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  1. y'all are high Not Myself Tonight is a hoe anthem BOP and it gave us the ICONIC kids BOP VERSION and if u don't like it BOO HOO
  2. Beyonce won't return her calls for telephone part 2 so she's probably just focused on getting that and that's it
  3. ummmm not myself tonight was a great hoe anthem
  4. Love green light and liability!!!
  5. Girl AUGUST???? Madonna has me fucked up about this. Like really girl? 5 months? Just put the shit on all streaming platforms now and get it over with
  6. yasssssssssssssss love emma
  7. Riverwide, Gimmiesomemo, CUBB: the live in their parent's basement holy trinity
  8. Oh bitch I do like the song tho I caught myself almost skipping to it on the way to work today LMAO
  9. The only ppl that shared her performance where she did her little people stomp walk were gays
  10. Yeah. She just gets kind of lost among it all. It's too complex and should be simplified. Her with two palm trees and two sharks worked way better than this.
  11. Love the song but the concepts for these live performances just fall flat. She needs to fire someone.
  13. Who hit her with a stun gun between her titties?
  14. It was all rebel heart hun please have a sit.
  15. I don't get it. Sounds like all her other dribble.