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  1. The only part of this song I like is the bridge.
  2. The only one I can't get over is Rebel Heart. The Avicii version is just so good!
  3. I can't believe Spanish Lesson is on the album but Across the Sky isn't.
  4. Yes, for Nothing Fails, Get Together and obviously the Rebel Heart singles.
  5. Swish Swish is the first song I like this era. Hopefully she makes a video for it!
  6. Girl Gone Wild Turn Up the Radio B-Day Song Hey You Not a pleasant surprise either...
  7. Yes, the melodies are very old school on RH.
  8. I refuse to believe that's the actual cover.
  9. I don't really pay attention to charts so I have no idea who's dominating them right now. If it's Ed Sheeran then yeah, that's unfair.
  10. I honestly have no idea who she is. Someone important I guess?
  11. Live to Tell, Playground and Masterpiece for sure.
  12. I haven't liked any of her songs since the Prism era so her flopping really doesn't surprise me. Maybe she should try releasing good music?