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  1. I actually love this song.
  2. I'm surprised that The Cure and Roxy Music haven't been inducted already. Still, better late than never.
  3. Two weeks ago I'd never heard an Enya song in my life and now I'm obsessed with her! Boadicea is my favorite song at the moment.
  4. GoldenEye. But I love most of them to be honest.
  5. The video is cool but the song doesn't do anything for me.
  6. Do any of his songs have actual melodies?
  7. What's the point in killing the lion? The damage had already been done.
  8. So hell has finally frozen over.
  9. You would think that a bunch of old people would be able to get along.
  10. Prince must be rolling in his grave. That "tribute" was totally shameless.
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