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  1. Throw them in a lake infested with crocodiles.
  2. You should have added: in my opinion.
  3. Bomb Blast in Pakistan

    Women and kids. This is horrible. I HATE terrorists.
  4. 1. BAT 2. The Girlie Show 3. MDNA 4. Confession 5. Rebel Heart
  5. He's finally a man now. A manly and very very sexy one. Justin, girl, watch out!
  6. Explosions at Brussels airport

    This is horrible news.
  7. Brisbane March 16

    To be honest here, her next tour is not gonna sell well if she keeps being ridiculously late like this.
  8. Kinda OT but I want to know who that b-atch is: http://blindgossip.com/?p=77156 Loving The F*cked Up Madonna[Blind Gossip] Some people think that watching Madonna having a public meltdown is sad. Delaying concerts for hours, drinking on stage, and the public begging for affection all seem to indicate that something is very wrong with the once uber-confident superstar. Know who isn’t sad about it? One of her rivals! [she] is LOVING this! She spent about thirty or forty minutes the other day just clicking back and forth between the various gossip sites and reading [the reports] out loud to us. She said that it’s about time Madonna got her comeuppance for talking smack about her all these years. The more Madonna f*cks up and melts down, the more satisfying it is to her!
  9. The FULL show http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2016/03/11/madonna-tears-of-a-clown-in-melbourne-10-march-2015/
  10. I am curious to know what she is going to offer/perform. Hopefully she's not gonna take a d.mp on stage and let everyone watch.
  11. Rebel Heart Tour vs MDNA Tour

    I hope you were joking. The RB tour is certainly not great but it's not that bad either.
  12. This is art! SHITTY art.
  13. Rebel Heart Tour vs MDNA Tour

    - Intro/Opener - MDNA - Stage/Design - MDNA - Costumes - MDNA - Setlist - Rebel Heart - Remixes - Rebel Heart - Choreography/Dancing MDNA - Energy / Pace MDNA - Outro/Encore MDNA MDNA 6 RH 2