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  1. It does look good. Really can't wait to see it
  2. She looked so fking cool lately. Love her
  3. Madonna, the Beatles, Elvis and Michael are the four heavenly kings of music. Spread the words.
  4. When I think of Madonna, I see Chanel or Mercedes. When I see Gap or KIA, I think of Gaga or Mariah.
  5. Rare Studio Move It 2015 - Madonna 'Girl Gone Wild'
  6. I really don't understand the hate for sweet, sexy, playful, glamorous yet down to earth and approachable Kylie. What has she done? Everyone wants to be Madonna, so it's not new.
  7. I truly hope Madonna will change her hair style when her new album comes out.
  8. She looks so nice there
  9. Jennifer Lopez on Women in TV, 'In Living Color', 'Shades of Blue' & More | The View
  10. I like them both. Jen is a beautiful woman and I do appreciate her ambitions and drive for success, material wealth, power, and recognition. She's def an A lister. Janet is an ICON (she is not a legend like Madonna). Jen, however, is NOT and never will be.
  11. Rare Studio Move It 2015 - Madonna 'Girl Gone Wild'
  12. I hope she will turn her personal pain into creative inspiration. A masterpiece, more often than not, comes from an artist's pain and suffering.
  13. Holy smoke! That was awesome.