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  1. 1. “Words”- Maybe her most underrated album track ever, send a direct and clear message to Donald about his WORDS. 2. “Frozen” (With elements of “Isaac”)- Bring back Kabbaladonna 3. “Mer Girl” (Interlude)- With epic short film backdrop inspired by the song 4. “Hung Up” or “Get Together”- Original Discodonna form 5. “Into The Groove”- Showstopping finale honourable mentions: American Life/Material Girl, A Ilha Bonita em Português, DW/SFL, LTT, Easy Ride, If I Had a Hammer I’ll just be glad to see her, even if it means we’ll just get new re-incarnations of Candy Shop and Human Nature
  2. His "proposed cover" (aka plea for attention) involved a picture of M from the Brits, not RH tour, with no feet and the background to the film poster for wonder woman. It is impossible to support an artist of QUALITY like Madonna using his artwork for a major release, especially considering the tour was stunning visually.

    BAT would be the perfect show if Laryngitis didn't fuck up her vocals (Also if i didn't have to endure WTP lip-sync) . Nothing will ever be BAT. Nothing
  4. Except the excutiatingly terrible interlude "Confessions", i haven't enjoyed EVERY single part of a Madonna concert ever. LTT, Isaac, LAV, HU, Erotica/You Thrill Me are some of her creative peaks. I liked sticky, but it didn't feel RAW, it felt overstuffed + peak crowdonna in Human Nature is frightening