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  1. I like Crave .. I do not know if it's a single but it's a good song. for now I miss a song that can become a hit. I love i Rise and Crave .. but it is not what I had in mind for this album.. in each interview in recent years she has told us how much Portugal had inspired her.. and really in the songs that we have heard that Portuguese inspiration is not seen. maybe that's what I expected ... more influence of fado, of Portuguese music .. and not reggeton or more urban music. Visually this era is a 10! she is beautiful, videos to promote every song, a great job. I've been listening to Crave for hours ... and I like it more and more ... there is still much to discover about Madame X.
  2. I still have not heard it, I downloaded it on Friday.. although my expectations are not very high after reading reviews of the fans..
  3. I do not see you very enthusiastic about the song.. I'll wait for Friday
  4. I love this song! .. I'm looking forward to Friday to hear Grave!
  5. unfortunately I think it will be like that.. for Eurovision I preferred a dance song .., we will enjoy what she offers us. but for Eurovision I would like something else. However Like a prayer is perfect, I do not know anyone who does not like ... a Madonna classic .. without a doubt!
  6. It's a Madonna classic that everyone recognizes and adores
  7. will be the director of Crave Steven Klein? Yesterday he was with her at gala
  8. Medellin does not seem like a song for Eurovision .. and I do not like Maluma.. in my country you go out at night and you have not heard other music for 8 years that raeguetton and I do not like it .. I'm bored to go out and listen to songs by Maluma, Dj Yankee .. etc .. Let's go .. that will sing Medellin in Eurovision .. omg .. I expected something new, dance ,,
  9. Madonna has always reached more to the public with dance themes (Hung up, Music) than with ballads .. Is it really going to be presented at Eurovision (if it is true) promoting a ballad? by the way it's very strange that She os not rehearsing for Eurovision ... She will not think to act again with Maluma and Medellin ..
  10. the truth I would refer a dance song to a ballad ..
  11. Madonna spectacular!.. I hope I can get a copy..the truth is that in this era she so so Beautiful. As for what she talks about motherhood, it is still early as she says to know what each of her children will do. what is also true is that those who have suffered the most to the paparazzi, the covers have been their eldest sons. Madonna when she was born Lola was less than 40 years old and was constantly persecuted, now that has relaxed a lot.. Lola has received an excessive notice in social networks, press ... waiting for her at the exit of the institute, harassing her ... remember that time at the airport .. Madonna comforting Lola? Thank God neither David nor Mercy nor the little ones have received that attention. Lola has always been the one that has received more attention in the media, criticizing her eyebrows, or stealing private photos in Instagram ..( none of his children has lived that). Lola Like Paris Jackson receives more pressure than her brothers I remember that years ago Lola asked in an educated way that please do not steal her pics from your friends' accounts (she has a private instagram). I remember he said that she liked to act, but she did not like what celebrities had become I think that after all that media pressure, Lola wanted to withdraw as much as possible from the focus, and I understand ...I think he's happier enjoying with his friends a more anonymous life. time will tell what she will do, but she has prepared and prepared hard, I think she is afraid to expose herself and to be harassed and persecuted again. I understand Madonna and the cells.., social networks suck. anyway, not everything is solved with not buying a mobile phone, (hopefully) .. the problems come in adolescence, challenges, friendships. I'm sorry but being Lenny Kravitz's daughter is not the same as being Madonna's daughter. the press would not be fierce with a daughter of Kravitz and say what it would be with Madonna's daughter.. I think that after seeing these videos you can understand Lola's fear, doubts ... it's crazy ... little shit !. None of his brothers had that harassment pursued on the beach while bathing the paparazzi in the sand https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/madonnas-daughter-lourdes-leon-is-seen-with-friends-on-miami-beach/video/c6066e1975cef06379870a419b5faf84 this video of Lola with 8 years is scary, I think that if I were her she would put me under a stone ..so sad. this madness has not been lived by any of Madonna's children, I understand that she is afraid of the networks, to be compared.
