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  1. Well, I did grow up when she did a lot of kids movies so hence the memories before discovering the awful and crazy person she is.
  2. She is a Scientologist. She harassed Leah Remini like crazy when she spoke out against it. Love her movies but her as a person cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs indeed.
  3. Nah, hard pass. Not here for an idiot that voted against his own and now wants a sympathy card. Good luck booking that coming out party you speak of, rat.
  4. Oh my god. That son of a bitch. That poor woman and her babies. RIP.
  5. I swear these Orange and his ego trips are going to have people all over the world paying for years, if not decades. It's almost as if no accountability exists for this buffoon and the acts he does.
  6. So stupid, focus on the hate accounts, spam, bots and accounts designed to promote violence and division. Rather than making a big scene over porn stars, amateur content or even someone openly expressing their sexuality.
  7. Why did I think this was a government reference by the title? 1984 on my mind.
  8. When it becomes too hot to step outside and resources run day "BUT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING WHEN WE HAD THE CHANCE!!!!" Humans are the worst thing to happen to this planet.
  9. Just ban and charge all the morons who were uploading illegal pornography of children. They've been doing something similar on YouTube videos timestamping regular kids videos. It's disgusting those people ruin things for people for their criminal activities.
  10. I have no idea. Shit, even if it meant getting my ass kicked I would have intervened. Who the hell stands by and allows it to happen? You have people complaining over the color of Starbucks cup, dumb crap like not enough napkins or ketchup packets at McDonalds but they don't have balls to help an elderly woman? Lord, people are horrible. I can't bring myself to watch the video. I hope he rots and she is surrounded by good people. Poor thing.
  11. It'll take the people taking matters into their own hands and standing up to the Republicans before anything is done. Trump's presidency has shown that protesting, emailing, writing, calling, alerting senators does nothing when this administration acts on its own. Look at the FCC that blocked an investigation into fraud. Look at all the things Trump has overturned and done without any scratch or loud rebuttal. It's going to take every woman (not Republican ones), LGBTQ, and minority and those who truly believe in progression to get rid of this foul stench him and his administration are living behind. It's going to get worse with his stranglehold in the Supreme Court now.
  12. Well Tom Arnold was apparently the reason why the show went so well for the first few seasons until the divorce/she took over and began demanding things her way. According to him, she wanted the Connors to win the lottery as early as season 3. Talk about ruining your own show. Even though this a Trump thread, ugh, I love Roseanne and the person she was. Her show was amazing up until her character took on a complete character change in late season 6. Seasons 1-mid 6 are the best with the rest becoming so mean spirited. Especially the abortion themed episode where Dan and her son DJ try to console her and she lashes out "It's in my body!!" "Don't tell me how to feel!"" I get it, a woman's choice but when both tried to comfort her and show support she lashed out and it later became a man hating fest to where Dan became a background prop, Jackie became a clown, her creative control began to reflect her own feelings (resentment towards men) but also progressive issues like including more LGBT characters. Tom Arnold rightfully dragged her out for her bull. She was such a champion for the underdog and to see her supporting the likes of Trump is insane but she's suffered with mental illness before. There's an E True Hollywood story documentary about her on YouTube I believe where her own sister called her out on her lies after Roseanne accused their father of molestation.
  13. Apparently, she wanted creative control on this reboot and they gave it to her thus her current stance she made her character into a Trump supporter. Roseanne's definitely had issues over her entire life. She flip flops on everything and even her show her character became a man-hating, listens only to herself, mean spirited woman after season six. I don't know how the reboot will do but the writer says it's a main theme this season and apparently Jackie and her fight over it.
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