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  1. M grabbed this oompa loompa by the pu$$y, and now he's butthurt.
  2. M slays Toxic better than Shitney ever could!!! Why wasn't that song give to her to record originally??!??
  3. Madonna- I Know It, Think of Me, Everybody LAV- Over and Over True Blue- Love Makes The World Go Round, Jimmy Jimmy LAP- TDDUP, Dear Jessie, Express Yourself (Love Shep's mix better) Erotica- Why's It So Hard BS- Don't Stop ROL- n/a Music- n/a American Life- I'm So Stupid, Mother and Father COADF- I Love New York Hard Candy and MDNA- Skip the whole album Rebel Heart- Illuminati
  4. Holiday, Into The Groove, Oh Father, Rain, Bad Girl, Bedtime Story, Human Nature, Power of Goodbye, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie, Hollywood, Sorry, Ghosttown... usually because someone fucked up, or Americans have next to no taste in music.
  5. Didn't wanna make a thread about it, but has anyone come across a censored EY video? I was watching TV and it came on, and it looked a little odd in bits, but it didn't strike me until the iconic dance sequence hit, someone had slowed down parts of the video to "erase" anything remotely sexual, like touching your crotch, or lying in bed with a chain around your neck. Is this just Australian TV? How could anyone touch this masterpiece.
  6. BAT would be the perfect show if Laryngitis didn't fuck up her vocals (Also if i didn't have to endure WTP lip-sync) . Nothing will ever be BAT. Nothing
  7. Except the excutiatingly terrible interlude "Confessions", i haven't enjoyed EVERY single part of a Madonna concert ever. LTT, Isaac, LAV, HU, Erotica/You Thrill Me are some of her creative peaks. I liked sticky, but it didn't feel RAW, it felt overstuffed + peak crowdonna in Human Nature is frightening
  8. I got told today Madonna "needs to put some pants on" and "she used to be cool", they know her legacy, it's just so uncool for people these days to like a 58 year old talking about her pussy getting licked. Personally it's so cool and rebellious to me, but she will never be as respected for who she is now by little shits singing "Work, work, work, work" like a fucking broken record. Unless she does another 4 Minutes kinda collaboration, her impact will be less unfortunately, and this is a loss to a generation of shitty generic pop/edm listeners who think Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga are the greatest and most influential popstars to ever walk the earth.
  9. Wonderful. Beautiful. Oml we are so lucky we have her Trying to block out the seemingly endless streams of doubters, calling her unworthy, calling the performance shit. Bitch, did you even watch? She slayed. One even said she wasn't black, therefore, unqualified to perform :spit: Moments like this are just amazing.
  10. I was 5, on a road trip somewhere, and my mum played it. I didn't really pay attention until i was about 8, and i became obsessed. COADF was my first ever full Madonna album, but i was amazed when i could fully appreciate everything (except LTT, LIB and JML but i was 8, i love them now) on this Goddess album.
  11. Jimmy Jimmy Spanish Lesson Illuminati American Pie Some Girls Love Makes The World Go Round Still better than the shit we see coming from GooGoo, Rihanna and MJ.
  12. 1. Vogue 2. Erotica 3. Express Yourself 4. Material Girl 5. Like a Virgin 6. La Isla Bonita 7. Like a Prayer 8. Rain 9. Into The Groove 10. Papa Don't Preach 11. Justify My Love 12. Open Your Heart 13. Bad Girl 14. Oh Father 15. Live To Tell 16. Take a Bow 17. Secret 18. Hung Up 19. Beautiful Stranger 20. Waiting 21. Cherish 22. Frozen 23. Power of Goodbye 24. Crazy For You 25. Bedtime Story 26. Rescue Me 27. Ray of Light 28. Sanctuary 29. Candy Perfume Girl 30. Drowned World 31. Inside of Me 32. SEX 33. X-Static Process 34. Swim 35. Living For Love 36. Ghosttown 37. Rebel Heart 38. Nothing Really Matters 39. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 40. What It Feels Like For a Girl