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  1. You would have gotten another remix instead of an unreleased track. It was something for the fans.
  2. And those pop sites and Gaga tripe forums too are also bashing her to no end. This woman cannot win. There was even a thread saying Madonna sees herself as a white savior saying she could have left David and Mercy in Malwai because she's ripping them from their country and heritage. How stupid are some people?!
  3. It's definitely the Showtime edit. What trash.
  4. Madonna's vocals are not on this performance though.
  5. Wouldn't it be "TDDUP?"
  6. If they honestly removed that random Detroit bit, they'd have more than enough time to fit in the shortened bits of other songs, insert LDLHA and the LAP performance.
  7. No thanks.
  8. After the comments on her singing live, I guess she decided to last night.
  9. Perfume isn't on the setlist anymore in Vegas. Well, her following singles were Crazy, Sometimes, Oops, Stronger, Toxic, Gimme More, Womanizer, not bad songs at all. Prior 2004 no, after that yes.
  10. Nothing Really Matters in Geisha and Take a Bow acoustically.
  11. La Isla Bonita > Beautiful Scars (demo) > Beautiful Killer > Beautiful Stranger
  12. I love the introduction bit of it but seeing the show itself fourth row, the backdrop video is interesting after she descends and exits the cage. You have the countless Madonna/Marilyn figures carrying the Madonna hologram statue, then it shatters, you see glimpses of Joan of Arc staring. I feel it was her most adventurous and creative video this era in my opinion and we've only seen the first half of it.
  13. I think it came from via Tag Police although I saw it under the Madonna tag on Tumblr.
  14. "Nobody ignores Nikki Finn!"