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  1. There is no actual Madonna mention in this article, but the concept made me wonder what you guys think of her doing this. http://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/see-classic-album-covers-updated-7852983 It might be interesting, but RH pretty much looked like Erotica/Bedtime Stories, anyway, but to see her first 4 albums done like this- I will be curious about, but not as the "updated" covers. I think it might be okay in the booklet or maybe the back cover, but I feel like it might take away from her progression. Anyway, I thought you guys might enjoy this "between eras" thought on this.
  2. LOL I wonder if those wigs are a hint of the next photo shoot
  3. I didn't mind the clown, but that's why I said choose other themes, besides the clown. I think TOAC was a great concept, but being that she was in the middle/end of a tour, THEN throws in a completely other kind of show - we just saw something extremely experimental of her, and it was brilliant, but then, the December one was okay, but not for that crowd. Other themes can be "old Hollywood" for example. Imagine if she made an EP using the Vogue images as the artwork, then comes out on stage like that and performs the whole EP with a few extra songs she never did live. I will love to see her do things like that. Continue the experiment. Expand the experiment. Also, what I really dream of her doing is an off show where it is heavily themed where she performs a whole album. Imagine if she one night for like 100 lucky fans, she performs the whole "Madonna" album in let's say a steam punk themed setting. Of course all of this is live streamed for those who don't get to go there.
  4. I enjoyed this movie, too. Looking back, I remember wondering/hoping she was going to do some kind of "Inspried by the movie" album like I'm Breathless with a bunch of songs inspired from that era. I'm breathless kind of made me think that for most of the movies she was in after that LOL
  5. I like this perspective much better :-) Thanks!!!
  6. I love seeing her Easter d├ęcor!!!!!!
  7. Along with the EP idea, I like the idea of more small concerts (like TOAC) but with other themes.
  8. Thanks for clarifying :-) That scene always baffled me.
  9. Ugh. No. Not this. I remember seeing this 5 years ago and feeling deeply disappointed she didn't share the same passion for uncut as I do. I was surprised, because I thought most of the men she was with were uncut, plus the SEX book has uncut men in it.
  10. LOL I want to see her on a roller coaster!!!
  11. I love the EP ideas in here :-)
  12. I have always wondered at the end, when everyone is in old make up, Madonna was not- it was another actress. Why was this? I was never able to find out the real reason.
  13. I was at the Wholesale store, and I was very happy to hear Madonna come on the radio. It feels rare when this happens. I now there is a thread somewhere when she comes on the radio, but this seems like the right place, too. Anyway, it was "Music". Of course I had to start dancing and singing along LOL. It was followed by "and diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee will always looove yooou!" LOL it's always strange to see what song is played after her. Then, I was in Shop Rite, and "Keep It Together" came on, but this was special- it was pretty long, and it sounded different. I haven't listened to the remixes in a really long time, but it was surprising to hear this version. It lasted about 10 minutes, and at the end, they kept repeating "keep,keep it together, keep it together forever and ever" like the Blond Ambition Tour. It was a treat shopping. LOL that song was followed by Maneater by Rihanna then Bad and Bouji, and they were just the regular songs - not remixes. It's like Madonna got to shine.
  14. It will be very interesting to see her in one of these looks from the 2017 runway.
  15. Yay! I am glad I am not the only one that picked up on this. I think there must be some photo shoot or appearance coming up, too. It seems too early for the Met Gala, being it is 3 weeks away. If I were her and wanted extensions for that, I will rather wait until the date is close, so they are fresh. Who knows. Maybe she got bored of her shoulder length hair. I rather think it's an appearance.