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  1. Yes! Love that movie. I watched it so often with my brother! And Breathless
  2. No!?! 10 years??? I remember this so well! Love it!
  3. That part where she sings " It's been so lonely without you here "
  4. That shot is just amazing and I'm happy if that's the cover! Oh and I LOVE that promo stand thing.
  5. I love celebration! haha. Is that one hated? If so, that's on my list too!
  6. Push How High Hold Tight
  7. Mercy is so cute!
  8. Happy Birthday True Blue! Amazing album!
  9. Yay! Good news! :)
  10. Voted for beautiful stranger!
  11. It's about time. Should have happened ages ago.
  12. Her ass!! She looks fabulous
  13. Love this performance so much!