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  1. Save As Draft is logical as the next single. CTTR,BA,SS well all uptempo. SAD is a decent song. Very pretty. Maybe she wants a softer song for summer. I'm hoping Bigger Than Me is next. Then Roulette.
  2. Hard to call the album a flop. It was just released. It's supposed to debut @ #1. CTTR was top 4. The album is a grower. "Bigger Than Me" , "Roulette" and "Deja Vu" should rule the charts this Summer/Fall. I'm Loving the album.
  3. What demos were "leaked" ?
  4. Icon
  5. I like all the singles so far from this new era. CTTR is my fav so far. Cool she is trying some new sounds. Less typical pop.
  6. I was expecting a Fleetwood Mac sound. I do like her stuff. We'll see how the album shapes up
  7. I love the song. Is it really doing that poor? Video is very cool
  8. I like it. its perfect for summer
  9. Has some decent songs. I read it sold extremely poor its first week.
  10. Setlist for her tour looks great