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  1. Oh just the thought of sitting in the same plane with her...I couldn't handle...haha
  2. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Love that outfit and that foto! Love her wearing colour! God, she's so perfect!
  3. Kids react to Madonna

    That was fun to watch! "There's always boys in her videos" "Is this really the same artist?"
  4. She looks so good and is enjoying her time there!
  5. Moulin Rouge has Like a virgin too.
  6. She looks so fabulous! Gorgeous! Queen!
  7. Yes! More clips and pics and gifs! She's so fabulous!
  8. She looks so amazing! And when she puts on her sunglasses.
  9. Love everything about this performance. Nothing really matters is one of my favourites.
  10. Madonna 2018 Calendar pre-order

    oh cool! I will order!