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  1. LOL! I don't drink at Starbucks and on its own 10 dollars isn't a lot but for me its another direct debit per month (on top of lenses, gym, streaming subscriptions, rent, utilities etc) when I'm having trouble making ends meet as it is...
  2. Only being able to skip 6 songs an hour is what is killing me、、、
  3. Thanks Runa. I thought that might be the case. I'm too stingy to pay so will just have to be patient
  4. Joined Spotify yesterday! The poor sound quality (on data saving settings) doesn't bother me but not being able to skip songs or play them in the order I want is a little irritating (unless you can and I just haven't figured out how)
  5. rekha

    Christmas Music

    Am I the only one who has a soft spot for Boney M's Christmas album?? Cheesy as hell but...
  6. rekha

    Tom Petty has died at 66

    Me too! 66 still so young...
  7. I remember she was not too impressed when Steffi Graf married Andre Agassi (she had some pretty nasty things to say about him) and that pretty much showed me her true colours. 24 grand slam singles titles or not bigots aren't welcome. And can I say how disappointing it is that Tennis Australia is not taking action. For them to separate her tennis achievements from her comments makes no sense to me whatsoever??
  8. rekha

    Songs that fascinate you

    Wendy Matthews Token Angels is another fascinating song. Supposedly she wrote it about a cousin who died in a bus crash but I never could understand the connection! As a child, the Beatles' Octopuses Garden always fascinated me. I used to listen to it over and over but I'm still not sure why anyone would sing about an octopus?? Richard Marxs' Hazard is another one, although I guess this song was written with the intent of being mysterious (with the whole whodunnit video) but I did wonder who killed that poor girl.
  9. rekha

    Bruce Springsteen

    I love the line 'You ain't a beauty but hey you're alright' from Thunderroad! It cracks me up everytime And yes he is still HOT!!
  10. rekha

    Movie Scores & Soundtracks

    I love the soundtracks to The Karate Kid and St. Elmos Fire!!
  11. rekha

    George Michael thread

    What kind of relationship did George and Madonna have? When she was living in the UK were they going to the same parties? Were they friends as opposed to admirers of each others work?
  12. rekha

    George Michael thread

    There are no words... RIP
  13. I've seen them from around 130,000 yen. 1,000 pounds or so
  14. To be fair, Japanese toilet seats are AMAZING