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  1. Definitely one of the highlights for me!! Love itit
  2. So excited for all the upcoming promo!
  3. It would be SO amazing if she could hit 80 with this album!!
  4. I think she will still stay in the high 70's BUT the important thing is that Fans are raving about the album!!
  5. The positive reviews from fans have got me SO excited!! Can't wait for Friday!
  6. Hopefully the video will hit a million views in 24 hours!!
  7. Excellent!! So much creativity and innovation at this stage of her career.
  8. I'm pretty sure it will be broadcast but we will have to wait a week to see.
  9. Love the video and song!! Need a few hundred views to fully digest.
  10. And I think the video will be on Youtube at that time too!
  11. Whatever the case this is going to be amazing promo!
  12. I feel that Madonna may have felt a genuine connection with this woman, allowing her access to her most private inner thoughts and feeling confident throughout (whether through a written agreement or through verbal assertations) that the writer would portray a story worthy of the answers Madonna gave. In Madonna's opinion that clearly was not the case. @Samo Can you say with 100% surety that the woman wasn't asked to change certain aspects of the article by her editor or boss? Aspects that Madonna was sure would be included.
  13. No idea!! But it makes sense to release it today?
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