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  1. If that chair had moved at the end.... O.o
  2. +1 He can't be held responsible for how people reacted. That's down to them and their ignorance.
  3. I was probably easier back then to get away with driving without a license.
  4. That was an impression of this instagrammer.... Idk if that has been mentioned or not.
  5. Is it bad that this makes me sad? +1 I have been to York Hall, it has a memorable odour I would only go there again for a very good friend lol.
  6. +1 A lot of good points have been made in the past few pages of this thread.
  7. I hope she is! Is he still engaged though? I read somewhere that he split from a long term partner in April.
  8. +1 I think Guy sometimes gets the blame for things that are not entirely his fault..... Even though I don't rate him as a manager, I agree with that statement. +1 Yes!!! We don't often discuss that it's not just Guy..... there are other people involved with the management side and that's a very good point, some of them have been trained by him. Although Guy was Freddy's protégé and there are clear differences in their management styles so maybe those people will do things their own way too. But I really do think he's still there because of the friendship they have built up. Maybe she feels it would be difficult to find someone she can trust as much as she trusts him.
  9. Funny, Mick Jagger starts by saying "We loved it."
  10. Took me a second to realise what D&D was.
  11. Does anyone think Guy would be able to do a better job if she had different distribution/promotion deals?
  12. I love this. Great time for a flawless rehearsal video to resurface too lol. If this is available in this quality.... Where are all the other videos in HQ though???
  13. The fact that is says "Drugs" right behind Courtney lol. I think M dealt with her in the right way.