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  1. Why do people dislike Madonna -The actress- so much to write this kind of nonsense? Last time I checked, Adam Sandler is still making movies and No one writes thise kind of hurtful words to him
  2. What if this is a joke? Where I live we celebrate 28th, it's like April's fool
  3. Mel C is such a big stan. I wouldn't be surprised if she is actually commenting here on MN using a fake name
  4. ^ "Wait a minute.... So you are saying that if I had less to offer you we'd have more of a future together?"
  5. American life was on YT, with an incredible quality and uncensored!!!... But it got deleted
  6. Funny, emotional, dramatic, goofy, preachy and open-minded all wrapped in one, this movie is probably one of the best romantic "platonic" movies that I've ever seen. Okay, before I move on, let's answer the question that everyone reading this review wants to know...yes, Madonna is pretty good in the movie! Can I go on now? Thank you. I liked this movie mostly because it actually rung original despite already having seen a few similarly themed "gay/straight friends liking each other" movies over the past few years. I think that the leads might've had something to do with that, since Madonna and
  7. It should've been a single instead of Another suitcase in another flop. This song and the marvellous "Rainbow High"
  8. 141 millions ^ Her second most successful movie at the box office as a leading lady, after Dick Tracy
  9. lol! Is it really that bad? I've been trying to find it on DVD, but it's very hard to find
  10. I only know the Eddie Murphy movies, the pop chick movies, the Spike Lee movies and the Wayans bros movies Oh! Girl 6 is there, too I used to love that movie, and not because Madonna is in it
  11. Yep, it ALMOST HAPPENED! Have you guys seen "Graffiti Bridge". Prince wanted Madonna to play his female sidekick but she turned that down. With those two starring and making the music together, it could've been a great cult classic despite the negative reaction lol It was voted the worst "black" movie ever made: http://www.iloveblackmovies.com/100Worst.html
  12. By the way, I think she must be a good catalogue seller since she already has many movies released on Blu ray. Cher and Barbra have less movies released on this format. So, even though most M's movies flopped they still make a profit from home media
  13. I think Who's that girl is the right option: panned by critics and a commercial flop at the time but re-discovered years later.
  14. I love most of M's quotes from movies but this is one is truly brilliant
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