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  1. 3 hours ago, rekha said:

    She talks about Dino DiSantiago's influence on all aspects of the album. Without him this record wouldn't exist. Funana was inspired by him.

    Batuka which incorporates african beats. The orchestra featured in this song was introduced to her by Dino. She saw them performing at a club and wanted to work with them.

    She says music doesn't discriminate and uses that theme in Killers who are partying. She is happy that English is not the only common language for pop music anymore and she is glad to be part of that movement.

    She talks about paving the way for younger artists and younger women today, talking about Emma Gonzalez's speech in I Rise.


    Thanks! 👍😍

  2. I think Eurovision is already tiring.

    Many of my friends, family have told me that they have been disappointed

    I think Madonna was misinformed about Eurovision, 

    Eurofans want to dance, have fun .. (even if I hate Eurovision).

    the non-fan people hear that Madonna does some amazing shows, she dancing. unfortunately the message of peace does not interest them too much.

    I think they expected to see something more cheerful, like in the Suprbowl and not a dark and deep performance.

    the pity is that it is a show that millions of people see.

    what was going to be a push for tour ticket sales for non-fan audiences has become otherwise.

    I've seen the performance again and I do not think it was such a disaster, but I understand that a non-fan wants fun, dance ..

    proud of Madonna and her message. 

  3. it seems that people love to hate Madonna

    I have not seen this disproportionate reaction in these other actions.


    I think they are much more embarrassing.

    Madonna has out of tune in some notes, but she has done a great show.

    a pity that the shit of society in which we live of more importance to sing badly than to the message of peace that was in the performance.it seems that they did not understand


  4. I'm already tired of always getting crap about Madonna..especially when She go to some awards ceremony.

    Brits ( living for Love)

    bilboard ( Prince tribute)

    mtv Awards ( aretha tribute)

    and now.. Eurovision.

    I can understand that they say that she have out of tune, but that they want to withdraw it, to end their career seems to me tremendously exaggerated and unfair. 😡

  5. 1 minute ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    The extreme delusion is real. 

    She did NOT sound good at all at the EUROVISION. Who the fuck talked about those other great/good performances she has given? 

    I think it was not her best performance ... but those critical comments have been disproportionate.


  6. 5 minutes ago, Bette Davis Dub said:

    The headlines of the biggest newspapers in Germany:

    Queen of Pop dethrones herself
    Appearance of the Queen of Pop causes horror
    The Madonna shock at the ESC. Can she really not sing?
    A low point of her career. Maybe even the endpoint
    Madonna's failed performance: embarrassing and political
    This ESC has ruined Madonna's career
    No one sings as bad as Madonna

     😱😱 Terrible

  7. 1 minute ago, Andra said:

    Difference is that performance wasn't watched live by like 200 million people.

    Eurovision in Europe has a lot of impact.For better and for worse.

    people who have not seen the performance and see those headlines the next day, 

    They will think that Madonna made a terrible performance ... and it really is not like that.

    as you said the performance has many political connotations..  many more than yesterday I could appreciate.

    we are in troubled times, where getting into political issues is dangerous.

    no one else than she would be able to do what she did yesterday in Israel, flags ...I can not think of another artist to do this..

  8. 5 minutes ago, lautert said:

    My only complaint is related to her dance moves. I keep myself thinking if it's just because she doesn't work out that much more, or the new ass or another thing, idk 

    Back to the performance,  I  like the concept, the attitude. Although in my opinion this is not the kind of performance that would reconnect her with the general public. And probably she knew it, so it means she doesn't want to play safe. 

    I agree ... with the great dancers she has expected a more elaborate choreography.

    I also lacked a bit of choreography in Madonna, even if only at specific times.

    the interview was perfect.

  9. I've seen the performance again and I really do not understand all the commotion that has formed.

    it is true that in like a Prayer it went off at specific moments, the performance will not be the most spectacular of Madonna, but of course she does not deserve all the shit that the media are giving her.


    it is clear that they are not going to pass the opportunity to criticize her,if I She sang  in playback it would be criticized.. if tune a little already want that is remove and say that is finished.

    social networks are disgusting.

    I hope to wake up from this bad


  10. let's see, it's true that he has out of tune, but come on, the performance will not be the best of Madonna, 

    but the lynching that is receiving from the media seems to me exaggerated and unfair.

    I hope that in the next days the thing calms down.

    the truth is that I feel for her, we know what works and she tries, so that the media then throws her work on the ground and they want to remove it.

    I do not think Madonna is having a good day today, for Madonna fans either.

    It is supposed that this would be a great promotion for the tour, and unfortunately they are turning it into the opposite.

  11. I do not think any of us are   Madonna fans because she has a powerful voice.


    If they were looking for an excuse to criticize it, they found it

    Do you remember ray of light at the Mtv awards with Lenny? ... there I sing badly..


    Do you remember when he fell down the stairs with livin for Love? there were people who said that it was finished ... although others praised its capacity of reaction..


    I think for Eurovision They I had to choose another repertoire, something more moved, that people could dance ..that Madonna herself could dance.

    I do not like to see her perform with Quavo or with Maluma .. she takes away Madonna' presence on stage, she does not need anyone to shine.

  12. I think that this performance has lacked energy..

    SHe is 60 years old and that begins to be noticed, she does not dance so much,

    I think we'll have to get used to seeing Madonna's shows in another way.

    I do not think it was a bad performance, but neither has it been epic. 

    I did not like the spoken part,

    the version of Like a Prayer was too sober, it must have made a more moved version and that the public could interact.

    in the interview it was incredible.

  13. I liked it, but I really expected more..

    it's true that in Like a Prayer I do not sing too well..whenever she's going to act at prizes she gets nervous.

    I did not like the choreography of Future, or that of the dancers .. Madonna too static..


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