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  1. I couldn't be prouder. Queen. Of. Life
  2. M14 producers wishlist

    If she has to do something along the lines of MDNA & Rebel Heart, then i'm interested in what she can do with BloodPop, Devil Pray was LUSCIOUS.
  3. Ironically she could use some MDNA skin
  4. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    DW/SFL to Swim Sanctuary to Bedtime Story Isaac to Push
  5. That drag of one of her best albums, Bedtime Stories is perfection. Pitchfork have never had much taste for finer music anyway And 8.1 for Ray of Light?? Who is you?. and ohhh my god the cunt bringing up cultural appropriating in Vogue (In a completely unrelated review too)
  6. How can I trust the judgement of someone who thinks Shanti/Ashtangi is from Like a Prayer?
  7. Even if it only charts in Tajikistan, if it's good music (which it always has been) then i'm content.
  8. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    If GHV2 avoided Erotica and Ray of Light radio edits, and the Miami mix and Above and Beyond remixes of DCFMA and WIFLFAG it would be perfect. It's actually a great retrospective of the most interesting decade of her career, even if she didn't give two shits about it oh and that shitty tracklist.
  9. Every M album > Yonkee Ray of Light, Like a Prayer and Maybe True Blue should've been top 20.
  10. I saw the ad and remember thinking "bet they don't include Madonna". But there she is. Irrelevant my ass
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Her kids are gorgeous, she's showing all the love she has for them as a mother. The highlight of my day is seeing M with her children on instagram. What is revealing is using your kids as commercial products like Beyawnce and Kuntdashians. Madonna is showing us beautiful moments between mother and child.
  12. Ugh this obviously fake letter is making the rounds on social media and people are predictably going in Madonna "the seething cunt" (actual quote from some stupid Carey fan's instagram). This bitter Lutz bitch has achieved what she wanted.
  13. The most offensive thing anyone has ever said to me about Madonna, is that she is more successful than Whitney, Janet, Beyonce, Mariah etc. Is because she's white, and that she exploited black culture and black musicians. People just don't appreciate that a white artist can be successful without "white privilege", especially a woman who achieved the title of the most successful female artist on her own merit. She never "used" any african american individual, she got involved with people who she saw redeeming qualities in, like Tupac. Race never meant a thing to her, a shame other people have to constantly bring it up, it's reductive
  14. Me Against The Music And Turn Up The Radio, it's pop perfection