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  1. Confessions and Sticky and Sweet were both trimmed down for their TV broadcasts and later released on home media in full; MDNA was broadcast in full. From her official site: "Danny B. Tull and Nathan Rissman, both of whom have worked extensively with Madonna on her feature films and tour movies, will direct the live video which will be part of a larger project to be released at a later date." http://www.madonna.com/news/title/final-tour-shows-in-sydney-to-be-filmed
  2. True, however as the Showtime broadcast has been out for close to six months, you have to give the consumer something other than a small documentary and a extra performance to want to purchase your product. It's worse with physical media being dominated by piracy and streaming however, her fans and a small fraction of the GP are the only ones going out of their way to purchase the home release and if it's something already out there, you stand a chance of losing sales. She issued a statement clearly stating footage was cut to make the time constraints of Showtime so a prior cut exists with the omitted footage and the TOAC was shot entirely so the two driving points are now confirmed to be basically a cut version of the tour and a TOAC highlights. Like a Prayer is a good treat however with the press release stating acoustic performances of DTM, Secret and the first tour performance of Take a Bow no longer part of the package, she cannot be surprised if fans don't want to shell out for a release especially after stating she was "working hard" on the extras for the majority of 2017. And the horrible cover to boot.
  3. With the current state, I doubt it's long gone to see something like that again aside from throwaway remixes (occasionally a good one) It's a shame physical singles are a day of the past and wasn't History on Jump the the last where she put out a new song on a CD single? Yes! This is the version I was speaking of above in my post. It's definitely the one I overplayed to death years ago!
  4. Damn, if the cover meltdown was not enough for the fandom, releasing a TV cut as the final product. What kind of mess is this? If the show was exactly as Showtime (I find it hard to believe a complete copy isn't available) it's taken this long to release. Almost a ten months after the broadcast? That's just a mess indeed. If that Detroit snippet is in the final version disrupting the flow of the concert.
  5. I must be one of the few who enjoy the one with Timbaland making all those gibberish sounds in the other version. I remember having this song playing on my Myspace profile back in the day. Good times and one of my favorite M outtakes.
  6. All I'm getting is a photo of a cat saying "Photo not found."
  7. I just finished watching her SNL performances and I thought the same thing and came here to see if it was him then I saw Tony's post on Facebook. Good for him though! He did great! I don't see the comparisons between Swish and Living For Love outside of the genre of music it's referencing. Living For Love is about empowerment while Swish Swish is a response to Taylor's Bad Blood. I still think Living For Love is superior despite certain mastering/mixing issues and the demo was definitely more house inspired than the final product. It definitely needed the "Lord Lord lift me" in the final version.
  8. With all the fans she has that make mock ups of her tour releases (some of them are extraordinary) she chooses something so LQ and amateur. I get it, maybe she's trying to support people to further themselves however, excusing the poor execution of it does not deserve to be recommended. I can take the BIM cover for being wacky and crazy as the song is itself however, the tour which sported some of the best visuals along with the album campaign is being reduced to a photoshopped Brit award photo with a caped tacked on instead of horns, mirrored minotaur (the same person) and a stolen Wonder Woman background. She simply could have used the album cover, a throwaway shot unseen from the photoshoots she did, a selfie from the crowd (similar to the Sorry single cover) or even had a fan competition among web designers (to be) to help craft her live release instead she goes for unimaginative, tacky and low-rent work. I will never understand how her quality when it comes to releases and her management has taken such a slip lately.
  9. I will never understand this fanbase, paying for a LQ demo when a HQ one is out there for free and lining the pockets of some guy just to see it chart.
  10. I doubt people will. Remember how fans were so quick for links to be spread when the demos leaked, now they're the ones purchasing it hoping it'll chart, lining the pockets of some random DJ.
  11. Wasn't her team dead set against this leaking/not including it as part of RH once the press caught wind of its existence? I doubt she'd release a random RH demo especially given how upset she was when the initial leaks happened. It's pretty much the same exact demo, titled differently with a single cover. I wouldn't purchase it if it's not coming directly from Madonna herself or her team, instead you're giving money to pretty much an unauthorized seller.
  12. It's also hilarious he basically mirrored Lil' Buck twice as he's the same minotaur on the cover. Talk about a mess.
  13. His Instagram is now private. I don't know why she'd go for his shitty covers and fan arts when so many fans deliver even better and much more professional results than her or her team have the last few releases. Out of all of them she picked this horrible mock up that looks like something made in the Internet Explorer era. Hell, even the shot of this would suffice with the logo beneath it.
  14. I must be the only one who never liked Andy Cohen. The guy has such a horrible vibe you can read in his face. He's fishing for dirt on most of his guests and tries to force them to say something catty. Pretty much a Perez/Wendy Williams at this point.