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  1. 7 minutes ago, Bette Davis Dub said:

    This era feels a little bit as if she would have released Isaac and Push as first Confessions singles or Candy Perfume Girl and Shanti/Ashtangi as first Ray of Light singles. I understand her concept of giving something back to Portugal and Latin culture, but it's a very risky decision to release so many commercially weak tracks (apart from Medellin) before the album release. It seems she wants to save GC and IDSIF for the NYC Pride and focus on longevity instead of a short massive impact. Maybe it pays off that she still has so many aces up her sleeve.


  2. I love Future ... but I'm sorry it was not a song for Eurovision.

    I think they were not very aware of what people expect to see in Eurovision. regardless of singing well or bad, the performance lacked strength she very static, the choreography of the dancers too simple, was a missed opportunity, especially because you are watching 200 million people.It has been a mistake.

     Let,s forget about ESC ,let's enjoy Madame X, the tour! 

    this has just begun!

  3. I hope everything is as good as I read..

    What I do not understand is that if there are songs so powerful and that they can be commercial because they chose it as the first single Medellin. ( Maluma).


    I hope that those songs have prominence in the promotion of this album.

    Why did not you choose one of those songs for Eurovision?.

    let's hope what the strategy is going to be from now, everything in this era is perfect. ( except Eurovision).

    I will continue waiting for Friday to listen to the whole album.

    although this weekend I will be very busy watching Rosalia, Iggy Pop, black this peas, David Guetta...

  4. 3 minutes ago, robster said:

    Okay, beware of spoilers, detailed review of God Control:

    The track opens with a continuation of the ending of Dark Ballet, you hear M huffing and puffing and breathing, then a solemn piano with M's vocals (she sounds like she has grills in her mouth, but for some reason it fits the tone of the lyrics, as her voice starts to get more and more aggrivated and aggresive as she continues). Talking about the state of the nation and how we need to wake up "When they talk reforms, it makes me laugh. They pretend to help, it makes me laugh." She finishes with "They say that we need love, but we need more then this", piano drops away for a bit, then the choir comes in full blast, repeating the line "We lost God Control". Then the track stops, and these disco tinged violins come in, you hear a few gun shots and bullet shells falling to the floor, a stewardess like vocal comes in saying "This is your wake-up call. I'm like your nightmare. I'm here to start your day!" Full on Disco instrumentation kicks in as M starts to sing "This is your wake-up call". Very catchy melody, with violins warbling, clapping, a fun beat, then comes the wordy rappinghood inspired rap section followed by a whispering M "everybody knows the damn truth, wake up" which goes into frantically warbling violins with a repeated and heavily vocodered Wake Up. Then later the violins drop out as the disco beat continues and she sings a new melody line "It's a weird kind of energy", then back into the vocodered wake-up, back to the wordy rappinghood rap. Then the track starts to build to a crescendo with the violins rising and falling, vocodered warbling "wake up, wake up, wake up" again. Instrumental bit with Mirwais' best take on disco. Then the track drops in energy as she screams in a processed voice "A NEW DEMOCRACY", as the music is low in energy she starts whispering the opening monologue again as the music starts to swell, this time with the Choir in the background, heavy chords slammed on the piano as the track grows and grows, untill only the choir remains repeating "We lost god control" untill they drop out as well and M repeats in a whispered voice "wake up wake up wake up" until it fades out!

    :yowza: omg!

  5. 2 minutes ago, dollhouse said:

    I mean who other young or old pop star could afford to leave most instant songs unreleased as singles or last?

    I mean performing God Control, Faz Gostoso or Batuka at Esc and any of them would be no.1 still.


    I want to hear Madame x! ..I do not want to hear anything until Friday.

    I think he has left very powerful songs for the release.

    this era is amazing, the only negative point is Eurovision, which at least in Europe has not benefited, 

    yesterday I had an argument with a friend criticizing her for her performance in Eurovision.  and praising Beyoncé.. although Madonna fans are used to this, It hurts..

    I hope nothing leaks until Friday!p

  6. 5 hours ago, Msig said:

    MadonnaTribe reports that the Italian press was invited to listen to Madame X yesterday, and their reviews have started appearing:

    Vanity Fair Italia: Very positive. The reviewer says that not everyone is gonna like it.

    Rockol: Mixed. The reviewers seems most impressed by "Come Alive" and "Faz Gostoso".

    Il Manifesto: Very positive.

    Ansa: Rather objective/neutral in its descriptions of the songs, but feels generally favourable.

    La Presse: Very positive. The reviewer describes  "Dark Ballet" and "Extreme Occident" as 'successful experiments', and mentions "Killers Who Are Partying" as a highlight.

    Paolo Giordano: Very positive. He mentions "Batuka" as one of the best songs on the album. 

    Pickline: Mixed. "Crave", "Crazy", "I Rise", "God Control" and Faz Gostoso" are mentioned as highlights.

    GingerGeneration: Generally favourable. The reviewer seems most impressed by "I Don't Search I Find", "Killers Who Are Partying", "Bitch I'm Loca" and"Faz Gostoso".


  7. I love Dark Ballet, the song and the video! It's strange, dark but wonderful.

    what a surprise that is accompanied by a fantastic video!.

    it is clear that Madonna is once not worried about having a commercial success, millions of récords sold, numbers one on the charts.

    Madonna makes it clear that with this album she is not looking for commercial success, she is expressing herself as an artist. There really is not a definite single, she wanted to show us her work little by little.

    I can not be more proud of her, for being different, for Kept fighting, for not giving up despite the adversities, no matter how much they want to destroy you, you are unique.

    I hope one day you will receive that recognition that you have always been denied from the beginning.

    I can not wait to hear the rest of Madame x

    thanks Madonna

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