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  1. Wow! haha Love it as well. That's a lot of work.
  2. I love seeing her kids so happy! Such a sweet and beautiful picture of the twins.
  3. Aww that was fun to watch! Very sweet.
  4. Hard to find words. Just so horrible and heartbreaking.
  5. Holiday...Knew that song but only found out later it's her song!
  6. Love that photo of you mother @todsmod! Beautiful!
  7. Yes! One of my favourites. Watched it a million times. She looks absolutely stunning here too.
  8. Happy Mother's Day She's such an amazing mother and I Love seeing her kids so happy.
  9. Cause she looks awesome!
  10. Cool thread! I love her in colour as well. Blue suits her very well! :)
  11. Love seeing the kids so happy. :)
  12. Love Express yourself. Just heard it in a ranom show here on TV And that video is amazing. Love the Metropolis reference and her dancing in the suit so much.
  13. Thank you for sharing! Great to see those magazines. Like others said.She's a legend. No one like her! :)