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  1. Just read that she wrote, composed, and arranged every song on the album except one, which she collaborated on. TALENT.
  2. Her new album Hatsukoi is out today. I'm digging it. Anyone listen to her? Some of the singles: Play A Love Song (WHICH I LOVEEEEEE!!!): Forevermore:
  3. LMAO I just got a free stay at a resort this summer for my instagram. What some of these influencers don't get is that people have to actually like you.
  4. I love my my my and the good side is great. It's basically the smiths- please please please let me get what i want with updated production. loves it
  5. Madonna's curse really hit that Katy House HARD
  6. There's a huge debate whether or not this is a DNA case. The evidence in the house surely suggests an inside job. And I would also say that all of the evidence on Jonbenet herself is contaminated since the father carried her, and both parents threw themselves over her. Her body was also moved twice and the house was not secured for hours. Her body laid under the christmas tree until everyone left the house in the afternoon,
  7. Yeah he had whacked her with a golf club and also had taken to smearing his feces on her belongings, in her bed, on her candy, and on her christmas presents. Fucking gross lol The duct tape on her mouth had been placed there after she was already dead since there were no tongue prints on it consistent with a struggle. Fibers matching the jacket Patsy wore that night were also found on the inside of the duct tape. This wouldn't have been that contaminated (though it still is), since John ripped the duct tape off and kept it in the wine cellar when he brought JB's body upstairs. He did bring the tape up after though so Patsy's jacket could've had transfer there since she was wearing the same outfit as the night before. The Boulder PD are a bunch of idiots though. That DNA evidence would never hold up in court, since the examiner used the same finger clipper on each nail, and had also used the same clippers on multiple bodies in the morgue. LMAO So much contamination with all the evidence. It would be a nightmare to try and prosecute the Ramseys. A defense lawyer would've eaten a prosecutor alive.
  8. Yeah that's where I lean as well, and it's the one theory that makes sense. Burke did the head wound and the ligature (it wasn't a garrote at all). Patsy did the dressing of the body and the note.
  9. These two are the fucking definition of necromancy
  10. omg I'm sending your DNA to get tested against the samples rn
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