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  1. Dark Ballet God Control Future  Batuka Killers Who Are Partying Crave Crazy Come Alive Extreme Occident Funana Looking for Mercy I Rise
  2. Is it really love if it hurts?Is it really pain if it's inside?On the outside, I'm strongHold my hand, please sympathize Is it really faith if I'm weak?Can you tell the truth when you live lies?I'm just looking for the signsHold my hand, please sympathize
  3. Absolutely. She’s written some of the most gorgeous songs I’ve ever heard.
  4. She said in an interview that the fingersnaps are actually sampled from Vogue!
  5. Maybe she’s talking about actual Indians. In India.
  6. She only has a few lines in it so it would be like a minute long.
  7. This one falls flat for me. Madonna feels more like a featured artist.
  8. Yes! It’s great on it’s own but coming after Killers it’s even better.
  9. I agree. I love Rebel Heart (more than Madame X actually) but it does feel more like a collection of songs than an actual album. I know everyone’s tired of the word “cohesive” but that’s exactly what Madame X is.
  10. “Let’s go danciii-iiiiii-iiiiii-iiiiii-iiiing”
  11. This might just become my favorite from MX.
  12. I hope it doesn’t go under 70. That would be ridiculous.
  13. I don’t wanna listen to some medium quality stream.
  14. This. I’m 27 and Faz & Loca are by far my least favorite songs on MX.
  15. Oh I know. I’ve listened to all the songs individually but not as an “album”.
  16. I'm still waiting to hear the album from beginning to end since my shipment hasn't arrived yet.
  17. I don't like any of them but I guess Medellin is the best.
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