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  1. It's NOT just THAT insta post. If you've been paying attention to her insta posts, you'll see a lot of him.
  2. She can do MUCH better. He's been her dancer since Rebel Heart Tour. Madonna is not the only big celebrities dating their dancers. I just don't get it but I'm not dating him so it's not my business.
  3. Madonna's net worth is over a billion and she can't afford 300k for the video???!!!
  4. Her sticky and sweet body was very much who's that girl tour body. Very lean.
  5. Some of you are good. I couldn't tell if Vogue was live or not. How can you tell?
  6. I wish there was an option to thank or like someone's post on this forum.
  7. That was my first time seeing Liz honored Madonna.
  8. I disagree. Her body looks rounder and healthy during Rebel Heart Tour = bigger booty. Everything else are just speculations.
  9. Was it confirmed she got her booty done? Always looked natural to me.
  10. The set list looks great. I hope she does Music and Faz Gostoso.
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