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  1. Bjornvegards

    Blond Ambition Tour 28 years ago!

    Me too. I want a dvd, now!
  2. Bjornvegards

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    What a show. Such a great era. What an amazing woman. She gave us all we could ask for and then she brought us tears of a clown. I can't wait for the DVD. 1986, True Blue, been a fan ever since, and always will be. So glad i have had the chance to see her live a few times. So many memories. And all the awesome music.
  3. Bjornvegards

    Tokyo - February 13

    Was it the big or the small arena?
  4. Full house tonight? I need a second leg next summer!! Enjoy the show and keep posting updates💃😀
  5. Bjornvegards

    Mannheim concert

    And she is almost always later than that. She will probably start by 11.15:-)
  6. Bjornvegards

    Mannheim concert

    It was announced that she would be late!
  7. Bjornvegards

    Turin - November 22nd

    Just remember some of us actually like both forums. Neil is one of the nice guys and has provided so much useful info;-)
  8. Bjornvegards

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    Did you not hear. The tour has already been filmed in Cologne on the first night. The audience will be edited in later. She will also have to replace some of the performances, since she was not "on form" because of jet lag. The "do you understand English comment" stays in though!
  9. Bjornvegards

    Herning, Denmark - 16 November 2015

    I remember MDNA tour in Oslo. The show was great, the audience was great. I remember telling my wife the rewiews would be bad the next day. And I was right! In both Sweden and Denmark its the same. Strange though that the media coverage is huge each time;-)