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  1. I really loved it. Was so happy that they showed it in a cinema here in cologne!
  2. Yes Falling free! Can't believe it is already 5 years! Time flies.
  3. Hope everyone is safe. Sick world..:(
  4. Absolutely agree. One of my favourites from ROL!
  5. Awww I love this! And yes, she looks flawless!
  6. It's something that bothers me too. And like you said, especially after her Billboard Woman of the year speech. I was expecting women (other celebrities) to say something positive about it. But I notive that many women, especially those women in her age group, often say sth negative about her. I think oftentimes it is jealously maybe. But it would be so important for women to defend each other or stick together. But what le smoking said is spot on.
  7. No can't be...Believe me...I would look better then as I eat all the unhealthy food. seriously I don't know why she always looks so gorgeous!
  8. She should just marry me tbh... and bring chips
  9. Again she looks so stunning I want to audition
  10. Ohh that's awesome! I couldn't eat this! haha
  11. Ah ok. Sorry, I am a bit slow today hope you find it somewhere
  12. I do! What should I do? lol Shall I translate sth?
  13. She looks so amazing! I got up extra early yesterday before work, only to find out that it will be out today Will get it later!