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  1. Just listened to it... Awesome! The production is impeccable and I don’t find the autotune excessive at all. The only songs I found skippable are Come Alive, Gostoso and Loca.
  2. My super deluxe edition won’t be shipped until tomorrow so I guess I’ll be waiting till next week.
  3. This seems to be many people’s favorite. Can’t wait to hear it!
  4. Ugh, reading this thread is like torture.
  5. Thankfully I don't even know where to look for these leaks. Only a few days to go!
  6. I'm really excited for Crazy. Sounds like it's right up my alley.
  7. Omg, is that the back cover? I love it!!!
  8. It’s not the best article ever but Madonna’s reaction seems a little extreme.
  9. I genuinely can't wait to hear this one.
  10. Now everyone’s gonna go from loving it to ”the article was terrible!”
  11. I actually love Swae’s voice (at least on this song). Don’t need a solo version.
  12. Love the one where she’s hugging her younger self.
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