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  1. Roger Friedman Strikes Again

    It's to be expected she wouldn't sell big numbers and not many stores are carrying it in their stores, most have bought it through her store/online retailers.
  2. And her team and collaborators weren't slagging off Madonna for a year before Madonna ever said anything? "Old lady meds, hag, etc etc." You allowed it and if you were such a fan you would stopped it but only until M sealed your career with a simple word, you cried foul. If you can allow your producers, friends and choreographer slate one of your "inspirations" and not defend her and not admit to being inspired/influenced, then don't expect Madonna to take kindly or respect even though M still gives Gaga her dues. I like how Monsters say M started it. Madonna commented in 2012. EY/BTW happened in 2011 and the whole year they trashed M saying she was over, Gaga was the new Queen and tried everything to diminish her but Madonna's the bully and instigator? Sure Joanne.
  3. Mexico's Fatal Earthquake

    Oh my god! This is dreadful! I hope all M fans and everyone affected by this are okay!
  4. My thoughts about her in general and all this faux victimization she tries to pull every time.
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

  6. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    I always felt the ending of Voices then fading into Girl Gone Wild would sound good.
  7. Marina and the Diamonds.
  8. Avicii says what happened with Madonna

    Talk about some rather harsh comments here towards the guy. Sure if you don't like his stuff by all means critique but wow, some of the stuff posted. His work would have sounded great in 2013 for Madonna when he was pretty huge and riding off "Wake Me Up." I did like the work she did with him both demos and how his tracks evolved with other producers after he left the sessions. WAOM (demo) was something played in clubs. I remember it being played on my birthday (a friend requested it) and it got a pretty good response. I do enjoy both the early incarnations of the demos and what ended up on the record.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Diamonds is included right before UB though in the Showtime broadcast.
  10. I think it'd do her a lot of favors. How often do you see people posting "This (movie or show) brought me here." It introduces a lot of fans to her material. I was definitely hooked seeing Hung Up on VH1/MTV when it was on there and became a huge fan. They could use songs in movies, shows or many other things as long as it's nothing like "Madonna oven mitts"
  11. "Causing A Commotion" is 30 today!

    If she does perform it again, no doubt it will get the whole arena up and dancing unless she decides to do a rock version on a guitar.
  12. The fact I Want You uploaded on YT by them is way better than the Celebration mess.
  13. Was "Don't Stop" really that bad?

    No. Warners scrapped the idea and released Remixed and Revisited instead. Your Honesty was added since Caresse found while going through the vaults. "Here's some more information regarding Madonna's catalogue and how they were originally handling it before Guy Oseary took over. Caresse Henry approached Mike McKnight (M's keyboardist) in the early 2000s to digitally archive everything Madonna had done at that point. I'm guessing this was right before GHV2.Quote from an interview Mike McKnight did with Keyboard Magazine:Caresse was behind the idea to put together a 20th anniversary box set, which included remastered DVDA versions of all M's albums, her tours, and some unreleased material. This is how "Your Honesty" was discovered. The project was going to be handled by Stuart Price. Warner Bros. eventually scrapped it, and Remixed & Revisited was released instead to make up for the cancellation.According to Peter Magennis of Record Collector, there are also entire sessions and demos that went unreported and unsubmitted to WBR that only co-producers or session musicians have access to."
  14. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Doubt it's a copyright issue. She has other covers included in the tour.