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  1. The Girlie Show: Iconic

    I still wonder how it will have been had she done it with the black hair, like in the costume sketches. I also always wondered why she didn't keep the bellbottoms - something I was looking forward to seeing. True art makes me question things...and this is true art. As much as I loved it, I think Rescue Me will have fit after Rain....was so dying to see it interpreted live (and still am!)
  2. Whenever it comes, I'll be happy, but I hope there is some kind of cool promotion to go with it.
  3. Girlie Show Hot September

    That section does fit perfectly, but there are times I want Bad Girl after D&D followed by TUTBMP- keeping a narrative (a very different narrative of a party girl sleeping with so many and "dies" at the end singing TUTBMP then Beast Within- haunting), but WISH and ITL have a stronger message more down to earth message. (I also wanted Rescue Me after rain!) THE BEST! Me too about the live band! (lol I used to think Erotica was lipped)
  4. Yay! Instead of a greatest hits, I think some in between project needs to be a compilation of all the tour interludes.
  5. Girlie Show Hot September

    Yay! I am so happy everyone is enjoying this! I wasn't sure if it was okay to post, because somehow I am convinced everyone on here knows/seen everything and it might have been boring for me to post, but I loved it soooo much, I was sure some people can love it with me! ...and you have! I still love it, somehow it just feels fresh, and it was like experiencing it all over again. Even though I saw Australia a zillion times, Japan hundreds of times, seeing this felt so "new", and I fell in love again. Yes, her facial expressions on this tour, and her dancers, are so (don't know a word for it) expressionist! I -think- somehow after seeing the pro recorded videos (LDU, Japan), (dvds) though very high quality, lost something this video has.
  6. I am surprised this hasn't been discussed. I just found this yesterday doing a rare search on Youtube. Can we discuss this? It's so interesting. After seeing this, even though the quality isn't that great, I felt the magic of this tour once again. I saw Live Dow Under a million times, so it's refreshing to see a different part of this amazing show. Things that stick out to me: -during the beginning of Vogue you can see her run from Strike a pose to Strike a pose -The second section she is wearing THE PURPLE BELLBOTTOMS!!!!!! There are a few different things I enjoyed in the second section like- you hear a "celebration woohoo" in EY I like how EY goes into D&D without the "give me some kick baby" it's weird not hearing the OOH! YEAH! parts in D&D in the beginning and end she certainly is there to "party!" the end of D&D has no every morning every night part- it goes into WISH the beginning of wish touched me- I felt emotional watching them touch each other's faces -Holiday has a funny little song at the end different than from the land of down under so many other things, I need to watch again. I love this. https://youtu.be/qDNNCf14eJE
  7. Me too!!!! I missed the first three tours, so DWT was first ever for me. I was so excited, and I honestly did not care what the setlist was, I was just happy to finally see her live and in person, and seeing the songs I have been listening to come to life right before me on that stage. I actually preferred this type of setlist, because seeing her live is like watching videos, and knowing most of these songs will probably never get released as videos, this was their performance, which is 100% better than getting a video. Even though I will have loved a video for II, the live version blew me away, and it is still a favorite. I consider the live performance a video. I respected the fact Madonna wanted to move on from her past and do more current work. I was excited for it. It made the RIT a bit more shocking to me when she opened with Vogue, thinking she'll probably never perform that live again. The DWT was pretty much the new way she was going to be presenting herself for the next 16 years- video backdrops, guitar playing, the non-album song, etc... Of course I wanted a few things to be different, too (her hair, the red kilt, whatever) but I like it just how it came out to be. The tourbook pictures even followed the set list if anyone noticed. It was all planned to be what it is. I also missed seeing the RHT, but I know it's way up there among the greats!
  8. Hopefully very soon! A good editor can get it done quick, and not overly edited or special effects.....Madonna IS the special effect!
  9. What Song do u want most on the DVD?

    It will be nice to see Ghosttown on it, simply because it was left out of the main set list. Now we know LAP and TAB are in, but maybe some bonus songs will be nice.
  10. Moment factory: RHT backdrops

    That Iconic one looks very interesting!
  11. Even though I didn't get to see it live, I REALLY love the RHT.
  12. Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    This really has been the BEST! Still, there is the DVD to look forward to. PLUS all of the youtube videos out there. I'm going to bask and enjoy it all. Hopefully, there will be some more TOAC. Also, just maybe it won't be a 2 year drought like we think. After Reinvention 2004, we had COADF in 2005 - so let's hope for something like this!!!!
  13. Sydney - 20th March. Final show [part 2]

    LOL well I much have preferred an album WAY before MDNA was finally released. That was too long! However. the S&S CD/DVD, especially Vogue, kept me satisfied for years. I think the RHT has that longevity, but, yes, I hope not THAT long. I'm just saying, let's absorb all of this so the wait isn't so torturous to us. I'm not into the between project phases. I don't think any of us are.
  14. Sydney - 20th March. Final show [part 2]

    I don't see this as the end of the RH era, yet. The tour, yes, it's the end, but the DVD, to me, is the end of it. Hard Candy lasted me until 2011, even though the dvd was released 2010, HC kept going. I feel like the DVD releases extend the era until the fruits of the next project start growing. It's not over, but I do see some TOAC action coming up.
  15. Brisbane March 16

    I am looking forward to see what happens for this show!!!!!!!!!!!