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  1. Madonna in Lisbon, Portugal

    All in this past year, the places she has been look like great places of inspiration for a new album, and videos.
  2. Growing up in the 80's I certainly knew who Madonna was, though I didn't get crazy about her until 1990. This is when I started collecting everything. Anyway, it was more amusing to me to hear other people mistaken other females as Madonna. Though I wasn't a "real" fan until 1990, I was well aware just who that girl was. I had a growing crush. So it was more the opposite for me- people thinking "Let the music play" was Madonna, confusing Cyndi with Madonna, being in a mall with a Marilyn Monroe cardboard cut out with two women arguing it was Madonna. Stacy Q, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Martika, and a lot others were all Madonna LOL. Yes, imagine "oh I love that new song by Madonna "Two Of Hearts". LOL people thinking Madonna guest starred on Facts of Life as Cinnamon. It was hilarious. Sometimes I thought maybe when people requested "that new Madonna song" on the radio, they actually requested Madonna instead of who they thought they were requesting. Just think- Madonna's other hits were Out Of The Blue, Could've Been, Toy Soldiers, Two Of Hearts, We Connect, Let The music Play, Missionary Man, oh the list goes on. I have a lot of funny memories. One school dance, the played one Madonna song. There's these girls like, "wow they played so much Madonna last night" I was like nawwww! LOL This stuff can never be made up.
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Goodness! I want this to be a video!!!!!!
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I love seeing all of what she wants to share <3
  5. Come On In To My Store

    I loved it from first listen. I even bought Turkish delights to see what they were like! I always hoped for a video. I still lover her S&S version best <3
  6. A New Argentina

    I just wrote how I thought her version was pure magic. I loved this whole cd, the movie, everything. I knew nothing about musicals before this LOL - after this I went into a musical phase. When I heard she was supposed to do Chicago after Evita, I bought the original Chicago cds, thinking how perfect she was for this.
  7. That is disappointing to see. When Evita became official, I bought the original soundtrack, and I bought the Patti versions so I can get into the music, and see what was ahead. I played these cd's non stop for 9 months. I loved them both for their different styles in singing. It gave me all the more anticipation for Madonna. When Madonna's version was finally released, it was pure magic!
  8. The first images took me to Erotica/Bedtime Stories. The videos took me to ROL. The tour took me to he virgin Tour. It was awesome. I just wanted her to have the public love and get those hits and release more videos! That's the old school part I felt was missing in this awesome era. The best part was how she was all over the place, especially after the tour. That was more new. Old school, she kind of went into hiding after tours, and it felt like forever before she was in the public eye. I am glad she stayed with us.
  9. well, here is an article about it LOL http://www.nme.com/news/music/new-madonna-song-mysteriously-appears-itunes-2073055
  10. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    I am in love again, because she always makes me fall in love! I was hoping she did something to surprise me, and she did :-) I love her hair like this -it has some nice volume to it. Her dress is a statement, and I like to see her stirring things up. On a side note- it will be nice if this forum can color code the negative comments from the positive ones so I can enjoy this amazing woman with others who enjoy her - grillz and all!
  11. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    LOL I love Madonna being glamorous, but it seems some people put her in a glamour box. She can do Avant Gard looks, too. She does it all. I hope she does something fun and crazy. I am ready for it.
  12. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    I am sure they will love this https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/06/fashion/rei-kawakubo-comme-des-garcons-met-museum-exhibit-paris-fashion-week.html?_r=0
  13. There is no actual Madonna mention in this article, but the concept made me wonder what you guys think of her doing this. http://www.irishmirror.ie/showbiz/celebrity-news/see-classic-album-covers-updated-7852983 It might be interesting, but RH pretty much looked like Erotica/Bedtime Stories, anyway, but to see her first 4 albums done like this- I will be curious about, but not as the "updated" covers. I think it might be okay in the booklet or maybe the back cover, but I feel like it might take away from her progression. Anyway, I thought you guys might enjoy this "between eras" thought on this.
  14. Madonna Instagram thread

    LOL I wonder if those wigs are a hint of the next photo shoot
  15. Madonna working on a new album in 1957?

    I didn't mind the clown, but that's why I said choose other themes, besides the clown. I think TOAC was a great concept, but being that she was in the middle/end of a tour, THEN throws in a completely other kind of show - we just saw something extremely experimental of her, and it was brilliant, but then, the December one was okay, but not for that crowd. Other themes can be "old Hollywood" for example. Imagine if she made an EP using the Vogue images as the artwork, then comes out on stage like that and performs the whole EP with a few extra songs she never did live. I will love to see her do things like that. Continue the experiment. Expand the experiment. Also, what I really dream of her doing is an off show where it is heavily themed where she performs a whole album. Imagine if she one night for like 100 lucky fans, she performs the whole "Madonna" album in let's say a steam punk themed setting. Of course all of this is live streamed for those who don't get to go there.