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  1. Sasha was amazing! I loved her Marlena snatch game and Dita look.
  2. why do they always have to specify Madonna in relationship to her gender? I absolutely acknowledge that M changed the game for female artists but isn't it also important to note that she has outlasted all her contemporaries as well? Titles like that just sound like "She's good...for a girl" the rest's great tho
  3. I think the original is polarizing because it has personality. It smells of old glamour and amber. It's become my signature scent. This daddy thought it was from italy and began mention all these cultured scents I had no clue about...little did he know it was Madonna's it's great because you can get it fairly cheap but it smells quite expensive
  4. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    My record just came! It sounds fantastic and looks gorgeous! I don't think the cover used was from the master cover--- I looks a bit blurry, but very vibrant and the lettering is very clean and touched up. Overall, I don't have any complaints because I feel like it fits into the whole 20's hooker lewk! I love it!
  5. Love Love Love this! We need more reinventions of the immaculate collection--- here's holiday (https://soundcloud.com/djtajremixes/madonna-holiday-2016-taj-vs-aude-mashupclick-buy-for-free-download) anyone got anything else?
  6. Borderline Dress U Up Live To Tell Like a Prayer/ Oh Father Vogue Erotica Love Tried To Welcome Me Drowned World/ Substitute For Love What It Feels Like For A Girl Intervention Forbidden Love Candy Shop Girl Gone Wild Messiah
  7. CNN series "THE EIGHTIES"

    I just got home from my first visit to New York! There was seriously so many buses with that picture, and the others had Reagan When I first saw it I ran over and screamed "it's Madonna!" and asked for a friend to take a photo of me with it but instead she took one of the cab next to me. She thought Madonna was in it
  8. How do you feel about CELEBRATION

    here's my ideal tracklist... holiday lucky star borderline burning up everybody like a virgin material gurl crazy 4 you dress u up into the grove live 2 tell papa dont preach tru blue open ur heart la isla bonita whos that girl like a prayer express yourself cherish hanky panky vogue justify my love rescue me erotica deeper and deeper fever rain secret human nature take a bow frozen ray of light nothing really matters beautiful stranger music don't tell me american pie it's so cool (dance remix) die another day sorry hung up get together 4 minutes revolver give me all ur love girl gone wild bitch im madonna rebel heart living for love celebration