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  1. George Michael thread

    Hopefully the charts will show the same.
  2. Guess The Music Video Game!

    5. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
  3. George Michael thread

    So Last Christmas is back again in the UK top 10 this week. Will it finally make it to be Christmas no 1? Would be a lovely tribute to George, one year on.
  4. Christmas Music

    Last Christmas, of course.
  5. Guess The Music Video Game!

    6. Aretha Franklin and George Michael - I knew you were waiting (for me)
  6. George Michael thread

    Hmmm. Prefer fantasy 98.
  7. Guess The Music Video Game!

    Is #6 something by Gorillaz?
  8. New U2 single !

    Live Aid + the three singles from Joshua Tree?
  9. George Michael thread

    Yep, hope so too. It's now gonna be played at 8.10am (instead of 9am).
  10. George Michael thread

    So it looks like we might be getting some new music...
  11. New U2 single !

    Yep. Joshua Tree 2017 tour is a damn good show. New single 'You're the best thing about me' has just come out.
  12. Coldplay thread

    US$6m per show from Asia. Get those $$$$$$$$$$$$
  13. George Michael thread

    Yep. Closure and he can finally be laid to rest.
  14. BRIT AWARDS 2017

    Yeah. He was a bit offkey but it was genuine and heartfelt. You could see he was really emosh at the end. But I'm glad they asked him instead of nobheads like Gary Barlow or San Smith.