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  1. Never forget when I got her posted to People of Wal Mart LMAOOO
  2. Can you even imagine if someone comes out in something that sucks and she doesn't like??? Her face gonna be like:
  3. Can't wait for Madonna to go on. When Gaga was on they didn't vote anyone off because she wanted to be nice. I HOPE MADONNA SENDS LIKE 5 QUEENS HOME RIGHT OFF THE BAT.
  4. If I remember correctly, it was one of the most pirated albums that year.
  5. yeah like its all so fucking fake. The bitch don't have nothing wrong with her in one bit. her fans have serious issues
  6. They have quite a following on instagram and social media...they do make-up tutorials and I think it would be smart to have them use MDNA skin for some promo...lots of impressions
  7. She's totally going to do it. She's been instagramming Milk who was on season 6 or something.
  8. She should lay off the booze and pills. She's just hung over
  9. She said that Madonna wouldn't look her in the eye and call her reductive...
  10. omfggggg those box scores I'm gonna try and see her in baltimore if tickets are cheap af the night of...