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  1. I agree! I like BIM but the lyrics are a tad too cheesy for the beat. UB's lyrics are better, I think maybe because it's about more of a personal thing. YES!!! Devil Pray probably is the best mixed out of the lot. I think a lot of the tracks on this album suffered from the leak situation. Maybe even the tracklist suffered too.
  2. This Producer/DJ debate is weird.... Diplo is both a producer and a DJ, so is Dahi and many others that M has worked with. Anyhow, I do think some of you have a point about the leaks not allowing for the songs to be properly finished. And Diplo's BIM is better in my opinion. I think it sounds like it's mixed better too but again, the leaks would have caused the album mixing and mastering to be rushed so it's understandable. It seems to me like everyone did the best they could given the situation. But I do I think we would have had a different RH album if it wasn't for the leaks.
  3. I found this difficult because I'm a fan of Diplo more than Kanye West in general but when I look at it like this I have to vote Kanye. Least favourite producer would probably have been an easier one.
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