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  1. I can't wait! I love all of her albums.
  2. Liquid Love was way too good to remain unreleased.
  3. I basically agree with everything you're saying but I still prefer RHT over MDNAT.
  4. First half. Second half gets punished for Did You Do It.
  5. That LAV/LS performance is one of her all time best.
  6. True. She shouldn't have tampered with it.
  7. First half has Lovesong which I loathe so second half wins.
  8. Gorgeous song. Makes that wretched movie worthwhile.
  9. That would've been amazing! It always annoys me that PDP is cut short. And Hung Up was pretty unnecessary anyway.
  10. Nobody's Perfect cause it's my favorite and no one else will probably vote for it.
  11. My favorite song on RH along with Ghosttown and the title track.
  12. Yes, MDNA is my least favorite tour but the first section is absolute perfection.
  13. TB an LIB are my favorite songs on the album but the first half as a whole is stronger.