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  1. Favorite Opening Line?

    Hey Mr DJ, put a record on. I wanna dance with my baby.
  2. Avicii demos

    I was totally floored the first time I heard it. The album version does not have the same effect.
  3. I've been waiting for her to go brunette for years.
  4. Justin Timberlake thread

    Prince must be rolling in his grave. That "tribute" was totally shameless.
  5. Stories like these are totally hilarious to me.
  6. Avicii demos

    People can listen to whatever they want. If someone prefers the demos, who cares?
  7. Avicii demos

    Rebel Heart is pretty much the only one where I prefer the demo over the final song. I don't like the WAOM demo at all.
  8. Kim Wilde Is Back...!

    Love the cover and the title!
  9. Great points. Personally, I don't think M will ever score a major hit again in the traditional sense of the word. But as long as the music is good I don't really care TBH.
  10. Her sense of humor, if I had to pick one.