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  1. Yay!
  2. Impressive Instant all the way!!!! DWT was the first time I saw her live, and this being a #1 song to me, playing it on repeat, I lost it when I saw it live. I may even say she can have released it live as a video, but I am stingy and want a proper video! This will have been the summer song smash hit.
  3. I'll love to see that!
  4. The first time I heard Skin, I thought it felt like a hot Summer song. Since it missed 98, I thought for sure in 99. I don't see why she will not have been able to release it after BS in like June, just in time for the Summer sizzler. I think the video will have been mind blowing, and a great way to end the 90's with. I do love SFH, and Swim, and well, along with CPG. I honestly think if the singles were planned better, and silly movie scripts didn't get in the way, we may have finally had an album with 7 or 8 top ten singles. I think the timing was really bad when it came to all of the ROL releases. It deserved much better, plus a proper tour.
  5. That is a funny spelling of her name.
  6. Hmmm....from what we have seen her pick out of fan art, who will she pick to do something like this
  7. Even though I heard the rumor back then about FL, DS was actually being played on the radio for months, and I remember being surprised, because it was never released as anything that I knew of. I think it will have been wise to go full fledged, being BS and HN barely got played - here they are playing an unreleased song...and they don't take advantage of it? I thought it was a fun song, but I had to be in the mood for it LOL. Sometimes it annoyed me, and other times I enjoyed it. When the Q magazine came out, the picture where she is holding a trumpet looked like a video for DS. To me, a lot of strange things happened with this album as a whole, where so much potential was not utilized. Other songs I think will have worked are Survival (I consider this the DW/SFL of this album). I was always in love with the idea of Sanctuary being released WITH Bedtime Story as a video film, where sanctuary leads to Bedtime Story, working as a double A side. I do think FL will have been a great choice, and even with STR released, it wasn't taken advantage of. I hate to say it, but it will have been great if she had the power to postpone Evita to give Bedtime Stories the attention it deserved.
  8. I am sure she made sure it's the tamest horse they have, and there are professionals around knowing what they are doing.
  9. I loved it the first time I heard it. I felt like she wrote about a part of life I went through, and I was amazed. The video is awesome, and I love when she takes her videos and translates them live, and live was astounding.
  10. I still wonder how it will have been had she done it with the black hair, like in the costume sketches. I also always wondered why she didn't keep the bellbottoms - something I was looking forward to seeing. True art makes me question things...and this is true art. As much as I loved it, I think Rescue Me will have fit after Rain....was so dying to see it interpreted live (and still am!)
  11. LOL I know- but dreaming is fun :-)
  12. A dance trainer for what - I wonder. Maybe the movie she is directing will be dance in it? or - an album is secretly being recorded now, and this is for the upcoming promo tour, and world tour.
  13. I gave it up for BBB - it was performed at the VMAs, a lot of people knew it (even people not into her) - though not necessarily single material, I go with why not be experimental at this point, plus since it was performed with so much vigor - I get the feeling she liked this song a lot. It's a favorite live for me, and it will have been interesting to see how it translated as a video (but without that banana head LOL). I also, too think the WISH will have been great, because of the universal appeal to it, and pretty much a strong message from her personally. I think if the live version was so amazing, the video will have been a perfect closer to the era. It is interesting how this was on IR.
  14. LOL Yeah but all she needed were the cheese balls instead of the chips