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  1. So Trump is here in Japan... Going to sumo Playing golf Being on our TV screens 24-7
  2. My parents were both born in Sri Lanka. They fled to the UK during the civil war. That war ravaged the country but after it ended I really thought the people there might finally be able to recover and live without the daily fear of violence and death.... My heart breaks for them
  3. My parents retired in Malaysia which is nowhere near as extreme as Brunei but everytime I visit them there I delete any gay apps or links on my phone (this may be considered a little OTT) but it seems like extremist views are becoming more and more popular there....
  4. I remember she was not too impressed when Steffi Graf married Andre Agassi (she had some pretty nasty things to say about him) and that pretty much showed me her true colours. 24 grand slam singles titles or not bigots aren't welcome. And can I say how disappointing it is that Tennis Australia is not taking action. For them to separate her tennis achievements from her comments makes no sense to me whatsoever??
  5. Finally released in Japan today!! I'm so undecided as I'm already always running into people while using my phone.... This will just make it ten times worse
  6. I can't see the EU going easy on retired Brits wanting to use EU health care systems...
  7. I voted by proxy to stay(all the way from Japan). So far Japanese stocks are down 8% and the yen is soaring... I don't know how people actually living in the UK feel but I am nervous as hell.
  8. In Japan it is absolutely the same situation. No one here (excepting police and yakuza)has even seen a real gun let alone touched or fired one. People here don't know how to relate to what's happening in America because they absolutely cannot imagine a world with guns.
  9. Well done Leceister!! and Shinji Okazaki!! I can't wait to see Gary Lineker in his underwear Hope he wears briefs!.
  10. We have these places in Japan too! They're pretty popular with the Japanese business men
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