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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It’s actually so fucking iconic. Maybe more iconic if she was 70
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Madonna at 60 doing Moschino is so iconic. A full 180 from wearing Moschino in the 80s
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    is she wearing the jacket from Look 18 from Moschino Fall 2018? This collection was inspired by Express Yourself: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM If you can believe, nearly 30 years have passed since Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” and [Jeremy] Scott was quick to give credit: “It’s very much in line with what our great forefather Madonna laid out, if I might say so.” https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2018-menswear/moschino
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I said she would do a Moschino campaign. Looks like it!
  5. Fergie thread

    She should've released a single after lol
  6. Fergie thread

    Needs rehab shes been absolutely trashed at every recent event I’ve seen her at she was so fucked up on Wendy
  7. Reductive

    Remember when I sent in a candid of her to People of Walmart and they posted it since she’s so fucking pedestrian :lmao
  8. Makes sense they're from Jersey
  9. Reductive

    umm please edit that now
  10. It was easily my favorite pop song of 2017
  11. LMAOOOOO IM DEAD but yes honey Rita really did that I’m so inspired and she’s so brave
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    at least she moved on from nicki
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She followed Cardi B
  14. Omg she’s totally gonna mention Madonna and flop films