  12. My God .. I love i Rise! it seems perfect! this is what I expect from this album, I do not stop listening this song. much better than Medellin .. (I hope they do not block me again for saying that Medellin was not what I expected .. I also have not been the only one who said it). After listening to I Rise, I look forward to each song ..
  13. it is known if it will open or close the show ..? it's strange that he acts in the middle of the show.. I'm really nervous ... I do not want to imagine how she will be in these moments.
  14. is what has to present a first single with Maluma, I have already said that has new collaboration every two days.. It's hard to know what your new song is, I do not know if your fans are streaming, although I guess they prefer their collaborations with someone younger. the problem is that the song does not sound on radios., a lot of people do not even know that Madonna throws a record.. what I hate is the lack of respect I see towards Madonna on the part of the youth, of the media.. in what society shit we live in which when you turn years despise you as if you were a butt. Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop !, perhaps someone has removed The Crown to Michael after death?.. I do not stop reading articles, the ex queen of pop ..sorry? the world of pop and music would not be what it is without Madonna.. it's very sad .. it's scary to see how some media addresses her, like a finished artist ... but do these people know what this woman's accomplishments are? (including his last tour) or it is simply ignorance and envy? I leave an article in Spanish that is disgusting! just by translating the title you will be able to account for the kind of garbage that is! I leave an article in Spanish that is disgusting! just by translating the title you will be able to account for the kind of garbage that is.. Madonna vs. Maluma: the ex queen of pop desperately seeks to be heard https://www.elmundo.es/loc/famosos/2019/04/30/5cc6cdbffc6c83441e8b45c7.html SHIT!
  15. yes ... many artists have come to know in Eurovision. Abba, Celine Dion , Clif Richards .. Bonnie Taylor also participated. Years ago it was a great event .. then it went through a moment of decadence.. a few years ago it has resurfaced again ... it has a brutal audience! .. a young audience.. The truth is that some performances are very prepared. I hope Madonna makes a performance that leaves everyone shocked.
  16. Exclusive news on Madonna’s ballad “I Rise” GIAMPIERO on April 29, 2019 at 7:14 pm We at DrownedMadonna.com learned some exciting info regarding “I Rise,” from Madonna’s Madame X album. Precisely, that the track is a Ballad and exactly a Pride Anthem. You might have noticed that, in the press release for Madame X, it was announced that “I Rise” will be an anthemic song. What we heard is that the song is something very special for our LGBTQ community, precisely a Gay Anthem. Unlike “Medellín”, we at DrownedMadonna.com are glad to reveal that “I Rise” is NOT a dance track, but a ballad. Anyway, we also learned that it will be remixed specifically for the clubs. As you probably know, “I Rise” is one of the 4 songs that will be available from Madonna’s Madame X album, before the release of the full album. It is not a coincidence that “I Rise” has been chosen as the first of these 4 tracks. In fact, the day after it will be available, Madonnawill receive the prestigious Advocate for Change Award at the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards. “Madonna always has and always will be the LGBTQ community’s greatest ally and it is only fitting to honour and celebrate our biggest advocate at GLAAD’s biggest event ever,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “From the HIV crisis to international LGBTQ issues, she fearlessly pushes for a world where LGBTQ people are accepted. Her music and art have been life-saving outlets for LGBTQ people over the years and her affirming words and actions have changed countless hearts and minds.” This will be a very exciting Madonna‘s week, with a very epic performance at the Billboard Music Awards, the release of “I Rise” and the GLAAD Award acceptance. The pride season is starting soon!
  17. She used the hashtag #magic for months.. this will be the reason?
  18. OMG and what she will be prepared for Eurovision? .. the same performance?
  19. https://newsfeeds.media/madonna-60-keeps-a-low-profile-as-she-covers-her-face-for-arrival-into-las-vegas/ Madonna has arrived in Las Vegas
  20. how many times can you watch the video from youtube a day so that it will count?
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