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  1. omg I love how Madonna was like she can't even fucking read
  2. That's a reach, your honor. It was good but not that great girl
  3. Her fan base is old I've started calling them that and it's driving them insane. So begin doing that girlies.
  4. LOVE it!
  5. I hope Madonna kicks GOOP out the table to the damn curb again. She should go up to her and call her the damn uber. Bye Gwen buh bye
  6. All these hoes show up in boring ass shit every year. Thank GOD for Madonna. It's not another column dress the other girls wear
  7. LOVED it too and it was pure Madonna
  8. LEGEND served tonight in Moschino and everything was fine at the end of the day. She looked marvelous
  9. Not the best met gala look for her but hey...she looked fine and I'm glad she went. I'm celebrating her here doing her thing. REJOICE!!!!!
  10. Not saying madonna is a nobody but she did the damn thing from nothing