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  1. Why do people dislike Madonna -The actress- so much to write this kind of nonsense? Last time I checked, Adam Sandler is still making movies and No one writes thise kind of hurtful words to him
  2. What if this is a joke? Where I live we celebrate 28th, it's like April's fool
  3. Mel C is such a big stan. I wouldn't be surprised if she is actually commenting here on MN using a fake name
  4. ^ "Wait a minute.... So you are saying that if I had less to offer you we'd have more of a future together?"
  5. American life was on YT, with an incredible quality and uncensored!!!... But it got deleted
  6. Funny, emotional, dramatic, goofy, preachy and open-minded all wrapped in one, this movie is probably one of the best romantic "platonic" movies that I've ever seen. Okay, before I move on, let's answer the question that everyone reading this review wants to know...yes, Madonna is pretty good in the movie! Can I go on now? Thank you. I liked this movie mostly because it actually rung original despite already having seen a few similarly themed "gay/straight friends liking each other" movies over the past few years. I think that the leads might've had something to do with that, since Madonna and
  7. It should've been a single instead of Another suitcase in another flop. This song and the marvellous "Rainbow High"
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