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  1. The CNN poll is an outlier.. It's the first poll I've seen with these weird results. It got strong reactions, too. I've seen other polls that were published today and Hillary's good. Don't panic
  2. It's the media's fault. They keep attacking Hillary while giving Trump free publicity.. Morning Joe are obsessed about her Emails.
  3. NBC poll has her with +6. I don't see him winning.. She already has 270+ pretty much locked. But why is there a sense of DT gaining momentum and HRC losing? Media's fault?
  4. Latest National Poll (CNN/ORC) 9/6 Trump 45% Clinton 43% Johnson 7% Stein 2% Jesus...
  5. LOL oh no! At least no one said on national TV that you're going to die soon.. ahm
  6. You know what pisses me off? it was the same thing with Madonna when she was on tour- the insane scrutiny and healines over EVERYTHING.. including those same fucking questions about the "size of the crowd".
  7. Merkel is like their god or something in that photo. I wonder if in Germany she'll get to be at the center after yesterday...
  8. btw, this column is getting some attention.. Nate Silver retweeted it, writing "Looks like @nytimes isn't tweeting out Krugman's column, which was basically a subtweet of NYT's campaign coverage." Hillary Clinton Gets Goredhttp://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/05/opinion/hillary-clinton-gets-gored.html
  9. So not only Hillary cuts ties, but Bill will Follow suit.. And if you're really referring to the foundation being someone's baby, then it's Bill's. He's devoted the last 15 yrs creating a remarkable foundation (!) that's been helping millions of people. Only Chelsea remains on board, but the foundation will no longer accept donations outside the US. So what's the problem with everybody and this foundation is beyond me.
  10. Mostly because of foreign donations, which are totally acceptable for ANY charity. Neither Hillary nor Bill (not even Chelsea) draw salary from the foundation. They really are taking unprecedented measures to ensure people know everything is legit.. but she's nevertheless criticized. That's why the situation is unfortunate Imo.
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