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  1. Nora

    Does Anyone Still Buy CDs

    Yup, I still buy CD's. But only of my favourite artists. So not as much as I used to. Vinyl too.
  2. It's about time. Should have happened ages ago.
  3. I just heard it on the news. So horrible :(
  4. Nora

    Songs that you hate.

    My neighbor is playing this in a loop....
  5. Hard to find words. Just so horrible and heartbreaking.
  6. Nora

    Bloody Palm Sunday

    And again! I am so sick of this...Horrible. Sorry Spazz.
  7. Hope everyone is safe. Sick world..:(
  8. Such horrible news :(
  9. Nora

    George Michael thread

    It is so hard to believe....he was so young... What a shitty year 2016 is.
  10. Nora

    George Michael thread

    I can't believe it....so sad
  11. There was a bomb threat earlier here at cologne central station. It was nothing in the end!..seriously, I hope they find those people, who use the fear of the people at the moment for such a shit...
  12. And again such horrible news.. So sad. RIP
  13. Exactly! How on earh were they able to adopt another dog??? Reading stories like that makes me so angry! I really hope those assholes get what they deserve.. Now is the time before christmas...I don't want to think about how many people get a pet (a baby of course), that will be given away once the pet is grown up...