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  1. I actually love Voices. I think it's the perfect album closer, especially with those bells ringing at the end signaling a knockout. Unfortunately the boxing theme got kinda lost when they changed the title to Hard Candy.
  2. Whenever I hear the song I can't believe it was such a big hit: it sounds so completely different than any other ballad released in the mid 80's. But I guess that's also why it has stood the test of time so well. Still one of her best songs ever.
  3. Another one of her forgotten 80's gems. I feel like this is in the same category as Spotlight, Gambler & The Look of Love: great songs that no one remembers.
  4. Hung Up Girl Gone Wild Bitch I'm Madonna Ghosttown Give Me All Your Luvin' Living for Love Sorry 4 Minutes Turn Up the Radio Give It 2 Me
  5. 1. Like a Prayer 2. True Blue 3. American Life 4. Bedtime Stories 5. Like a Virgin (why is this masterpiece at the bottom of everyones list?) 6. Erotica 7. Rebel Heart 8. Confessions 9. Music 10. Ray of Light 11. Hard Candy 12. Madonna 13. MDNA
  6. Over the last few months my tracklist has sort of evolved into this: Rebel Heart Devil Pray Ghosttown Hold Tight Unapologetic Bitch Addicted HeartBreakCity Living for Love Messiah Holy Water Inside Out Joan of Arc Wash All Over Me I've tried to squeeze BIM in there but it always sounds out of place. It's more like a standalone track for me.
  7. A few years ago I probably would've picked FL2 but nowadays I definitely prefer the BS one. Should've been a single! (instead of Human Nature)
  8. And Candy Shop. But then again, it's only 7 years old.
  9. Her vocals during Fever are slightly overshadowed by the extraordinary facial expressions.
  10. There's nothing really wrong with it. I think expectations were just unreasonably high after COADF and any album would've been somewhat of a letdown. Thankfully the release of the inferior MDNA made people (including myself) realize that Hard Candy wasn't so bad at all. It's extremely cohesive and contains some amazing songs. And I LOVE the cover.
  11. One of my favorite songs from Rebel Heart, loved it since I heard the demo. The tour mash-up is a stroke of genius.
  12. You're just jealous 'cause you can't be me!
  13. One of her best songs EVER, deffo in my Top 10. Sadly it seems to be a bit forgotten, even by Madonna herself. I hope she performs this again someday.
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