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  1. Can't stop reading / watching the telegraph and guardian live streams Not getting any work done whatsoever
  2. Most on time for me was Taylor Swift. Supposed to start at 8.30. She was on stage 10 minutes later.
  3. For US$1000 a ticket, Macau ticket holders should get it too.
  4. Isn't it in central Manchester above Victoria Station?
  5. Didn't Bieber start late at the O2 a couple years back?
  6. Thanks Nonoka. But I'm about to take off for London. I'll just have to wait three months for Asia.
  7. Wishing I'd decided to do night 2 also. Oh well.
  8. Looking a bit packed around the heart tip
  9. Ordered key ring and poster on the same day. Key ring arrived a few weeks back. Poster is yet to be delivered.
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