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  1. that title. Love that song. One of my favourites from confessions tour too and I watch it very often. That chair dance
  2. Aaawww everyone is sick right now. Love the video! 😍
  3. How I love waking up to new photos of M!
  4. Oh!! She looks so gorgeous!
  5. Yes others should take note. So amazing how she kept going! What a star! :)
  6. Just AMAZING! We talked about the video in our seminar at university. I had fun! Haha.
  7. Yes yes yeeesss Love it! Let me watch again
  8. Wooohooo. So looking forward to this!!
  9. I am so happy to hear that! What an amazing woman she is and what a big heart she has! :) So happy for the two little girls!
  10. That was just so awesome!