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  1. Wasn't there some fear that they "ate" kids' hair? LOL
  2. Talk about gross! If they can't go for the abuse to the animals, jail him for the illegal porn on his computer.
  3. Surprisingly it's more other fanbases that use that album to basically say all of her albums after suck so they romanticize "Confessions was her last great album, yadda yadda", you usually see it on YouTube comments, reviews and other publications.
  4. What complete garbage human being. The fact he hasn't been brought to justice is sickening. Hope he's ousted and tried for his crimes one day!
  5. "I hear.....you....breathe.....BREATHE!" My favorite part.
  6. Never forget how everyone RAN when she changed her photo on IG.
  7. I mean, it documents a time when things like slavery and racism (still exists) existed. The fact people can't make the distinction about art, films and other forms being a product of the time or the time period they are set truly will lead to movies and shows being pulled from the net. That's why I've never been big on streaming because movies, shows or specials can just vanish and it makes owning a film even worse when film collectors and scalpers rush to get the film and then sell it for astronomical prices. The movie itself is now hard to find in stores and online with people selling a DVD for over $50 on sites like Ebay. It's not to speak on those affected by racism or violence, however it leads us down a path where censorship becomes ordinary and books/ideas/films/music will be regulated or removed by the outcry of those who find offense.
  8. While some do ABBA covers, rehash their old sounds, she did THAT and broke new ground without trying to fit in! This song is that standout, polarizing track. You might write it off on first listen but over time, the haunting instrumental, those non-human vocals mixing with her urgency seep into your mind. A testament to her artistry and how current her music is with the world without having commercialism or trends on board.
  9. Crave. Wasn't my favorites when the track was first released but damn it, those vocals, the longing in her voice, how Swae manages to make the song so romantic. Truly one of her best collaborations. The video was very minimalist but manages to capture that early vibe of 80's pre-fame Madonna, the mole reappearing, the spontaneous choreo, the beautiful closeups and the symbolism of the doves. Truly magical.
  10. "second rate imitations" lol the shade I love it. We all know who that is aimed that.
  11. You're romanticizing a lot of the 00's. After American Life, most her chart aside from the leads where in the latter half of the Billboard Hot 100 and beginning with Hollywood, some didn't even chart no matter with a label behind her. Warner and her had several issues that a lot of fans forget where lawsuits came into play and she wanted out.
  12. Thank you! It hit it right on the head! It's shameful how these Trump, gun toting, racists can do what they please but POC get shot, tear gassed, beaten up and murdered by cops.
  13. God Control would have gotten the first single controversy with the video (the video/song is about gun control, not sure some fans wanted just the dance scenes, defeats the purpose) which would have been good to jump start the era. But in terms of chart placing and not, it wouldn't have made a dent anywhere outside of the Dance charts unless she did a payola deal which not sure radios would have touched. It does make a statement and when the album was leaking, a lot of casuals did enjoy the song but not sure if it would have fared any better than Medellin outside of YouTube streams or clicks to see the video.
  14. She could easily used footage for the Spy persona and other bits from the Madame X doc sessions (or any unreleased photoshoot footage) and put together a video! The screens for Vogue (MX) show this and even a live video from the tour itself.
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