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  1. omg ... after reading this review every time I find it more difficult to wait...
  2. it seems that we are going to be four those that wait for the 14
  3. I love Future ... but I'm sorry it was not a song for Eurovision. I think they were not very aware of what people expect to see in Eurovision. regardless of singing well or bad, the performance lacked strength she very static, the choreography of the dancers too simple, was a missed opportunity, especially because you are watching 200 million people.It has been a mistake. Let,s forget about ESC ,let's enjoy Madame X, the tour! this has just begun!
  4. I hope everything is as good as I read.. What I do not understand is that if there are songs so powerful and that they can be commercial because they chose it as the first single Medellin. ( Maluma). I hope that those songs have prominence in the promotion of this album. Why did not you choose one of those songs for Eurovision?. let's hope what the strategy is going to be from now, everything in this era is perfect. ( except Eurovision). I will continue waiting for Friday to listen to the whole album. although this weekend I will be very busy watching Rosalia, Iggy Pop, black this peas, David Guetta...
  5. the text does not correspond with the qualification, it seems more a 4.star..
  6. I want to hear Madame x! ..I do not want to hear anything until Friday. I think he has left very powerful songs for the release. this era is amazing, the only negative point is Eurovision, which at least in Europe has not benefited, yesterday I had an argument with a friend criticizing her for her performance in Eurovision. and praising Beyoncé.. although Madonna fans are used to this, It hurts.. I hope nothing leaks until Friday!p
  7. I just saw that fans of Argentina already have the album .. I think it will be impossible that nothing leaked before Friday. what a pity!
  8. let's cross the fingers.. Only a few days, Madonna does not deserve anything to leak this time.
  9. I love Dark Ballet, the song and the video! It's strange, dark but wonderful. what a surprise that is accompanied by a fantastic video!. it is clear that Madonna is once not worried about having a commercial success, millions of récords sold, numbers one on the charts. Madonna makes it clear that with this album she is not looking for commercial success, she is expressing herself as an artist. There really is not a definite single, she wanted to show us her work little by little. I can not be more proud of her, for being different, for Kept fighting, for not giving up despite the adversities, no matter how much they want to destroy you, you are unique. I hope one day you will receive that recognition that you have always been denied from the beginning. I can not wait to hear the rest of Madame x thanks Madonna
  10. thanks for all these reviews. I do not let myself be influenced by criticism (film or music), but there are many people who do it. it seems that this is going to be a very different album, which I celebrate. I can not wait ..
  11. Thanks Mensch! .I think that rumor from another album was already commented on by someone in the forum. It seems a bit strange that it's true ... we'll see..
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