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  1. Who's that girl. I mean I always kinda liked it but it was never a favourite. Now I love it. Especially since RHT. Rain....didn't like that at first listen.
  2. Love her interviews with JR. That from 1992 (it is 1992 right?) remains my favourite.
  3. The best. I wish I could do a time travel and see this live
  4. I love the twins Omg. Answering to this thread is a challenge. Everything is shaking... Love mama Madonna
  5. One of my favourites from BS too. But the whole album is superb!
  6. She's so hot! She looks amazing. I enjoyed the movie...
  7. Thank you for sharing!
  8. I am in Germany. I really don't hear her that often. A friend of me always texts me when she hears an M song on the radio. Most of the time it is lap. Wish they'd play more!
  9. When I hear her it is either frozen, la isla bonita, hung up or like a prayer..
  10. Love the movie so much. Have watched it so many times. Have the best time, @anastaza :)
  11. Oh another one of those....women her age that criticize her. What a bullshit.
  12. Always great to hear other artists talk about M. Love Mel C. Always have.