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  1. Women and kids. This is horrible. I HATE terrorists.
  2. Madonna and her team have not made very "proper" (bright) decisions since she left WB
  3. IMHO, the original version is the best song on the album. It's the only song that I have played over 100 times in my car. The chorus is like drugs to me. Too bad Madonna was very insecure and desperate for hits to change the original song.
  4. Agree. She is the only reason for me to watch the boring show. I hope it will have a very low viewership. All time low that is.
  5. I'm very disappointed. Seriously, not even one nomination? Is RB that bad?
  6. I truly hope that she wil get one or two nominations. RH is certainly not her best album but still much better the her last two previous efforts.
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