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  1. Yes, most people still haven't been vaccinated here... the people are worried about another strain etc
  2. Honestly I wish the whole thing had been cancelled.... Tokyo infections are rising and we've got atheletes from all over the world entering the country...
  3. Prostestors go home? No thank you. Each of these individuals should be arrested and charged.
  4. I'm absolutely ecstatic! Finally the world start cooperating with the US again not being bullied and threatened!! But honestly I don't know what the mood is here in Japan.... so many of my colleagues say that Biden will mean the end for Japan (I don't really get why). Trump's racism etc. doesn't resonate here because most Japanese don't understand racism or prejudice on a visceral level (that's what happens when 99% of the population are Japanese). So his antics are not criticized so much in the press here.
  5. They are using it to show that her pronunciation is foreign and a little off
  6. I love how they subtitle her Japanese in Katakana
  7. She may end up at 2 but I think her actual sales in the UK are pretty good??
  8. I'm so glad I live in a country where 99.9% of the population has never touched a real gun and has no desire to.
  9. I'm so excited for this video! Wonder if it's going to be released this week?
  10. My Current Top 5 Crazy Come Alive God Control Faz Gostoso Crave
  11. Soccer? Football? No, the Poms call it that It was sweet that she mentioned being thankful to her oldest brother for introducing her to jazz. It must be so painful to think about where he is now.
  12. I like it! It makes for a fun trio with Medellin and Soltera!
  13. I'm no fan Anitta but the song is fun!!
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