released. It's supposed to debut @ #1. CTTR was top 4. The album is a grower. "Bigger Than Me" , "Roulette" and "Deja Vu" should rule the charts this Summer/Fall. I'm Loving the album.