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  1. I had to do that at my last job in a cult-ish charter school during our "morning staff huddle" for this exact reason. So glad I quit
  2. Still hopeful about an official release of the RH leftovers (fabulous leftovers). A girl can dream.
  3. I can't pick! When I'm feeling happy it's LFL. When I'm feeling slutty it's Holy Water. When I want to be sad it's Joan. When I wanna be a trap queen it's BIM. When I want to karaoke in my car it's Ghosttown. When I want to sing a song about myself it's UB.
  4. Two teenagers I teach told me this is their favorite song on the album after I hounded them to listen to the whole thing. What a great influence I am on the minds of the future
  5. It pains me to vote Yeezy because he's definitely socially retarded, but the work he did to those songs was fire.
  6. I don't think I'll ever get sick of this song, it's still my car jam... Extra loud with windows open when someone's next to me.
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