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  1. Dark ballet, then God control. All videos are great, but those two are just brilliant.
  2. I think her age is irrelevant, she sings as she has done in the past. Can’t wait to see her on tour, again.
  3. I think God Control was to controversial for Eurovision and was dropped.
  4. Congratulation Madonna. Still charting with both single and album. Still relevant, with the best album in years.
  5. Bought digital and physical and is streaming non stop. Keep up the stream
  6. Not her best day, no. But I’m so proud of her for the focus on the conflict. Read one comment saying something like: “the Arabs are the real occupants, they have occupied Jerusalem for several hundred years”. Where should the inhabitants go? I’m so glad she chose to focus on this conflict, and how her focus was peace in the region. It’s important that people are made aware of this.
  7. She will do exactly how she wants as usual, and might even risk her fee to do so. She has made it clear she supports peace in the region, and one way or another that will show in her performance. I’m sure of it.
  8. Its just beautiful. Her voice...his voice. The best song in many years. Just love it.
  9. Such an amazing song. I love it... This is what I’ve been waiting for....Pure Madonna magic....
  10. After 3-4 listenings I think it’s brilliant. At first I thought, oh no, now I can’t wait for the album.
  11. No leaks as of yet. That is amazing. If the song with Maluma is good, it will chart, perhaps not in the US, but still. Another great song at the Eurovision and tour tickets released the same week, and then more tickets sold at the album release in June.
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